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Give a Stock Gift to FAS 

Privacy Policy:

We will not sell or share your personal information. Our credit card transaction process is completely secure, but if you prefer, you can print this form and mail with check, money order, or credit card information to:

Electronic Transfer

The easiest way to give a stock gift is to contact FAS and exchange information with your broker. Your broker can electronically transfer the stock from your account to the FAS account at Sun Trust Bank.


Contact the FAS Membership Office at 202-546-3300 to let us know that you would like to give a stock gift.

You will be asked to provide your name, your phone number, the name of the stock you are giving and the number of shares (e.g. 100 shares of Disney)

FAS will provide you with the necessary information to call your broker and complete the transaction.

Stock Certificates 

It is preferable to transfer stock electronically. However, if you want to send FAS a stock certificate, please follow these steps:


Endorse the stock certificate. Sign a Stock Power form. (This form is available from most banks or brokers.)

Mail the stock certificate and the stock power form separately to: 

Federation of American Scientists

Attn: Membership

1725 DeSales Street, 6th floor

Washington, DC 20036

If you experience problems, please call the membership office at 202-546-3300 and we will be happy to assist you.