Index Military Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations

E 1environment [MANPRINT abbreviation], 2equivalent hours, 3erlang, 4voltage symbol, 5aircraft symbol – electronic(s), 6east, 7electronics, 8[JP 1-02] total probable error

E SPEC materiel specification

E&A evaluation and assistance visits

E&DCP evaluation and data collection plan

E&E evasion and escape

E&EO errors and omissions excepted

E&I engineering and installation

E&M 1receive and transmit, 2[JP 1-02] ear and mouth, 3[JP 1-02] special signaling leads

E&MD engineering and manufacturing development

E&R 1engineering and reliability, 2[JP 3-50.2] evasion and recovery

E&V evaluation and validation

E-3A Sentry (AWACS)

E-4B National Airborne Operations Center (NAOC) Formerly known as the National Emergency Airborne Command Post (NEACP) (JCS)

E-8C [JP 3-09] joint surveillance, target attack radar system (JSTARS) aircraft

E-ARTS [JP 1-02] En Route Automated Radar Tracking System

E-Date effective date

E-E emergency essential

E-FORM electronic form

E-l 1engineering and Installation, 2electronic installation

E-IMET Expanded International Military Education and Training Program

E-mail electronic mail

E-O elector optical

E-OCM electro-optical countermeasures

E-R entity relationship

E-UAV [JP 1-02] endurance unmanned aerial vehicle

E-ZINE electronic magazine

E/NE effective/non-effective

E/S TIEP [AR 310-50] Engineering/Service Test and Independent Evaluation Program

e.g. exempli gratia (for example)

E1 [JP 4-02.2] Echelon 1

E2 1Hawkeye (USN), 2[JP 4-02.2] Echelon 2

E3 1electromagnetic environmental effects, 2end-to-end encryption

E3 [JP 4-02.2] Echelon 3

E3RB Electromagnetic Environmental Effect Requirement Board

E3RC electromagnetic environmental effect research centers

E4 [JP 4-02.2] Echelon 4

E5 [JP 4-02.2] Echelon 5

ea [JP 1-02] each

EA 1electronic attack [now know as ECM], 2environmental assessment, 3effective address, 4emergency actions, 5enemy aircraft, 6engineering analysis, 7economic analysis, 8environment assessment, 9evolutionary acquisition, 10engineering authority, 11extended attribute [OS/2], 12economic analysis, 13expenditure authority, 14[FM 101-5-1] engagement area, 15[JP 1-02] executive assistant, 16[JP 1-0] executive agent

EA/EIS environmental assessment/ environmental impact statement

EA/RTA executive agent/responsible training authority

EA-3 Sky Warrior (USN)

EA-6A Intruder

EA-6B Prowler

EAA 1engineer in aeronautics and astronautics, 2electro-acoustic subassembly, 3Export Administration Act

EAARS Exercise After Action Reporting System (EUCOM)

EAATS Eastern ARNG/Aviation Training Site

EAB 1emergency air breathing [mask], 2exclusion area boundary, 3external access box, 4emergency action book

EABRD electrically activated bank release device

EAC 1echelon(s) above corps, 2emergency action coordinator, 3estimate of completion (government estimate), 4emergency action cell, 5emergency action console, 6United States Army Evaluation Analysis Center, 7estimated cost at completion, 8[JP 3-07.5] emergency action committee

EAC-CIP Echelon Above Corps Communications Improvement Program

EACC 1error adaptive control computer, 2electronic asset control center

EACIC echelon above corps intelligence center

EACP European Area Communications Plan

EACT Emergency Action and Coordination Team

EAD 1echelons above division, 2extended active duty, 3entered on active duty, 4[JP 1-02] Evaluation and Analysis Division, 5[JP 1-02] earliest arrival date at port of debarkation, 6[AR 310-50] entry on active duty

EADI electronic altitude director indicator

EADS [AR 310-50] echelons above division study

EAE emergency action element

EAF 1equivalent availability factor, 2emergency action file, 3expeditionary airfield

EAFB 1Edwards Air Force Base, 2Eglin Air Force Base

EAG 1engine advisory group, 2[AR 310-50] ELINT (electronic intelligence) advisory group

