Joint U.S.-DPRK Press Statement on the Implementation of the Agreed Framework

(June 13, 1995)

The delegations of the United States of America (U.S.) and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) held talks in Kuala Lumpur from May 19 to June 12, 1995, with respect to implementation of the U.S.-DPRK Agreed framework of October 21, 1994.

Both sides reaffirmed their political commitments to implement the U.S.-DPRK Agreed Framework, and with particular regard to facilitating the light water reactor (LWR) project as called for in the Agreed Framework, decided as follows :

- I -

The U.S. reaffirms that the letter of assurance from the U.S. President dated October 20, 1994 concerning the provision of the LWR project and interim energy alternatives continues in effect.

The Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization (KEDO), under U.S. leadership, will finance and supply the LWR project in the DPRK as called for in the Agreed Framework. As specified in the Agreed Framework, the U.S. will serve as the principal point of contact with the DPRK for the LWR project. In this regard, U.S. citizens will lead delegations and teame of KEDO as required to fulfill this role.

- II -

The LWR project will consist of two pressurized light water reactors with two coolant loops and a generating capacity of approximately 1,000 MW(e) each. The reactor model, selected by KEDO, will be the advanced version of U.S.-origin design and technology currently under production.

- III -

The Commission for External Economic Relations, representing the DPRK Government, and KEDO will conclude a supply agreement at the earliest possible date for the provision of the LWR project on a turnkey basis. On the basis of this statement, the DPRK will meet with KEDO as soon as possible to negotiate the outstanding issues of the LWR supply agreement.

KEDO will conduct a site survey to identify the requirements for construction and operation of the LWR project. The costs of this site survey and site preparation will be included in the scope of supply for the project.

KEDO will select a prime contractor to carry out the project. A U.S. firm will serve as program coordinator to assist KEDO in supervising over all implementation of the LWR project ; KEDO will select the program coordinator. A DPRK firm will enter into implementing arrangements as necessary to facilitate the LWR project.

- IV -

In addition to the LWR project, the two sides decided to take the following steps towards implementation of the Agreed Framework.

Experts from the two sides will meet in the DPRK as soon as possible in June to agree on a schedule and cooperative measures for phased delivery of heavy fuel oil in accordance with the Agreed Framework. KEDO will begin immediately to make arrangements for an initial delivery of heavy fuel oil, subject to the conclusion of the above agreement.

The U.S.-DPRK Record of Meeting of January 20, 1995, on safe storage of the spent fuel will be expeditiously implemented. In this regard, a U.S. team of experts will visit the DPRK as soon as possible in June to begin implementaion.