Index Military Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations

B 1aircraft symbol – bomber, 2billion, 3[FM 101-5-1] biological (graphics), 4[JP 1-02] cross-over barrier pattern

B SPEC development specification

B&A [JP 1-02] boat and aircraft

B&P bid and proposal

B-CHANNEL bearer channel

B-H binary to hexadecimal

B-LRIP beyond low rate initial production

B-O binary to octal

B-rations dehydrated food

B/B 1[JP 1-02] break bulk, 2[JP 1-02] baseband

B/F background/foreground

B/L bill of loading

B/P 1blueprint, 2[FM 101-5-1] be-prepared mission

B/U build-up

B2C2 brigade and below command and control (obsolete, now AB2 )

B2X binary to hexadecimal [REXX]

B3500 Burroughs 3500 Computer

B3700 Burroughs 3700 Computer

BA 1binary add, 2breathing apparatus, 3buffer amplifier, 4budget authority, 5budget authorization, 6basic agreement (DECCO), 7budget activity, 8[FM 101-5-1] Bahrain

BAA 1broad agency announcement, 2[AR 310-50] budget activity account

BAAF [AR 310-50] Badger Army Ammunition Plant

BAAN 1budget activity account number, 2budget authorization account number

BAAPD Buy American Act percent difference

BAC 1budgeted cost at completion, 2billing advice code, 3budget at completion

BACE basic automatic checkout equipment

BACP bandwidth allocation control protocol

BAD 1broken as designed, 2BLACKER/AUTODIN/DDN

BADD battlefield awareness and data dissemination

BADGE Budget and Accounting Data General Purpose Extract (PACAF)

BAF 1bioaccumulation factor, 2baseline asset file, 3Benefield Antioch Facility, 4[JP 1-02] backup alert force

BAFO best and final offer

BAG 1budget aggregate group, 2budget activity group, 3[JP 1-02] baggage, 4[AR 310-50] ballistic attack game

BAH [JP 1-0] basic allowance for housing

BAI 1back-up aircraft inventory, 2battlefield air interdiction

BAIM baseline advanced industrial management

BAK binary adaptation kit [Microsoft]

BAKER NUNN groundbased optical system

bal [AR 310-50] balance

BAL basic assembly language

BALFRAM 1balanced force requirements analysis methodology, 2balanced force requirements attrition model

BALLUTE balloon parachute (bomb retarder)

BALLWIN [AR 310-50] ballistic winds

BALS balancing set

BALUN balanced to unbalanced (device)

BAM 1basic access method, 2Boyan Action Module

BAMB bending annular missile body

BAMBI ballistic missile boost intercept

BAMC [AR 310-50] Brooke Army Medical Center

BAMP battlefield automation management plan

BAMS Base Automated Mobility System (TAC)

BAN basic access node

BAO basic attack options

BAP 1basic assembly program, 2branch arm piping

BAPREP [AR 310-50] beds and patient report

BAQ basic allowance for quarters

BAQ/SITW basic allowance quarters/state income tax withholdings

BAR 1base address register, 2battery acquisition radar

BARITT barrier injected transit time

BARTS Bell Atlantic regional timesharing

BAS 1battlefield automated system(s), 2basic allowance for subsistence, 3battalion aid station

BASCOP base communications plan

BASD basic active service date

BASE 1basic Army strategic estimates, 2[TR 350-70] Basic Army Skills Exam

BASH bird aircraft strike hazard

BASIC 1basic algebraic symbolic interpretive compiler, 2basic automatic stored instruction computer, 3Beginner’s All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code [computer language]

BASIS 1Burroughs applied statistical inquiry system, 2bank automated service information system

BASM built-in assembler

BASOPS 1base operations, 2Base Operating Information System

BASS 1base augmentation support set, 2base automated service store

BASYS basic system

BAT 1battery, 2brilliant anti-tank, 3block address translation, 4baby AT board, 5brillant anti-armor submunition

BATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

BATS 1broadband antenna test system, 2Billing Action Tracking System

BAUD a unit of signaling speed equal to one code element per second

BAV ballistic accuracy verification

BAWS Basic Acoustic Warfare System

BB 1base band, 2broadband [emission), 3bulk burning, 4[USN] battleship, 5ball bearing, 6bare base, 7break bulk, 8business board

BBAS Base Budget Automation System (USAF)

BBBG battleship battle group

BBC broadband conducted

BBEST black box estimator

BBL 1basic business language, 2[JP 4-01.2] barrel (42 US gallons)

BBL(s) barrel(s)

BBM blocking and bracing materials

BBP break bulk point

BBR broadcast radiated

BBS 1bulletin board service, 2baseline build standard, 3battalion battle simulation, 4brigade battle simulation, 5brigade battle simulation, 6bulletin board system

