IT'S TIME TO TAKE A SECOND LOOK AT PAKISTAN -- HON. JIM MCDERMOTT (Extension of Remarks - September 22, 1994)

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in the House of Representatives


Whereas the United States Government has longstanding policies opposing the spread of terrorism and advocating the destruction caused by narcotics trafficking;

Whereas the United States Government has devoted tens of billions of United States taxpayer dollars during the past decade fighting terrorism and drugs both within our borders and throughout the world;

Whereas, in 1992, Pakistan was placed on the State Department's Watch List of nations suspected of supporting terrorism;

Whereas, in 1993, the State Department dropped Pakistan from its watch list;

Whereas former Pakistani Prime Minister Narwaz Sharif recently publicly admitted that his Chief of Staff, General Beg, and his head of the Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) Agency informed him while he was Prime Minister that the Pakistani Army and ISI planned to conduct covert acts of terrorism in other countries and fund these activities through large scale narcotics sales;

Whereas 317 Indian citizens were killed in March, 1993, in a series of bombings of the Bombay Stock Exchange and other sites in Bombay in one of the worst acts of terrorism in the twentieth century;

Whereas a leading suspect in the bombing, Yakub Memon, has publicly implicated the ISI in the bombings by accusing the ISI of providing arms, money, and explosives for the attack, and directing Mr. Memon, his brother and their associates on where to place the bombs and by providing Mr. Memon and his brother with transportation to and from Pakistan and a large and lavish house in Pakistan for his brother and his family;

Whereas Indian Security forces in Kashmir have arrested numerous foreign nationals in Kashmir who have confessed to having been trained, funded, supported, and armed by ISI-backed elements across the border in Pakistan;

Whereas former Pakistani Prime Minister Sharif has recently stated publicly that the Government of Pakistan, for several years, has possessed nuclear weapons in direct contradiction to repeated assurances to the United States Government that Pakistan does not possess and is not attempting to develop nuclear weapons;

Whereas in 1987 the United States Congress enacted and President Reagan signed into law the Pressler Amendment banning foreign aid to Pakistan until the President