EAID 1equipment authorizations inventory document, 2equipment authorization inventory data

EAIM end article item manager

EAIR enterprise analysis integration review

EAJA Equal Access To Justice Act

EAL 1entry access list, 2entry authority list

EALT earliest anticipated launch time

EAM 1event analysis matrix, 2electronic accounting machine, 3emergency action message

EAMAS [AR 310-50] emergency action message authentication system

EAME [AR 310-50] European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal

EANCO [AR 310-50] emergency action noncommissioned officer

EANS emergency action notification system

EAO emergency action officer

EAOSY emergency action officer system

EAP 1experimental activity proposal, 2emergency action plan, 3emergency action procedures, 4East Asia and Pacific, 5emergency action plan, 6evolutionary acquisition phase

EAP-CJCS [JP 1-02] Emergency Action Procedures of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

EAP-JCS emergency action procedures of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

EAPROM electronically alterable programmable read-only memory

EAR 1electronically agile radar, 2employee attitude research, 3enterprise analysis review, 4external access register, 5Export Administration Regulation

EARA Equipment Authorizations Review Activity

EARFLAP Emergency Action Reporting for Logistical Analysis and Plans

EARLY [JP 3-50.3 EC] evasion and recovery supplemental data report

EARN European Academic Research Network

EAROM electrically alterable read-only memory

EARS 1Emergency AUTODIN Release System, 2external audio receptor system, 3electronic access to reference services

EARTS enroute automated radar tracking system

EAS 1experiment assurance system, 2extensive air shower, 3expense assignment system, 4emergency action system (REDCOM/JDA), 5equivalent airspeed (corrected for compressibility)

EASE electrical automatic support equipment

EASI 1estimate of adversary sequence interruption, 2[AR 310-50] expanded additional skill identifier

EASL engineering analysis simulation language

EASTPAC Eastern Pacific

EAstt experimental Army satellite tactical terminals

EASY 1early acquisition system, 2engine analyzer system, 3Emergency Action System (JCS), 4Automated Economic Analysis System (DLA), 5Enterprise Assessment System

EATA enhanced AT bus attachment

EATHS Enhanced-Airborne Target Handover System

EATWG executive agency transfer working group

EAUTC Engineer Aviation Unit Training Center

EAUXCP east auxiliary airborne command post (SAC)

EAVO external air vehicle operator [UAV]

EAVS emergency action voice system

EAX electronic automatic exchange

Eb electronic beam

EB 1enlistment bonus, 2electron beam, 3electric boat

EBAM electron-beam-accessed memories

EBB electronic bulletin board

EBBS electronic bulletin board system

EBC 1EISA bus controller, 2enroute battle command

EBCDIC extended binary coded decimal interchange code [IBM]

EBCT electron beam computed tomography

EBI 1equivalent background input, 2extended background investigation

EBIS electron beam ion exchange

EBIT earning before interest /total assets and taxes

EBM 1entity-based model, 2electronic battle management

EBMD electron-beam mode discharge

EBMSC enduring battle management support center

EBPA electron beam parametric amplifier

EBR epoxy bridge rectifier

EBS 1electron-beam semiconductor, 2Emergency Broadcast System (FEMA)

EBT electronic benefits transfer

EBW exploding bridge wire

EC 1electronic combat, 2eddy current, 3electronic calculator, 4engineering change, 5Engineers Corps, 6error correcting, 7embedded computer, 8electronic commerce, 9earth coverage, 10engine change, 11error control, 12equipment custodian, 13essentiality code, 14European Community, 15[JP 1-02] error control

EC SWTR East Coast Facility Shallow Water Training Range

EC/EDI Electronic Commerce/Electronic Data Interchange

EC-130H Compass Call (USAF)

EC-18 Baria (Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft) (AFSC)

EC3SE enhanced C3 survivability and endurance

ECA 1early comparability analysis, 2earth central angle, 3engineering change authorization, 4event, condition, action, 5electronic controller assembly, 6electronic control amplifier, 7electronics and computer assembly

ECA-PMO Electronic Commerce Acquisition Program Management Office

ECAC 1Electronic Compatibility Analysis Center, 2Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis Center