BBU bit buffer unit

BC 1branch code(s), 2battery commander, 3back-connected, 4binary code, 5binary counter, 6Bradley commander, 7[USN] battlecruiser, 8[FM 101-5-1] battle command, 9[JP 1-02] bottom current

BC(G) Battle Command (Gordon)

BC(H) Battle Command (Huachuca)

BC(L) Battle Command (Leavenworth)

BC2 battlespace command and control

BC4SSO base C4 system security officers

BCA 1base contracting automated system, 2broadcast control authority, 3Board of Contract Appeal, 4[AR 310-50] battery control area

BCAA business clearance approval authority

BCAS Base Contracting Automated System (USAF)

BCAT Bedouin Capability Assessment Tool

BCB base communication computer system comprehensive blueprint

BCBL Battle Command Battle Laboratory

BCBL-H Battle Command Battle Lab – Huachuca

BCC 1base communications center, 2battery control center, 3block check character, 4[FM 101-5-1] battlefield circulation control, 5[AR 310-50] battery control central

BCC: blind carbon copy

BCCSWG base communications center strategy working group

BCD 1baseline concept description, 2binary-coded decimal, 3bad conduct discharge, 4[FM 101-5-1] battlefield coordination detachment (formerly battlefield coordination element)

BCDIC binary coded decimal interchange code

BCE 1base-level commercial equipment, 2baseline cost estimate [Army] (see POE, sense 5), 3base civil engineer, 4battlefield coordination element [obsolete], 5battlefield control element

BCE-IWP base civil engineer in-service work plan

BCEFM business, cost estimating, and financial management

BCEG Base Closure Executive Group

BCEP base communications – electronics plan

BCF business, cost estimating and financial management

BCGN [USN] nuclear-powered, guided missile battlecruiser

BCI 1binary coded information, 2broadcast interference, 3broadcast control intercept, 4[JP 1-02] bit count integrity

BCID battlefield combat identification

BCIS Battlefield Combat Identification System

BCL 1basic contour line, 2Burroughs common language, 3batch command language, 4binary closed loop

BCM baseline correlation matrix [USAF]

BCMC Block Change Management Council

BCMR board for correction of military records

BCN 1beacon, 2bureau control number

BCO 1binary coded octal, 2bridge cutoff, 3battle coordination detachment, 4base contracting office

BCOC base cluster operations centers

BCP 1best current practice, 2bulk copy program, 3base communications processor, 4binary control protocol [Adobe], 5base comprehensive plan, 6baseline change proposal

BCPL basic computer programming language

BCR 1Baseline Change Request (USAF Form 1773), 2byte count register, 3base condemnation rate

BCRA business clearance reviewing authority

BCS 1Baseline Comparison System, 2Battery Computer System, 3broadcast control station, 4bar code sorter, 5baseline comparative system

BCSA base communications-computer system assessment

BCSSO base comm computer system security officer

BCT 1basic combat training, 2bushing current transformer, 3battle coordination team, 4battlefield command terminal, 5battlefield command trainer, 6[TTPIO-ABCS] brigade combat team

BCTF 1base central technical facility, 2base central test facility, 3battle commanders training facility

BCTP Battle Command Training Program

BCTT battle command training team

BCU 1binary counting unit, 2buffer control unit, 3block cycle updates, 4[JP 4-01.6] beach clearance unit

BCV battle command vehicle

BCW buffer control word

BCWP budgeted cost for work performed

BCWR budgeted cost of work remaining

BCWS budgeted cost for work scheduled

BD 1base detonating, 2base injection, 3binary decoder, 4battlefield distribution, 5battle director, 6battle doctrine, 7bomb disposal, 8battle damage assessment, 9battle damaged aircraft, 10bomb damage assessment

BDA 1battle damage assessment, 2BIOS data area, 3bomb damage assessment

BDAR battle damage assessment and repair

BDAS Battle Damage Assessment System

BDB base development board

BDC 1backup domain controller, 2bomb data center, 3business development committee, 4[JP 1-02] blood donor centers, 5[AR 310-50] brigade data center

bdcst broadcast

BDD [AR 310-50] blanket delivery data

bde brigade

BDE 1brigade, 2Borland Database Engine

BDELT [AR 310-50] brigade landing team

BDF Adobe Glyph bitmap distribution format

BDFA basic daily food allowance

BDG battalion and brigade

BDHT blowdown heat transfer program

BDI bearing deviation indicator

BDIA base diameter

BDL 1[JP 1-02] beach discharge lighter, 2[AR 310-50] battery data link

BDM bomber defense missile

BDMS Baseline Data Management System

BDN bulk data network

BDO 1battle dress overgarment, 2basic delivery order, 3blanket delivery order

BDOC base defense operations center

BDOS basic disk operating system

BDP 1battlefield development plan, 2base development planning, 3[AR 310-50] base development plan

