Congressional Documents

Department of Defense Appropriations, 1998
Items canceled by the President

Project Appropriation
SR-71 $39 million
Gallo Center $4 million
Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells Technology $6 million
Periscopic Minimally Invasive Surgery $3 million
Proton Beam $4 million
Terfenol-D $3 million
COTS Airgun as an Acoustic Source $3 million
Military Spaceplane $10 million
Clementine $30 million
Optical Correlator Technology $1.5 million
Kinetic Energy ASAT $37.5 million
Risk-based Toxic Chemicals Research $2 million
Defense Techlink Rural Technology $1 million
Total $144 million

*The bill as passed by Congress and signed by the President totalled $247.7 billion in budget authority ($3.8 billion above the President's budget request, $3.3 billion above fiscal year 1997 levels)