ECAD electronic CAD

ECAFE [AR 310-50] Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East

ECAL enjoy computing and learn

ECAM energy conservation and management

ECAMP Environmental Compliance Assessment and Management Program

ECAP 1Electronic Circuit Analysis Program, 2electronic combat action plan

ECAPB engineering unit capability

ECARS electronic coordinator graph and readout system

ECAT 1electronic card assembly and test [IBM], 2electronic commerce acquisition team, 3electronic commerce action team

ECATS Electronic Combat Airborne Training System

ECB 1echelons corps and below, 2event control block, 3electronic codebook

ECB-P [AR 310-50] Excellence-in-Competition Badge, Pistol

ECB-R [AR 310-50] Excellence-in-Competition Badge, Rifle

ECBRS Enhanced Concept Based Requirements System

ECC 1emergency control center, 2error checking and correction, 3error correction code (corrects error in memory or transmission), 4error checking and correcting, 5error correction circuitry, 6error check code, 7extended core configuration, 8experimental force coordination cell, 9experiment concept committee, 10[JP 3-07.5] evacuation control center, 11[AR 310-50] equipment category code

ECCC [AR 310-50] European Command Coordination Committee

ECCCS European Command and Control Communications System

ECCD electronic cockpit control device

ECCM electronic counter-countermeasures

ECCM/ARTB electronic counter countermeasures/advanced radar tested

ECCP Eielson Consolidated Command Post

ECD 1electronic command division, 2enhanced compact disk, 3European communications division, 4enhanced color display, 5engineering change document, 6estimated completion date

ECDC electrochemical diffused collector [transistor]

ECDES Electronic Combat Digital Evaluation System (USAF)

ECDF equipment characteristics data file (Army)

ECDU enhanced control and display unit

ECE engineering capacity exchange

ECFM eddy current flow meter

ECF 1element circuit function, 2entry control facility

ECG 1electrocardiogram, 2electrochemical grinding, 3emergency coordination group, 4exercise control group

ech [AR 310-50] echelon

ECHO European Commission Host Organization [Internet]

ECI 1external call interface, 2Earth central inertial, 3equipment configuration item, 4Extension Course Institute (AU), 5equipment characteristic information

ECIC 1electronic commerce in contracting, 2electronic commerce information center

ECIIB [AR 310-50] Enemy Civilian Internee Information Bureau

ECIIB (Br) [AR 310-50] Branch Enemy Civilian Internee Information Bureau

ECIP Energy Conservation Investment Program

ECISAP Electronic Combat International Security Assistance Program

ECL 1emitter-coupled logic, 2equipment component list, 3executive control language, 4emitter coupled logic (see also TTL, sense 3), 5English comprehension level

ECLiPSE Enhanced Contingency Logistic Planning and Support Environment

ECLT English comprehensive level test

ECM 1electronic countermeasures, 2electric coding machine, 3electronic control module, 4electrochemical machining, 5European Common Market

ECMA European Computer Manufacturers Association

ECMC 1emergency crisis management center, 2Enhanced Crisis Management Capability (PACOM/DNA)

ECMF electronic combat mission folder

ECMIU ECM interface unit

ECMMEER electronic countermeasures mission effectiveness evaluation report

ECMO electronic countermeasures officer

ECMP electronic countermeasures program

ECMP&R EC Master Plan and Road Map (USAF)

ECMRITS electronic countermeasures resistant information transmission system

ECMSA Electronics Command Meteorological Support Agency

ECMT electronic combat maintenance training

ECN 1engineering change notice, 2[JP 1-02] minimum essential emergency communications network

ECNE Enterprise certified NetWare engineer [Novell]

ECO 1electron-coupled oscillator, 2electronic checkout, 3emergency control officer, 4ELINT collection outstation (USMC), 5engineering change order, 6equipment control officer, 7complex relation object

ECOM Army Electronics Command

ECOSOC [JP 3-08] Economic and Social Council (United Nations)

ECP 1equipment change proposal [usually from the contractor], 2environmental control panel, 3engineering change proposal, 4emergency change package, 5emergency command precedence, 6external communications processor, 7extended capabilities port [Microsoft], 8enhanced capabilities port [Microsoft], 9equipment collecting point