BDPI base data processing installation

BDR 1base destination requirements (HQ USAF), 2battle damage repair, 3bus device request

bdry [AR 310-50] boundary

BDS 1battle dressing station, 2battlefield data system, 3battlefield distribution simulation, 4Budget Development System [USMC], 5business development specialist (Small Business Administration), 6[AR 310-50] British Defense Staff

BDS-D battlefield distribution simulation – development

BDSR base dental service report (USAF)

BDT 1binary deck to binary tape, 2bulk data transfer

BDU 1battle dress uniform, 2basic display unit, 3practice versions of nuclear bombs, 4battery display unit

BDZ base defense zone

BE 1basic encyclopedia, 2back end, 3base injection, 4best estimate model, 5breaker end, 6bulk encryption, 7below or equal, 8brilliant Eye System, 9budget estimate, 10[FM 101-5-1] Belgium

BE number [JP 1-02] basic encyclopedia number

BE SPO Brilliant Eye System Program Office

BEA 1budget estimate agreement, 2Budget Enforcement Act

BEAMS base engineer automated management system

BEAR Bonus Extension and Retraining Program

BEC beginning of the equilibrium cycle

BECAMP [AR 310-50] Ballistic Environmental Characteristics and Measurement Program

BECN backward explicit congestion notification

BECS Battlefield Electronic Communications System

BED bridge-element delay

BEDO burst extended data out

BEEC binary error erasure channel

BEEF 1business and engineering enriched FORTRAN, 2base emergency engineering force, 3base engineer emergency force

BEES Basic ECM Environment Simulator

BEFAP Bell Laboratories FORTRAN assembly program

BEFOURRA [AR 310-50] Belgian Fourragere

BEG budget estimate guidance

BELLCORE Bell Communications Research

BEMAR [AR 310-50] backlog of essential maintenance and repair

BEMO base equipment management office

BEMT Basic Electronics Maintenance Trainer

BENELUX Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

BENT [AR 310-50] beginning evening nautical twilight

BEP 1basic emergency plan, 2[AR 310-50] budget execution plan

BEQ 1best estimated quantity, 2[AR 310-50] bachelor enlisted quarters

BER 1budget execution review, 2bit error rate, 3basic encoding rules, 4[JP 1-02] bit error ratio

BERADEV [AR 310-50] Berlin Airlift Device

BERH [AR 310-50] Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors

BERL 1base excess requirement list, 2base excess review listing

BERM basic encyclopedic redundancy media

BERT 1basic energy reduction technology, 2bit error rate test, 3bit error rate tester

BES 1budget estimate submission, 2budget execution system

BESD [AR 310-50] basic enlisted service date

BESEP base electronics systems engineering plan

BESI budget execution system installation

BESRL [AR 310-50] Behavior and Systems Research Laboratory

BEST 1Business EDO System Technique, 2business electronic systems techniques, 3base engineering support-technical (USN), 4business equipment software techniques

BET baseline evaluation test

BETA battlefield exploitation and target acquisition

BETS building energy technical survey

BEU bulk encryption unit

beV billion electronvolts

BEWSS Battlefield Environment Weapon System Simulation

BEX broadband exchange

BEXEC [AR 310-50] budget execution

BF 1back-feed, 2backface, 3base fuse, 4boldface [type], 5bottom face, 6bad flag, 7brought forward, 8backup force, 9[FM 101-5-1] beginning of radioactive fallout

BFA battlefield functional area

BFACS Battlefield Functional Area Control System

BFAP blocking factor analysis program

BFBI brute force and bloody ignorance

BFC2 battle forces command and control (USN)

BFCO band filter cutoff

BFD 1back focal distance, 2[AR 310-50] budget formulation directive

BFE blacker front end

BFF binary file format [IBM]

bfg [AR 310-50] briefing

BFG binary frequency generator

BFI brute force and ignorance

BFIM battle force information management (USN)

BFIST Bradley fire support team

BFIST-V Bradley fire support team vehicle

BFITC battle focused instructor training course

BFL back focal length

BFM 1battle-scale forecast model, 2basic flight maneuver, 3business and financial manager, 4budget financial manager

BFMA battlefield functional mission area

BFMO base fuel management office

BFO 1beat frequency oscillator, 2beat frequency oscillation

BFORM [AR 310-50] budget formulation

BFPDDA binary floating point digital differential analyzer

BFS 1brute force [unregulated] supply, 2breadth first search [algorithm]

BFT binary file transfer

BFTP batch FTP

BFTT 1Battle Force Tactical Trainer (USN), 2battle force tactical training

BFV Bradley Fighting Vehicle

BFVS Bradley Fighting Vehicle System

BFY budget fiscal year

BG 1back gear, 2background, 3brigadier general, 4[USN] battle group, 5bomb glider, 6bombardment group, 7[AR 310-50] beach group

BGA ball grid array [Intel]

