Raytheon Awarded $34.7 Million to Support Surface Launched AMRAAM Effort For Spain

BEDFORD, Mass, July 1--Raytheon Company has been awarded a $34.7 million contract from Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KDA) of Kongsberg, Norway, to provide radars and missile interface electronic kits for four Surface-Launched Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) air defense fire units for the Spanish Air Force.

    As the prime contractor for the 86.6 million Euro award, KDA will supply four Fire Distribution Centers (FDC) and eight launchers based on the Norwegian Advanced Surface-to Air Missile Defense System, currently fielded by the Norwegian Air Force.  As the principal subcontractor to KDA, Raytheon will supply AN/MPQ-64 3D surveillance radars and Surface Launched AMRAAM missile interface electronic systems to complete the four fire units in addition to technical and logistics support.

    "This award provides the Spanish Air Force with a robust, transportable and lethal short-range air defense system.  It also reinforces the partnership of Kongsberg and Raytheon as the preeminent air defense team with unparalleled weapon system capabilities," said Tore Sannes, vice president, Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace.

    Richard M. D'Addario, Raytheon's director of Medium and Short Range Air Defense Systems, said, "The Spanish Air Force award marks another member joining the family of surface launched AMRAAM users.  This program will benefit from the extensive surface launched AMRAAM experience and recent improvements in system design provided by the Raytheon/Kongsberg air defense team."

    The sale of the Surface-Launched AMRAAM system to Spain is the first to include Raytheon's AN/MPQ-64 3D surveillance radar.  Missile interface electronic systems provided under this contract are common to other Raytheon/Kongsberg launchers including the HUMRAAM and Hawk-AMRAAM launchers. All launchers share common hardware and system interfaces with the FDC.  Work performed under the contract will be done at Raytheon facilities in Forrest, Miss., Tewksbury, Mass., and Tucson, Ariz., and is scheduled to be complete by September 2003.

    Spain procured Raytheon-produced AMRAAMs last year and is expected to order additional missiles to support both its air superiority and surface-launched air defense missions.