ECP/CCP engineering change proposal/contract change proposal

ECP/TCP engineering change proposal/technical change proposal

ECPD Engineers Council for Professional Development (obsolete, now ABET)

ECPL Endorsed Cryptographic Product List

ECPN electronic commerce processing nodes

ECR 1Engineering Change Request (USAF Form 1146), 2electronic classroom, 3electronic control relay, 4estimate change request, 5electronic combat and reconnaissance, 6electronic countermeasures and reconnaissance, 7embedded computer resources, 8Emergency Conference Room (JCS), 9electronic combat range, 10[AR 310-50] electronic cash register

ECRC Electronic Commerce Resource Center

ECRS 1embedded computer resource standards, 2[AR 310-50] economic and emergency reserve stock

ECS 1electronic control switch, 2embedded computer system, 3environmental control shroud, 4environmental control system, 5electronic combat squadron, 6electronic control system, 7exterior communication system [USN], 8elevation coverage system, 9embedded computer support, 10[AR 310-50] equipment concentration sites

ECS/CMS embedded computer system/configuration

ECS2 executive control subordinate system (Army)

ECSI electronic combat system integration

ECSRL Electronic Combat Simulation Research Laboratory (USAF)

ECT eddy current testing

ECTED electronic combat threat environment description

ECTL electronic communal temporal lobe

ECTS electronic combat training seminar

ECU 1environmental control unit, 2electronic conversion unit, 3electronic control unit, 4engine change unit, 5EISA configuration utility, 6exercise control unit, 7equipment control unit

ECWS extreme cold weather shelter

ED 1engineering development, 2engineering design, 3exploratory development, 4erase display, 5effective date [unit enters Federal active duty], 6engineering demonstration, 7EUCOM directive, 8event dispatcher, 9exploratory development, 10explosive device, 11engineering data, 12[JP 1-02] evaluation directive,13 [JP 1-02] envelope delay

EDA 1electronic differential analyzer, 2electronic differential analyzer, 3electronic design automation, 4embedded document architecture [Go Corporation], 5evolutionary defense acquisition, 6excess defense article

EDAC 1error detection and correction, 2Economic Defense Advisory Committee, 3[AR 310-50] equipment distribution and condition report

EDAIS Electronic Document Automated Information System

EDARF engineering data activity record file

EDAS Enlisted Distribution and Assignment System

EDASRE engineering drawing automated storage and retrieval equipment

EDATE effective date

EDAU extended data acquisition unit

EDB 1educational data bank, 2energy database (DoE), 3experience database, 4[TTPIO-ABCS] echelons division and below

EDBI equivalent delivered source instruction

EDC 1external data criteria, 2electronic desk calculator, 3electronic digital computer, 4emergency decontamination center, 5error detection and correction, 6enhanced data correction, 7educational development center, 8estimated date of completion of loading, 9electronic draft capture, 10[AR 310-50] estimated date of completion

EDCARS Engineering Data Computer Automated Retrieval System (AFLC)

EDCEN [AR 310-50] education center

EDCL electric-discharge convection laser

EDCOM editor and compiler

EDCPF [AR 310-50] environmental data collection and processing facility

EDCS evolutionary design of complex system

EDCSA [AR 310-50] effective date of change of strength accountability

EDCW external device control word

EDD 1electronic data display, 2estimated delivery date, 3estimated departure date, 4[USN] experimental destroyer, 5earliest departure date, 6estimated deployment data, 7[JP 1-02] earliest delivery date

EDDA electronic digital data acquisition

EDDC extended distance data cable

EDDS Engineering Data Support System

EDE 1emergency decelerating [relay], 2emitter dip effect, 3[USN] experimental escort ship, 4electronic defense evaluator

EDEW enhanced distant early warning

EDF 1engineering and development facility, 2Elmendorf AFB, 3estimated demand factor

EDFP engineering data for provisioning

EDFR effective date of Federal regulation

EDG 1emergency diesel generator, 2exploratory developmental goals

EDGAR electronic data gathering, analysis and retrieval

EDGC engineering data guidance conference

EDGE electronic data gathering equipment

EDI 1electronic data interchange, 2electronic document interchange [DEC], 3European Defense Initiative