BGC [JP 1-02] boat group commander

BGCOLOR background color [HTML]

BGDA [AR 310-50] Blue Grass Depot Activity

BGE branch if greater or equal

BGI Borland Graphics Interface

BGM ballistic guided missile

BGM-109 Tomahawk

BGM-71 Tube Launched, Optically Tracked, Wire Guided Antitank Missile System

BGP border gateway protocol

BGPHES Battle Group Passive Horizon Extension System

BGPHES ARS-ST Battle Group Passive Horizon Extension System Acquisition Receiving Subsystem Surface Terminal

BGSS [AR 310-50] battalion ground surveillance section

BGT branch if greater than

BH 1flux density vs. magnetizing force, 2[FM 101-5-1] Belize

bhd [AR 310-50] beachhead

BHI branch if higher

BHIS branch if higher or same

BHP brake horsepower

BHWG Bird Hazard Working Group

BI 1background investigation, 2blanking input, 3battlefield interdiction, 4binary Input, 5[JP 1-02] battle injury, 6[AR 310-50] battlefield illumination, 7[AR 310-50] branch immaterial

BIA 1base information analysis (USAF), 2Bureau of Indian Affairs

BIAP Base Information Analysis Program (AFCC)

BIAS Battlefield Illumination Airborne System [Shed Light]

BIB bus interface board

BIC battlefield information center

BICC 1battlefield information and control center, 2battlefield information coordination center

BICES 1Battlefield Information Collection and Exploration System, 2Battlefield Information Correlation Enemy System, 3Battlefield Information Collection and Exploitation System

BICM Battlefield Intelligence Collection Model

BICS battlefield information control system

BID 1battlefield information distribution, 2built-in diagnostics

BIDDS Base Information Digital Distribution System (AFCC)

BIDDS STAR Base Information Digital Distribution System, Small Telecommunication Acquisition/Replacement

BIDE 1basic identity information, 2[JP 1-02] basic identity data element

BiDi bi-directional

BIDM basic interoperability data model

BIDS 1biological integrated detection system, 2battlefield information distribution system

BIET business initiatives, education and training

BIF basic in flow

BIFC [JP 1-02] Boise Interagency Fire Center

BIFET bipolar field effect transistor

BIFF battlefield identification friend or foe

BII basic issue item

BIIL basic issue items list

BIL 1basic impulse insulation level, 2basic impulse isolation level, 3basic insulation level, 4block input length

BIL SEC bill sector

BIM 1before image, 2beginning of information marker

BIMAC bistable magnetic core

BIMCO Business Information Management Corporation

BIML Battle Information Management Laboratory (RADC)

BIMOS bipolar metal-oxide semiconductor

BIMS Battle Staff Information Management System ( AAC)

BIN binary

BINAC binary automatic computer

BIND Berkeley Internet Name Domain

BINM [JP 3-07.4] Bureau of International Narcotics Matters

BINOMEXP binomial expansion

bio [AR 310-50] biographies

BIO 1[JP 3-07.3] Bureau of International Organizations, 2[JP 3-07.3] Bureau of International Organizations

BIOFACS biomedical and facilities systems

biol [FM 101-5-1] biological

BIOLDEF [AR 310-50] biological defense

BIOLOPS [AR 310-50] biological operations

BIOLREPT [AR 310-50] biological report

BIOLRSCH [AR 310-50] biological research

BIOLWPN [AR 310-50] biological weapon

BIOLWPNSYS [AR 310-50] biological weapon system

BIONICS biological electronics

BIOR business input-output rerun

BIOS basic input/output system

BIOSTAT bio-statistical reporting system

BIP 1battlefield imaging projectile, 2balanced in plane

BIPO base information protection office

BIPT business integrated process team

BIRDIE battery integration and radar display equipment

BIRS basic indexing and retrieval system

BIS 1[USN] board of inspection and survey, 2binary synchronous, 3Bibliographic Information System [software], 4business information system

BISA basic information system acquisition

BISAM basic indexed sequential access method [IBM]

BISDN broadband integrated services digital network

BISEPS basic interceptor sortie evaluation program system

BISMC base information system management center

BISP base information systems plan

BISS 1base and installation security systems (DoD), 2base intrusion security system, 3base installation sensor system

BIST built-in self-test

bisync bisynchronous transmission


BISYNC binary synchronous communication protocol

bit binary digit

BIT 1built in test, 2binary digit

BIT/FI built-in test/fault isolation

BITC 1basic instructor training course, 2base information transfer center

BITE built-in test equipment

BITNET Because It's Time Network

BITNIC BITNET Network Information Center

BITS 1Base Information Transfer System, 2biweekly indicator tracking system

BIU 1bus interface unit, 2[JP 1-02] beach interface unit

BIV bivouac

BIX 1binary information exchange, 2Byte Information Exchange (BBS)

