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Narcotics Control Division

Prior to April 1989, narcotics matters were dealt in the Ministry of Interior, and the Pakistan Narcotics Control Board (PNCB), the field organization, was an attached department of the Ministry. As the complexity of narcotics problem had grown globally, and the drug abuse had proliferated in Pakistan. Narcotics Control Division was set up in April, 1989.

The Anti Narcotics Task Force (ANTF) and the PNCB are the law enforcement arms of the narcotics Control Division. The PNCB was set up in 1973. This Department essentially performs the coordinating, controlling and supervisory functions.

The ANTF is newly set up Force under the Narcotics Control Division. The functions of this Force are to inquire into and investigate all offences relating to, or connected with preparation, production, transportation, trafficking or smuggling of intoxicants, narcotics and chemical precursors or reagent used in the manufacture of narcotics or dangerous drugs or assets therefrom or any offence committed in the course of the same transaction under any law for the time being in force, including any attempt or conspiracy to commit, or any abutment of any such offence.

The presence of two law enforcement agencies with almost the same functions, under the Narcotics Control Division, necessitated their reorganization so that the resources and manpower of these two organizations could be jointly put to use for more effective narcotics law enforcement. The Government has since placed these two organizations under the command of the Directorate General of ANTF.

Institutional changes have also been made at the highest level. A Policy Review Board has been set up under the chairmanship of the Minister for Narcotics Control with Provincial Ministers of Home and Health Departments as its members to meet twice a year and review the implementation of Government's policy in all areas of narcotics control. Under this arrangement the narcotics issues will remain under continuous review and evaluation of the political leaders. In addition, a Narcotics Interdiction Committee comprising heads of Federal and Provincial Law Enforcement Agencies has been set up to meet periodically and review and evaluate the narcotics interdiction measures and performance of the agencies concerned in this regard.

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