EDICT engineering document information collection technique

EDIF 1electronic data interchange format, 2electronic design interchange format

EDIFACT electronic data interchange for administration commerce and transport

EDIP European Defense Improvement Program

EDIS engineering data information system

EDITAR electronic digital tracking and ranging

EDL 1edit decision list, 2electric discharge laser, 3engineering data list

EDLC Ethernet data link control

EDLIB engineering data library

EDLIN editor (line text)

EDM 1engineering development model, 2electric discharge machining, 3electronic document management, 4engineering data management, 5engineering design model, 6enterprise data model, 7[AR 310-50] equipment deadlined for maintenance

EDMICS Engineering Data Management Information and Control System

EDMO engineering data management officer

EDMP engineering data management plan

EDMS Engineering Data Management System

EDN 1Emergency Data Network (AFCC), 2experimental data network

EDO 1effective diameter of objective, 2engineering duties only, 3executive director of operations, 4enhanced data output, 5engineering duty officer, 6extended data out

EDOC effective date of change

EDOMP [AR 310-50] educational development of military personnel

EDOS 1Enhanced DOS for Windows®, 2extended disk operating system

EDP 1electronic data processing, 2emergency defense plan, 3European Digitization Program, 4electronic data processor, 5event display process, 6engineering data package, 7[AR 310-50] Emergency Defense Plan (United States Canada)

EDP/E electronic data processing/equipment

EDPC electronic data processing center

EDPE electronic data processing equipment

EDPM electronic data processing machine

EDPODS Engineering Drawing Print on Demand System

EDPS 1electronic data processing system, 2[AR 310-50] equipment distribution planning studies

EDPT electronic data processing test

EDR 1electrodermal reaction, 2equivalent direct radiation, 3evolutionary decision review

EDRAM enhanced dynamic random access memory

EDRE emergency deployment readiness exercise

EDRIS Engineering Data Requisition and Index System

EDRS [DoD] Engineering Data Reproduction System

EDS 1Electronic Data Systems [Inc.], 2emergency detection system, 3electronic dip switch, 4environmental data service, 5electronic data system, 6European Distribution System, 7executive display subsystem, 8electronic display system, 9[AR 310-50] estimated date of separation

EDS-FS European distribution system forward stockage

EDS-LOG-C3 EDS logistics command, control, and communications

EDSA European Distribution System Aircraft (MAC)

EDSAC 1electronic delay storage automatic computer, 2electronic discrete sequential automatic computer

EDSC engineering data service center

EDSI enhanced small device interface

EDSL extended digital subscriber line

EDSS [JP 4-01.7] equipment deployment and storage system

EDT 1electric discharge tube, 2energy dissipation test, 3engineer design tests, 4Eastern Daylight Time, 5engineering development test, 6externally directed team

EDTCC Electronic Data Transmission Control Center (SAC)

EDTM enlisted distribution target model

EDTS expanded data transfer system

EDU 1electronic display unit, 2engine diagnostic unit, 3engineering development unit

educ [AR 310-50] education

EDVAC electronic discrete variable automatic computer (First stored-program digital computer)

EDX Event-Driven Executive Operating System (IBM)

EE 1electrical engineer, 2extended edition [IBM], 3[JP 1-02] emergency establishment, 4[AR 310-50] elements of expense, 5[AR 310-50] engagement effectiveness

EEA 1essential elements of analysis, 2[AR 310-50] estimated expenditure of ammunition

EEBD [JP 1-02] emergency escape breathing device

EEC 1electronic engine control, 2end of equilibrium cycle, 3electronic engine control, 4extended error correction, 5emergency essential civilians, 6European Economic Community, 7equipment essentiality code

EECL emitter-emitter coupled logic

EECS electronic entry control system

EECT [FM 101-5-1] end evening civil twilight

EED 1electroexplosive device, 2essential elements of data

EEE essential elements of evaluation

EEEC [AR 310-50] electromagnetic energy environment criteria

EEFI essential elements of friendly information

EEG 1electronics engineering group, 2electroencephalogram

EEI 1essential elements of information, 2external environment interface

EEIC element of expense investment codes

EEL Epsilon Extension Language

EELS 1early entry lethality and survivability, 2electronic emitter location system