BIZ. Business [USENET Newsgroup Category]

BJA baseline jamming assets

BJC [Canon] Bubblejet Color

BJCEB [AR 310-50] British Joint Communications-Electronics Board

BJT bipolor junction transistor

BJU [AR 310-50] beach jumper unit

BK [FM 101-5-1] Bosnia - Herzegovina

BKEP boosted kinetic energy penetrator

BKS broadcast keying station

BKSP backspace

bl [AR 310-50] bomb line

BL 1base line, 2bell, 3bend line, 4bottom layer, 5battle lab, 6backlit, 7bit line, 8bill of lading, 9[FM 101-5-1] Bolivia, 10[AR 310-50] basic load (ammunition)

BL&T blind loaded and traced

BLA base level assessment

BLADE basic level automation of data through electronics

BLAIDS base-level AUTODIN incoming distribution

BLAMES Base-Level AUTODIN Message Extract System

BLARS Base Level Accounting and Reporting System (USAF)

BLAST 1battlefield laser acquisition sensor test, 2blocked asynchronous transmission (protocol) [Communications Research Group]

BLC boundary layer control

BLCP [JP 1-02] beach lighterage control point

BLCS base level contingency simulations

BLD 1beam-lead device, 2battalion level device

BLDASP base level data automation standardization program

bldg [AR 310-50] building

BLDREP [JP 1-02] blood report

BLDSHIPREP [JP 1-02] blood shipment report

BLE 1battle laboratory experiment, 2branch if less or equal

BLEP Battle Laboratory Experimentation Plan

BLER block error

BLESOR battle lab experiment senior officer review

BLESS battle lab support element

BLIN budget line item number

BLIND cell constant transport computer code

BLIP background limited infrared photoconductor

BLIS 1baffle/liner interface seal, 2Base Level Information Services Program (AFLC), 3Base Level Inquiry System

BLITCD [TRADOC] Battle Laboratory Integration, Technology, and Concepts Directorate

BLK block

BLL below lower limit

BLM 1basic language machine, 2Bureau of Land Management

BLMC buried logic macrocell

BLMPS base level military personnel system (USAF)

BLOB binary large object

bloc [AR 310-50] blockade

BLODIB block diagram compiler B

BLOS 1beyond line of sight, 2branch if lower or same

BLPP base level planning process

BLPO battlefield laboratory project officer

BLPS Base Level Personnel System (USAF)

BLPS-C Base Level Personnel System – Civilian (USAF)

BLPS-M Base Level Personnel System – Military (USAF)

BLR baseline restorer

BLRIP beyond low rate initial production

BLRSI Battle Lab Reconfigurable Simulator Initiative

BLS 1beach landing site, 2Bureau of Labor Statistics

BLSE battle lab support element

BLSJICP [AR 310-50] beam lead sealed junction integrated circuit package

BLSM base level system modernization

BLSS base-level self-sufficiency spares

BLT 1basic leadership training, 2branch liaison team, 3basic language translator, 4block transfer, 5battalion landing team (USMC), 6briefing and liaison team

BLTM battalion-level training model

BLU 1basic logic unit, 2bomb live unit, submunitions for cluster bombs or dispensers

BLUE $ Navy appropriation

BLUFOR blue forces

BLWE Battle Lab Warfighting Experiment

BLX basic launch complex

BM 1battle management, 2binary multiply, 3boundary marker, 4business manager, 5[AR 310-50] bench mark, 6[AR 310-50] branch material

BM/C3 battle management/command, control and communications

BMAR 1ballistic missile acquisition radar, 2backlog of maintenance and repair

BMB business management board

BMC Boeing Military Corporation

BMC3 battle management command, control, and communications

BMC4I [CJCSI 5112.01] battle management command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence

BMCT [FM 101-5-1] begin morning civil twilight

BMD ballistic missile defense

BMD-NEAT [AR 310-50] Ballistic Missile Defense - Nuclear Effects and Threat committee

BMDATC [AR 310-50] Ballistic Missile Defense Advanced Technology Center

BMDC ballistic missile defense center

BMDCP 1[AR 310-50] ballistic missile defense command post, 2[AR 310-50] battalion mortar and Davy Crockett platoon

BMDEAR [AR 310-50] ballistic defense emergency action report

BMDITP [AR 310-50] Ballistic Missile Defense Integrated Training Plan

BMDMB [AR 310-50] ballistic missile defense missile battalion

BMDMP [AR 310-50] Ballistic Missile defense Master Plan

BMDO 1Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, 2ballistic missile defense office, 3[AR 310-50] ballistic missile defense operations

BMDOA ballistic missile defense operations activity

BMDPM [AR 310-50] Ballistic Missile Defense Program Manager

BMDPO [AR 310-50] Ballistic Missile Defense Program Office

BMDS Base Manpower Data System (USAF)

