101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) Gold Book

APP 4 - Landing in Light LZ


ELEMENT: Brigade/battalion task force.

TASK: Conduct actions on landing (light LZ).


1. The unit has been assigned a mission that involves insertion by an air assault.

2. The unit will conduct a single door exit.

3. The unit has designated which soldier within each chalk:

a. opens the door.

b. conducts final equipment "sweep" of the aircraft.

c. ensures the door is in its locked back position prior to lift off from the LZ.

STANDARDS: The unit exits the aircraft and initiates movement to cover within 30 seconds and maintains accountability of all personnel and equipment.


1. The designated soldier opens the door when given the "execute" command from the crew chief.

2. Soldiers move away from the aircraft in a crouched position.

3. Soldiers move out of the aircraft and immediately seek cover in the nearest woodline.

4. Each soldier accounts for moving their ruck sacks / assault packs from the aircraft to the woodline.

5. RTOs maintain positive control of their antennas while moving away from the aircraft.

6. The designated soldier conducts a final "sweep" of the aircraft to ensure no equipment is left on the aircraft.

7. The assault aircraft are on the ground for no longer than 30 seconds.