CWPC Contingency Wartime Planning CourseCWPC Contingency Wartime Planning Course

Chapter 3


DODR 4500-32 Military Standard Transportation and Movement Procedures

DOD 4600.4 Command, Control and Communications (C3Countermeasures)

DODR 5200.1 Information Security Program.

This document combines DOD guidance and includes Air Force guidance dealing with information security. It includes information on paragraph markings, working papers, and declassification schedules.

DODD C-5200.5 Communications Security (COMSEC)


0-2 Unified Action Armed Forces (UNAAF).

This includes four major topics - the DOD and the JCS; the military departments and Services; principles governing unified direction of forces; and principles and doctrine governing joint aspects of special operations of the armed forces.

1-02 DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms.

The DOD Dictionary contains definitions of commonly used military terms.

1-03 Joint Reporting Structure (JRS) General Instructions.

Establishes standard procedures for the submission and automatic data processing of reports. It is a working document for operational commanders and unified commanders.

3-01.1 Joint Doctrine for the Defense of the United States Against Air


Gives basic guidance in planning and conducting the war defense of the United States as prescribed in UNAAF.





3-01.3 Joint Doctrine for Air Defense from Overseas Land Areas.

Prescribes the doctrine and principles governing the activities and performance of the Armed Forces engaged in planning and conducting air defense operations from overseas land areas.

3-06 Doctrine for Riverine Operations.

This document sets forth varying situations and areas in which riverine operations may be undertaken and includes friendly force structure and concepts of operations.

3-54 Joint Doctrine for Operations Security.

Contains joint policy concepts, and standards for the conduct of operations security (OPSEC) activities. This applies to all military departments and fosters a unified understanding of the OPSEC function.

3-56 Tactical Command and Control Planning Guidance and Procedures for Joint Operations

Vol 1 - Gives guidance for information exchange, procedural standardization, and interoperability in developing Service tactical command and control systems.

Vol 2 - Outlines procedures and formats for tactical command, control, and communications within a joint environment.

Vol 3 - A guide to procedures and planning.

4-01 Joint Logistic Policy and Guidance.

This contains logistic guidance extracted from DOD directives, joint Service regulations, and JCS papers.

4-04 Mobility System Policies, Procedures, and Considerations.

Contains an accumulation of policies, procedures, and data for use in mobility system planning. It also lists aidift, sealift, land transportation, and mobility support facility planning factors to develop gross requirements.

5-0 Doctrine for Planning Joint Operations

5-01 Mobilization.

Describes the major aspects of planning and executing mobilization in DOD.

5-03.1 Joint Operations Planning and Execution System.

Vol I - Planning Policies and Procedures.

CJCSM 3122.03 Joint Operations Planning and Execution System.

Vol II - Planning and Execution Formats and Guidance.

6-02 Doctrine for Joint Tactical Communications Planning.

This publication includes technical data on compatibility of all types of communication equipment used in the military and establishes policy for the improvement of compatibility in future development of communication equipment.

6-03.6 Doctrine for Joint WWMCCS Standards.

This document contains detailed communication coding for the automated processing of data prepared for the National Military Command System.

Admin Organization and Functions of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

An administrative publication that contains organization charts, mission statements, and function descriptions of JCS divisions and agencies.

MOP 7 Joint Strategic Planning System. Functional description.

CJCS1 5714.01 Release of Classified Information

CJCSI 3110.01 Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan

A Top Secret document with 16 Annexes which provides guidance on the threat, and apportions forces to counter that threat. Tasking to the CINCs to prepare war plans is included.



TD-18-14-1 JDS Volume I, II, and III



War and Mobilization Plan (WMP)

WMP Vol 1 - Planning Guidance

WMP Vol 2 - Plans Listing

WMP Vol 3 - Combat and Support Force Apportionments

WMP Vol 4 - Wartime Aircraft Activity (WAA)

WMP Vol 5 - Planning Factors




AFIND2 Numerical Index of Standard and Recurring Air Force Publications

AFIND4 Department of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, & Interservice

Publications and Air Force Acquisition Documents

AFIND5 Specialized Communications-Computer System (C-CS) Security


AFIND10 Management Control and Authorization Program for Table of

Allowance and Allowance Source Codes for USAF Activities

1-lVl&2 Basic Aerospace Doctrine of the United States Air Force

1-2 Assignment of Responsibilities for Development of Aerospace


2-1 Tactical Air Operations - Counter Air, Close Air Support, and Air


2-2 Tactical Air Operations in Conjunction with Amphibious


2-4 Tactical Air Force Operations - Tactical Airlift

2-6 Tactical Air Operations - Reconnaissance

2-8 Electronic Combat (EC) Operations

2-21 United States Air Force Strategic Airlift

2-36 Search, Rescue, and Recovery Operations

8-10 Air Force Manpower Determinant (AFMD) System

AFPD 10-4 Operations Planning

10-6 Air Force Standard Functional Address System

AFM 10-401 Operational Plan and Concept Plan Development Implementation

AFI 10-402 Mobilization Planning

AFI 10-403 Deployment Planning

AFI 10-404 Base Support Planning

AFI 10-405 (S) Mobility for Tactical Air and Strategic Aerospace Defense Forces

AFI 10-406 (C) Mobility for Air Mobility Command Forces (U)