BMDSB [AR 310-50] ballistic missile defense surveillance battalion

BMDSCOM [AR 310-50] Ballistic Missile defense Systems Command

BMEDS Base Management Engineering Data System (USAF)

BMEP brake mean effective pressure

BMEWS Ballistic Missile Early Warning System

BMF basic mobile facility

BMG budget and manpower guidance

BMGR branch manager

BMI branch if minus

BMIC BusMaster Interface Controller [Intel]

BMIL budget milestones

BMILS bottom-mounted impact and location system [ABRES]

BML 1bulk material length, 2battle management laboratory, 3bidder mailing list

BMM borrowed military manpower

BMMP branch modernization management plan

BMMS Battlefield Mission Management System

BMMT Basic Morse Mission Trainer

BMNT [FM 101-5-1] begin morning nautical twilight

BMO 1Ballistic Missile Office (AFSC), 2ballistic missile organization

BMOA business memorandum of agreement

BMP 1branch modernization plan, 2best manufacturing practice, 3batch message processing program, 4basic mapping support

BMPAD battle management processing and display

BMPCOE Best Manufacturing Practice Center of Excellence

BMPS battle management processing simulation

BMR [NATO] basic military requirement

BMRMO [AR 310-50] balance mobilization reserve materiel objective

BMRSYS [AR 310-50] Ballistic Missile Recovery System

BMS 1battlefield management systems, 2BIDDS management subsystem, 3balanced magnetic switch, 4battalion mortar system

BMT basic military training

BMU [JP 1-02] beachmaster unit

BMW beam width

bn [FM 101-5-1] battalion

BN 1battalion, 2binary number, 3[USN] bombardier/navigator

BNC 1bayonet Neill-Concelman (connector used with coaxial cable invented by Mr. Neill-Concelman), 2baby "N" connector, 3bayonet navy connector, 4bayonet nut connection

BNCC base network control center

BNCOC basic noncommissioned officer course

BNE branch if not equal

BNEP basic naval establishment plan

BNF Backus-Naur Form (also Backus-Normal Form) [developed by John Backus and Peter Naur]

BNI before next interaction

BNRID basic net radio interface device

BNS 1binary number system, 2backbone network service

BNSFCP [AR 310-50] battalion shore fire control training

BO 1blocking oscillator, 2binary output, 3buyer's option, 4back order (supply), 5blanket order, 6[FM 101-5-1] Belarus

BOA 1basic ordering agreement, 2basic object adapter, 3basic order agreement

BOA/IDTC basic ordering agreement/indefinite delivery type contract

BOATS Budget Organization and Tracking System

BOAWR balance other acquisition war reserve

BoB 1break-out box, 2blueprint of the battlefield

BOB [AR 310-50] beginning of business

BOC 1basic operational capability, 2best operational capability, 3beginning of cycle, 4basic operator console, 5basic operating companies, 6Bell Operating Company, 7[JP 1-02] base operations center, 8[AR 310-50] battalion operations center (AD)

BOCCA Board of Coordination of Civil Aviation (NATO)

BOCO buying office contracting official

BOCOL basic operating consumer oriented language

BOD 1beneficial occupancy date, 2board of directors

BOE 1basis of estimate, 2blanket open end (FMS case)

BOF beginning of file

BOGSAT bunch of guys sitting around a table

BOH [JP 1-02] bottom of hill

BOI basis of issue

BOIMARS [AR 310-50] Basis of Issue Monitoring and Recording System

BOIP basis of issue plan

BOIP II [AR 310-50] basic-of-issue plan II

BOIPFD basis of issue plan feeder data

BOJO Flexible Reporting and Display System (SAC)

BOL bearing only launch

BOLD bibliographic on-line display

BOM 1basic operating monitor, 2beginning of message, 3bill of materiel

bomb [AR 310-50] bombardment

BOMI bill of materiel indicator

BOMP base organization and maintenance processor

BOMREP bombing report

bomst [AR 310-50] bombsight

BOND bandwidth on demand

BOO bid opening officer

BoOD board of operating director

BOOTP bootstrap protocol [Internet]

BOP 1battalion observation post, 2balance of plant, 3balance of power, 4binary output program, 5balance of payments, 6[AR 310-50] basic operation plan

BOPA [AR 310-50] Balance of Payments Act

BOPP [AR 310-50] balance of payment programmed

BOPS billion operations per second

BOQ bachelor officers' quarters

BOR board of review

BORAM block-oriented random access memory

BORPQU Borland Pro Quattro

BORQU Borland Quattro

BOS 1battlefield operating system, 2background operating system, 3basic operating system, 4bands of separation, 5base operating support, 6base operating support system

BOSS 1B-1B operational and support software, 2base operating support operations support center

BOT 1beginning of tape, 2beginning of table, 3robot, 4beginning of transaction, 5[AR 310-50] burst on target

