News 1998 Army Science and Technology Master Plan

TRAINING (Section P)

III.P.03—Joint Training Readiness.  By FY01, develop and demonstrate, in support of ground combat, new training and performance assessment methods that use synthetic distributed environments most effectively for Army, multiservice, and joint units. Included are metrics for how well forces communicate, coordinate, and synchronize resources and firepower. Leveraging other service and OSD funding, methods will be developed for units to achieve training readiness in 30% less time, more precisely measure readiness, and show a 50% increase in the number of warfighting tasks performed effectively during exercises. Demonstrations will use the Fire Support mission (air, ground, sea and C41). In FY97, provide distributed training methods for planning and executing the fire support mission from Brigade through Corps JTF. In FY98 define alternative methods for measuring complex organizational performance; develop and test metrics to represent Joint Mission Essential Tasks (JMET). In FY99, develop and test methods for planning and conducting systematic, vertical (multisite, multiservice, multichelon) After–Action Reviews. In FY00, provide methods for linking performance of brigade and above units to estimates of training effectiveness and readiness.

Supports: III Corps; TRADOC; CAC; Joint Warfighting Center; OUSD(R).

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Robert Seidel
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Beverly Harris
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BG Daniel Zinini
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