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The Role of the NCO in Military Intelligence
by Lieutenant General Claudia J. Kennedy
Career Forecast for the MI Enlisted Force 
by SGM Patricia A. York, Forward by SGM Donald R. Torrence, Jr.
The Roles of MI NCOs in the 75th Ranger Regiment    
by SFC James A. Blaess
NCO Team Leaders: Building and Showing Confidence
by Sergeant Sammy Villela
The role of the G2 Plans NCO in MDMP
by SFC Todd A. Voter and SSG Ralph L. Torsone
The ACT Concept: Intelligence Analysis for the Air Assault Task Force     by Sergeant Valmer Taylor
The Air Assault Division's DISE
by Major Warren P. Gunderman and First Lieutenant Brett A. Sciotto
Communicating the Weather: The "Garske Chart"   
by Major David L. Martens, USAF
Winning Battles with Weather
by Staff Sergeant Steven V. Scudder
Training Linguist in the 101st Ariborne Division (Air Assault)  by SFC David Robertson
Roster of Key Intelligence Personnel
Modernization and Intelligence Connectivity in One Fell Swoop    
by Captain Nelton Gaertner and Second Lieutenant Harry A. Janiski, Jr.
ISE-McPherson: Intelligence for Third U.S. Army / ARCENT    
by SFC Mark A. Warner
The Easter Offensive of 1972: A Failure to Use Intelligence    
by W. R. Baker
UNTAES: A Success Story in the Former Yugoslavia        
by Captain David Sterling Jones
Enlisted Leader Development Network
Released by the Public Affairs Office, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
The Restructured USAIC&FH

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