BOTOSS Bottom Topography Survey System

BOV Board of Visitors (Defense Systems Management College)

BOW basic operating weight

BP 1battle position, 2bulk processing, 3between perpendiculars, 4boiling point, 5budget programs, 6base pointer, 7budget program, 8bulk petroleum, 9board president, 10budget project, 11[AR 310-50] base point, 12[AR 310-50] basic pay

BPA 1blanket purchase authorization, 2blanket purchasing agreement, 3[AR 310-50] budget project account, 4[AR 310-50] blanket purchase agreement

BPAC 1budget program activity code, 2budget program account code, 3budget project activity code

BPAD [FM 101-5-1] broadcast public affairs detachment

BPAT business planning process action team

BPB BIOS parameter block

BPC [TR 350-70] battle projection center

BPD 1[JP 1-02] blood products depots, 2[AR 310-50] basic planning document

BPDM budget phase data menu

BPDMS Basic Point Defense Missile System

BPDU bridge protocol data unit

BPED [AR 310-50] basic pay entry date

BPHI [AR 310-50] boost phase intercept

BPI 1bits per inch [packing density], 2bytes per inch, 3boost phase intercept, 4business process improvement, 5[AR 310-50] binary bits per inch

BPI/R business process improvement/reegineering

BPID 1book physical inventory difference, 2blueprint phase implementation directive, 3blueprint phase implementation directory

BPIE base procured investment equipment

BPKT basic computing knowledge test

BPL 1branch if plus, 2boundary layer

BPM 1batch processing monitor, 2beats per minute, 3business process management, 4business process manager

BPN breakdown pulse noise

BPO [JP 1-02] blood program office

BPOA 1blanket purchase order agreement, 2basic project order agreement

BPP 1binary packing problem, 2black patch panel, 3boarding pass printer, 4business planning process

BPPBS Biennial Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System

BPR 1business process reengineering, 2bypass ratio, 3base repair percentage

BPRF [AR 310-50] bulletproof

BPRR budget program resource review

bps bits-per-second

BPS 1basic programming system, 2bits per second, 3bytes per second, 4[JP 1-02] basic PSYOP study

BPSE [FM 101-5-1] brigade PSYOP support element

BPSI budget preparation system installation

BPSK 1binary phase shift keying, 2[JP 1-02] biphase shift keying

BPSM budget preparation system MACOM

BPSS budget program service systems

BPT [JP 1-02] beach party team

BPTF black patch and test facility

BPU 1basic processing unit, 2[AR 310-50] base production unit

BPV [TTPIO-ABCS] battlefield planning and visualization

BPWRR [JP 4-03] bulk petroleum war reserve requirement

BPWRS [JP 4-03] bulk petroleum war reserve stocks

BQ unmanned aircraft carrying explosives

BQL basic query language

BQM-155A Hunter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System

br [AR 310-50] branch

BR 1bad register, 2[FM 101-5-1] Brazil

BR/C budget request/change

BRAA [FM 101-5-1] bearing, range, altitude, aspect

BRAAT base recovery after attack team

BRAC base realignment and closure

BRASS PRIME BEEF Reporting Analysis and Status System

BRAT Budget/Readiness Analysis Technique (AFLC)

BRC 1base repair cycle, 2blue ribbon contractor, 3budget review committee, 4[JP 1-02] base recovery course

BRCC blue ribbon contractor certificate

BRCL 1blue ribbon contract list, 2blue ribbon contractor list

BRD 1baseline requirements document, 2[AR 310-50] bomb release distance

BRDEC [FM 101-5-1] Belvoir Research, Development, and Engineering Center

BRDM [USN] floating dry dock

BRE battlefield recovery and evacuation

BRG budget review group

BRGC binary reflected gray code

BRI 1basic rate interface [ISDN], 2brain response interface

BRICKBAT top priority program

Brig [AR 310-50] brigadier

BRL [AR 310-50] bomb release line

BRM basic reference model

BROI battlefield return on investment

browser software that provides an interface to the World Wide Web

BRP basic research plan

BRPA basic research and proposal announcement

BRPM blue ribbon program monitor

BRPP blue ribbon program panel

BRS 1Bibliographic Retrieval Service, 2broadcast radiation station, 3budget review system

BRT 1base repair time, 2[TTPIO-ABCS] brigade reconnaissance team

BRUCE basic remote user's content editor

BRVI buy response vice inventory

BRW brake release weight [Maximum permitted weight at the start of take-off run]

BS 1binary subtract, 2battle staff, 3backspace, 4base section, 5bill of sale, 6bomb squadron (SAC), 7[JP 1-02] broadcast source

BSA 1brigade support area, 2base support agreement, 3beach support area, 4budget subactivity, 5base service area, 6[AR 310-50] basic standardization agreement