EELV 1evolved expendable launch vehicle, 2evolving expendable launch vehicle

EEM 1electronic engineer’s master, 2electronic equipment monitoring, 3extended memory management

EEMIR [AR 310-50] Enhanced Enlisted Master Tape Record

EEMS enhanced expanded memory specification

EENT 1[FM 101-5-1] end evening nautical twilight, 2[AR 310-50] eye, ear, nose, and throat

EEO equal employment opportunity

EEOA Equal Employment Opportunity Agency

EEOB enemy electronic order of battle

EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

EEOCCRA Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance and Complaints Review Agency

EEP 1elliptical error of probability, 2electroencephalophony

EEPROM electronically erasable programmable read-only memory

EER 1explosive echo ranging, 2[AR 310-50] enlisted evaluation report (obsolete)

EES 1escrowed encryption standard, 2electro-magnetic environment simulator, 3Enlisted Evaluation System, 4escrow encryption standard, 5escorted encryption standard

EESMB [ANSI] Electrical and Electronics Standards Management Board

EET 1estimated elapsed time, 2[AR 310-50] Education Equivalency Test

EEZ 1electronic exclusion zone, 2[JP 3-07.3] exclusive economic zone

EF 1elevation finder, 2emitter follower, 3error factor, 4early finish, 5electronic format, 6electronic version, 7[FM 101-5-1] end of radioactive fallout

EF-111 Raven

EFA 1extended file attribute, 2early fielding analysis, 3European Fighter Aircraft Program

EFAC enhanced forward air controller

EFAMS Enhanced Fuel and Armament Management System, for the RAH-66 Comanche.

EFAS enhance fault alarm system

EFC [AR 310-50] equivalent full charge

EFCS electronic flight control system

EFD 1engineering flow diagram, 2engineering field divisions (USN)

EFDB emergency facilities depreciation board

eff [AR 310-50] effective

EFF Electronic Frontier Foundation .

EFI 1electromechanical frequency interference, 2electronics for imaging, 3electronic fuel injection

EFIS electronic flight instrumentation system

EFL 1effective focal length, 2equivalent focal length, 3emitter follower logic

EFMP Exceptional Family Member Program

EFO EIFEL follow-on

EFOG-M Enhanced Fiber Optic Guided Missile

EFOGM enhanced fiber optic guided missile

EFP 1explosively formed penatrator, 2electronic field production

EFPH equivalent full-power hours

EFRR executive flight readiness review

EFS 1electronic frequency selection, 2enhanced flight screener

EFT 1engineering feasibility testing, 2earliest finish time, 3electronic funds transfer, 4enhanced file transfer

EFTO encrypt for transmission only

EFTS 1electronic funds transfer system, 2elementary flying training school

EFVS electronic fighting vehicle system

EG 1execution guidance, 2[FM 101-5-1] Egypt

EGA 1extended graphics adapter [IBM], 2enhanced graphics array, 3enhanced graphics adapter

EGDS engineering data systems

EGI Embedded Global Positioning/Inertial Navigation System

EGM electronic governor module

EGP 1extensive gateway protocol, 2exterior gateway protocol

EGR 1exhaust gas recalculation [internal combustion engines], 2electronic governor regulator

EGREP extended global regular expression print [UNIX]

EGS [CJCSI 3222.01] Earth ground station

EGT exhaust gas temperature

EGW edge gateway

EGWS Enhanced General War System (JCS)

EHC 1electro hydraulic control, 2explosive hazard classification

EHD electrohydrodynamic

EHDC EMP hardened dispersal communications

EHF 1extremely high frequency (30-300 Ghz), 2elevated HF antenna

EHLLAPI emulator high level language application programming interface [IBM]

Ehp equivalent horse power

EHP electric horsepower

EHS Environmental Health Service

EHSI electronic horizontal situation indicator

EHV extra high voltage

EI 1external interfaces, 2end injection, 3electrical insulation, 4engineering instruction, 5electronic installation, 6external interconnect, 7end item, 8engineering installation, 9engineering investigation, 10enterprise integration, 11[FM 101-5-1] Ireland, 12[CJCSI 5716.01] exercise item

EI/WS end item/weapon system

EIA 1Electronics Industries Association [developed the RS-232 spec], 2environmental impact appraisal, 3environmental impact assessment, 4Energy Information Administration

