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Anita Nilsson 

Anita Nilsson
Former Director
Office of Nuclear Security in the Department of Nuclear Safety and Security
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

As head of the IAEA Office of Nuclear Security, Anita Nilsson was responsible for coordinating and implementing the IAEA´s Nuclear Security Plan to prevent, detect and respond to acts of nuclear terrorism and threats. The office organized a number of evaluation and advisory services, training courses and workshops and convened meetings with experts from member states for the purpose of improving the methodology used and the nuclear security framework. It liaised with other international organizations and member states to enhance cooperation and the outreach of nuclear security information.

Before joining the IAEA, Nilsson worked in various managerial and leadership positions at the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate, dealing with non-proliferation, international and national safeguards, bilateral nuclear supply and cooperation. She was in charge of the Swedish nuclear security support to the newly independent states and the Baltic states.

Nilsson has a Master of Sciences in mathematics and physics.