Ran in The Rocketeer on 3 September 1998

JASSM undergoes cats and traps at Pax

TAILHOOK down, a Hornet carrying JASSM comes in for an arrested landing at Patuxent River's catapult and arrestment test site.
China Lake, CA-Engineers from NAWCAD Patuxent River, NAWCWPNS China Lake, Eglin AFB, Lockheed-Martin and Boeing recently completed carrier suitability testing of the Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM) at Patuxent River's TC-7/MK-7 Catapult and Arrestment test site. The JASSM missile, loaded on an F/A-18C from Strike Aircraft Test Squadron, successfully completed a flight test matrix of 6 catapult launches and 15 arrested landings.

Weapons Division engineers participating in the JASSM Catapult and Arrested Landings planning and testing include Jim Dixon, Linda Finco, Frank MacDonald, Dr. Thomas Stephens and John Poole.

JASSM is a joint Navy and Air Force program to provide a conventional, air-launched, standoff weapon that can destroy heavily defended, high-value, targets. JASSM can be employed on both Air Force and Navy aircraft for land and carrier-based operations. Carrier Operability is one of three Key Performance Parameters for the JASSM missile.

The Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile Program Office (ASC/YV) at Eglin AFB is the lead activity for JASSM development. The Program Manager for Conventional Strike Weapons (PMA-201) is the Navy program manager for JASSM, providing a JASSM Navy program director and support staff to the Joint Program Office at Eglin AFB.

J ASSM is completing Program Definition Risk Reduction Phase II and will enter engineering manufacturing development in November 1998.

Lockheed-Martin Integrated Systems of Orlando, Fla., is the prime contractor for the JASSM missile.