EIAC end item acronym code

EIAP environmental impact analysis process

EIB [AR 310-50] Expert Infantryman Badge

EIC 1engineer in charge, 2equipment identification code, 3engineering and integration contractor, 4engineering installation center, 5element identification codes, 6[AR 310-50] employer identification code

EICAS engine indication and crew alerting system

EICC Emergency Information and Coordination Center (FEMA)

EID Engineering Installation Division (AFCC)

EIDE 1enhanced integrated drive electronics, 2enhanced intelligent drive electronics

EIDF electronic intercept and direction finding

EIDS Electronic Information Delivery System

EIDSO [AR 310-50] engineer information and data systems office

EIG engineering and installation group

EII early industry involvement

EIL electron injection laser

EIM excitability inducing material

EIMSURS Equipment Inventory, Multiple Status, Utilization Reporting System

EIN 1education information network, 2employer identification number

EIO evaluation and integration office

EIP 1environmental interface processor, 2engineering and installation plan, 3equipment improvement project, 4evolutionary implementation plan, 5excess inventory program, 6[AR 310-50] economic inventory procedures

EIPT executive integrated product team

EIR equipment improvement recommendation [Army]

EIRP effective isotropically radiated power

EIRT executive independent review team

EIS 1environmental impact statement, 2electromagnetic intelligence system, 3environmental information systems, 4extended instruction set, 5executive information system, 6electronic instrument system, 7electronics installation squadron (AFCC), 8engineering installation squadron (AFCC), 9evaluation information system, 10executive information system

EISA extended industry standard architecture

EISC EUCOM intelligence summary cable

EISD European Information Systems Division (USAFE)

EISE extendible integration support environment

EISP 1engineering and installation support plan, 2end item sale price

EISS European intelligence system support (EUCOM)

EIT engineer in training

EITF emerging issue task force

EIU electronic interface unit

EIW engineering installation wing

EJRS emergency joint reporting structure

EJS Enhanced JTIDS System (USAF)

EKD electronic key distribution

EKG 1effective kilogram, 2electrocardiogram

EKMS electronic key management system

ekW equivalent kilowatt

EL 1education level, 2electroluminescent (display), 3emitter locator, 4erase line, 5executive level

ELAN 1emulated local area network, 2error logging analysis (Honeywell)

ELBA [JP 1-02] emergency location beacon

ELC embedded linking and control

ELCAS [JP 1-02] elevated causeway system

ELCAS(M) [JP 4-01.6] elevated causeway system (modular)

ELCAS(NL) [JP 4-01.6] elevated causeway system (Navy lighterage)

ELDATRAWP [AR 310-50] electronic data transmission working party

ELECOM electronic computer

ELECTRO-OPTINT electro-optical intelligence.

ELED edge-emitting LED

ELF 1extensible language facility, 2extremely low frequency (30-300 Hz), 3executable and linking format

ELG 1executive level group, 2executive level guidance, 3[AR 310-50] European Liaison Group

ELI [AR 310-50] emitter location and identification

ELIM-COMPLIP Enlisted Loss Inventory Model - Computation of Manpower Programs by Linear Programming

ELIN exhibit line item number

ELINT 1electronic intelligence, 2electromagnetic information, 3electromagnetic intelligence

ELIP electrostatic latent image photography

ELPP [JP 1-02] equal level patch panel

ELITE extended long-range integrated technology evaluation

ELL English language lab

elm element

ELO enabling learning objective(s)

ELOC executable line of code

ELP English language program

ELPC electroluminescent-photoconductive

ELPH elliptical head

ELR 1engineering laboratory report, 2[JP 1-02] extra-long-range aircraft

ELRAC Electronic Reconnaissance Accessory System

ELS 1error-likely situation, 2emitter location system, 3entry level system

ELSA electronic lobe-switching antenna

ELSB edge-lighted status board

ELSEC electronic security

ELSET element set

ELSIE electronic signaling and indicating equipment

ELT 1electronic light table, 2emergency locator transmitter, 3emergency locator transmitter, 4English language training