AFI 10-407 Mobility for Air Force Intelligence Command Forces

AFI 10-408 Mobility for Logistics Support Forces

AFI 10-409 Mobility for Air Force Commanications Command Forces

AFI 10-410 Mobility for Air Force Special Operations Command Forces

11-1 US Air Force Glossary of Standardized Terms

11-4 Host-Tenant Support Responsibilities of US Air Force Organizations

21-1 HQ USAF Standard Functional Address Symbol System

26-1, Vol IV Manpower Policies and Procedures Wartime Manpower Planning and Programming

26-2 Organization Policy and Guidance

27-16 USAF Program Management of Installations and Units Data and Movement of Air Force Units

28-7 Policy and Procedures for COMPES

28-346, V1&2 Contingency Operation/Mobility Planning and Execution System (COMPES) Cargo Movement Operations System, Computer Aided Load Manifesting (CALM): Users Operation Manual

28-626 Functional User Support Manual for The Contingency Operation / Mobility Planning and Execution System (COMPES) MAJCOM Level Manpower/Personnel (MANPER)Module, Users Manual


28-740 Contingency Operation / Mobility Planning and Execution System (COMPES)

Vol 1- General Information

Vol 2 - Logistics Module-Base Level (LOGMOD-B) Users Manual

Vol 3 - Logistics Force Packaging (LOGFOR) Users Manual

Vol 4 - Logistics Module-Logistics Planning (LOGPLAN) Users Manual

Vol 5 - Logistics Feasibility Analysis Capability (LOGFAC) Users Manual

Vol 6 - Operation Planning Module (OPSMOD) Users Manual

30-3 V1 The Personnnl Data System Users Manual

30-25 Casualty Services (PA)

30-130 Base Level Military Personnel System,

Vol 1 - Users Manual

Vol 2 Personnel Data System (PDS) Unit/GSU Support

34-10 Code of the U.S. Fighting Force

35-19 Prisoner of War: Rights & Obligations Under the Geneva


35-20 Personnel Support for Contingency Operations (PERSCO)

35-27 Report on Evacuation of Air Force Family Members and Other US


40-717 Survivor Assistance

40-910 Mobilization of the Civilian Work Force

45-1 Purpose, Policy, and Responsibilities for Air National Guard and

Air Force Reserve

55-14 Operational Procedures for Aircraft Carrying Hazardous Materials

55-15 Status of Resources and Training System (SORTS)

55-30 Operations Security

55-37 Air Force Participation in the Military Exercise

Vol I - Program Basic Policy, Guidance, and Responsibilities

Vol 2 - Air Force Participation in the JCS-Directed and JCS-Coordinated Exercise Program

Vol 3 - Air Force Participation in the Military Exercise Program Functional Area Instructions

55-49 Tactical Deception Program

55-105 Developing a Continuity of Operations Plan

56-10 COMSEC User's Guide

56-11 COMSEC Duties and Responsibilities

67-1 USAF Supply Manual

71-4 Preparing Hazardous Materials for Military Air Shipments

75-1 Transportation of Material

75-8 V1&2 Movement of Personnel

75-15 Forecast of Air Force Transportation Requirements

76-2 Airlift Planning Factors

76-6 Movement of Units in Air Force Aircraft

76-7 Air Terminals and Aerial Ports

76-38 DOD Common User Airlift Transportation

86-4 Base Comprehensive Planning

93-2 Contingency Response Planning

93-3 Air Force Civil Engineering Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force (BEEF) Program

100-10 (S) Electronic Counter-Countermeasures for Command and Control Communications Systems (U)

102-2Vl Joint User Handbook for Message Text Formats

140-3 Air Force Prime Readiness in Base Services (RIBS) Program

140-6 Base Services Contingency Planning

144-1 Fuels Management

145-1 Air Force Commissary Program

145-9 Supply of Subsistence to the Air National Guard (ANG)

160-25 Medical Readiness Planning and Training

168-4 Administration of Medical Activities

170-6 Comptroller Activities, Functions, and Responsibilities

170-23 Comptroller Plans

171-714Vl Selective Inquiry System (SIS)

171-740 Contingency Operation / Mobility Planning and Execution System (COMPES) General Information

171-826 Vl Combat Supplies Management System (CSMS)

172-4 The Air Force Budget Process

205-1 Information Security Program

205-11 Security Manager's Guide

205-13 A Guide to Marking Classified Documents

205-16 Computer Security Policy (FOUO)

205-19 Security Controls on the Dissemination of Intelligence Information

205-57 Counterintelligence Awareness and Briefing Program

206-2 V1 Air Base Ground Defense - Ground Defense of Main Operating Bases, Installations, and Activities

206-4 Joint Operational Concept for Air Base Ground Defense

207-1 The Air Force Physical Security Program (PA)

360-1 Planning and Operations (Air Base Operability)

400-11 Maintaining Activity Address Data in the DOD Activity Address Directory (DODAAD), The DOD Activity Address File (DODAAF), and the DOD Activity Address File and Directory (Air Force D124 System)

400-24 War Reserve Materiel (WRM) Policy

400-25 Logistics Plans Management

700-25, Vol 1 Equipment Directory Information Systems Equipment

700-25, Vol 2 Tactical Systems and Supporting Equipment

700-31 Message Address Directory