BSAM basic sequential access method

BSAMC basic software acquisition management course

BSC 1binary synchronous communication, 2binary symmetric channel, 3battle staff coordinator, 4[TR 350-70] Battle Simulation Center, 5[JP 1-02] black station clock

BSC ro [JP 1-02] black station clock receive out

BSCA binary synchronous communications adapter

BSCN bit scan

BSD 1bulk storage device, 2battle staff directive, 3battle staff director, 4binary synchronous transmission, 5basic standard definition, 6baseline system description, 7UNIX Berkeley software distribution

BSDL boresight datum line

BSE 1battle staff element, 2base support element

BSEC base security executive council

BSEP Basic Skills Education Program

BSF bit scan forward

BSFV-E Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle-Enhanced

BSI British Standards Institute

BSIT base systems integration test bed

BSL basic system listing

BSM 1battlefield spectrum management, 2basic sustainment materiel, 3Bronze Star Medal

BSMS Battle Staff Management System

BSNCOC Battle Staff Noncommissioned Officer Course

BSP 1Business Strategy Panel (USAF), 2bulk synchronous parallelism, 3base support plan

BSPC base support plan committee

BSR 1battlefield surveillance radar, 2blip-scan ratio, 3base support radio (USAF), 4bit scan reverse

BSSC Battle Staff Support Center

BSSG [JP 1-02] brigade service support group

BST basic skills trainer

BSTAT base status report (logistic)

BSTS Boost Surveillance and Tracking System (AFSC)

BSU [JP 1-02] blood supply unit

BSY busy

BSYNC binary synchronous communications (protocol)

BT 1bathythermograph, 2[USN] boiler technician, 3bit test, 4basic training, 5builder's trials (ships)

BTA best technical approach

BTAM basic telecommunications access method [IBM]

BTB 1branch target buffer [Intel], 2bathythermograph buoy, 3[JP 4-06] believed-to-be

BTC 1bit test and complement, 2[JP 1-02] blood transshipment center

BTCF base technical control facility

BTD 1binary to decimal, 2bomb testing device

BTDL basic transient diode logic

BTE battery terminal equipment

BTF 1baseline test facility, 2battalion task force

BTH beyond the horizon

BTI 1bridged tap isolator, 2beginning tape label, 3bench test instruction, 4balanced technology initiative

BTL [AR 310-50] Bell Telephone Laboratories

BTM base TEMPEST manager

BTMA basic telecommunications

BTN battalion

BTO 1[AR 310-50] bombing through overcast, 2[AR 310-50] branch transportation office(r)

BTOA binary to ASCII


BTOS Burroughs Twenty Operating System

BTP 1batch transfer program, 2branch technical position, 3build to packages, 4build to print

BTR bit test and reset

btry battery

BTS 1bit test and set, 2base telecommunications system

BTSS basic time sharing system

BTT battle lab technology teams

Btu British thermal unit

BTU 1[JP 1-02] beach termination unit, 2[AR 310-50] British thermal unit

BTW by the way.

BTY battery

BU 1binding unit, 2buzzer, 3branch unit, 4battery unit, 5business unit, 6[FM 101-5-1] Bulgaria

BUB [TTPIO-ABCS] battle update briefs

BUBL bulletin board for libraries [Janet]

BUC backup fuel control

BUCS back-up computer/control system

bud [AR 310-50] budget

BUDS Basic Underwater Demolitions School

BUF 1back-up facility, 2buffer

BUFR binary universal format for representation

BUIC 1backup intercept control system, 2backup interceptor control

BUILD base for uniform language definition

BULK bulk cargo

BULLSEYE High Frequency/Direction Finding Systems

BUPERS Bureau of Navy Personnel

BUR bottom-up review

BURP Basic Unit Readiness Program

bus broadcast and unknown server

BUSANDA [Army] Bureau of Supplies and Accounts

BUT [AR 310-50] basic unit training

BuWeps [USN] Bureau of Weapons

BUYNONE Operation Readiness Inspection Exercise (SAC)

BV 1basic vehicle, 2[AR 310-50] bureau voucher

BV-ACTD Battlefield Visualization ACTD

BVCT best value contracting tools

BVG battlefield visualization graphics

BVH base video handler

BVISC base visual information support center

BVIM base visual information manager

BVM best value manufacturing

BVR beyond visual range

BVS 1best value supplier, 2Bureau of Vital Statistics

BW 1biological warfare, 2bandwidth, 3bomber wing (SAC), 4biological weapons

BWD basic wind data report

BWM 1backward-wave magnetron, 2block-write mode

BWO backward-wave oscillator

BWOFS Battlefield Weather Observation and Forecast System

BWPA backward-wave power amplifier

BWX ballistic weather

BX base exchange

BY 1budget year, 2base year

BY $M base year cost in millions

BYTE binary element string

bz bravo zulu (meaning well done or good job) (USN)

BZ [FM 101-5-1] buffer zone