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FAS Search: Raise Funds for FAS Just By Searching the Web 

FAS is excited to release FAS Search, a new way for you to support FAS, and our efforts to create a more secure future.

FAS Search is a search engine powered by Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It provides the same search results you are used to, but now every search raises a few cents for FAS at no cost to you. Net proceeds will go to support the critical work of FAS to educate policy makers, the press, and the public.

FAS Search is also a communication tool to keep our supporters updated on the latest FAS news, expert analysis, events, and opportunities. It's really simple, secure, fun, and completely free.  

Try out FAS Search today.

Please note that you will need to register on the FAS Search page for your searches to count, so please don't skip this important step. Also, be sure to make this your new home page and/or search page so that you can start supporting FAS one click at a time. If you're away from your personal computer, you can always find the FAS Search page by typing into your browser.

FAS is also excited to release an additional feature -- the FAS Toolbar. The toolbar contains easy to use buttons that allow you to access all of our content online, including all of the FAS expert blogs. The FAS toolbar provides you with a search bar so you don't have to navigate back to your homepage. By using this toolbar for all your searches, you will help us raise money, every time you click!

Click here to download the FAS Toolbar.

Please note that the toolbar is still in development for the Mac OS, however you can still register and use the FAS Search page to help FAS out!

If you have any questions about the FAS Search page and/or the FAS Toolbar, or you have a suggestion on how to improve the toolbar, please contact

Thank you for supporting FAS one click at a time!

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