ELTS emergency locator transmitters

ELV 1electrically operated valve, 2enclosed-frame low voltage, 3expendable launch vehicle (NASA)

ELVA [JP 1-02] emergency low visibility approach

EM 1electromagnetic, 2emission pump, 3electro-mechanical, 4engineering manual, 5engineering memorandum, 6environmental management, 7evaluation model, 8Equipment Maintenance and Performance Reporting System, 9energy management, 10electronic mail, 11emphasized, 12end of medium, 13expanded memory, 14enterprise model, 15electromechanical, 16electronic module, 17[JP 6-02] executive manager, 18[AR 310-50] education manual, 19[AR 310-50] enlisted man or men, 20[AR 310-50] enlisted member

EM COMP electromagnetic compatibility

EMA 1Electronic Mail Association, 2enterprise management architecture, 3extended memory autocoder

EMACS editing macros [UNIX]

EMAS 1equipment marking accounting system, 2Exercise Message Analysis System (JCS), 3[AR 310-50] USEUCOM Emergency Message Authentication System

EMATS 1emergency mission automatic transmission service, 2emergency message automatic transmission system

EMAV electromagnetic relief valve

emb [AR 310-50] embark

EMB extended memory block [LIM/AST]

EMBARC electronic mail broadcast to a roaming computer [Motorola]

EMC 1electromagnetic compatibility, 2engineered military circuits, 3extended math coprocessor, 4electromagnetic coupling, 5engineering mockup critical experiment, 6e-mail connection, 7enhanced memory chip, 8emergency message change, 9Executive Management Course (Defense Systems Management College)

EMCON emission control, 2[AR 310-50] emission control orders

EMCP 1electromagnetic compatibility program

EMCS 1electromagnetic compatibility standardization, 2energy monitoring and control system, 3energy management and control system

EMCTP electromagnetic compatibility test plan

EMD 1electric-motor driven, 2engineering and manufacturing development (phase of the life cycle), 3engineering/manufacturing design, 4engineering and management development

EMDAS Expanded MINUTEMAN Data Analysis System

EMDB equipment maintenance database

EMDI energy management display indicator

EMDS European Meteorological Data System

EME 1electromagnetic energy, 2electromagnetic environment, 3electromagnetic effect, 4equipment management element

EMEC [Army] Electronic Maintenance Engineering Center

EMEGS electromagnetic environment generation system

emerg [AR 310-50] emergency

EMERGCON emergency condition(s)

EMETF Electromagnetic Environmental Test Facility [Fort Huachuca]

EMF 1Enlisted Master File, 2electromotive force, 3electromotive force

EMFCS Enhanced Mortar Fire Control System

EMFTP Electro-Magnetic Focused Technology Program

EMG electromyography

EMH external message handler

EMI 1electromagnetic interference, 2external memory interface

EMICE electromagnetic interference control engineer

EMIDS experiment for the management of information data system

EMIH electro-magnetic interference hardening

EMINT 1electromagnetic intelligence, 2educational management information system, 3exercise message intercept system

EML 1equipment modification list, 2environmental morale leave, 3[AR 310-50] equipment maintenance log

EMM 1electromagnetic measurement, 2extended memory module, 3expanded memory manager, 4[AR 310-50] electronic mail message

EMMA electron microscopy and microanalysis

EMMU extended memory management unit

EMO 1equipment management office, 2environmental management office

EMOS [AR 310-50] entry military occupational specialty

EMP 1electromagnetic pulse, 2electromechanical power

empl 1[AR 310-50] emplacement, 2[AR 310-50] employ

EMPRESS Electromagnetic Pulse Radiation Environment Simulator For Ships

EMPS Electronics Maintenance Publication System (Army)

EMPSKD employment schedule (USN)

EMR 1electromagnetic radiation, 2electro-mechanical relay, 3electromechanical research, 4electro-magnetic radiation, 5enhanced metafile record, 6electromagnetic response, 7environmental management report, 8exposure to electromagnetic radiation, 9[AR 310-50] equipment maintenance record

EMR hazards [JP 1-02] electromagnetic radiation hazards

EMREL emission release

EMRH electromagnetic radiation hazard

EMRO electromagnetic radiation operational

EMRS emergency management requirements study

EMS 1electromagnetic susceptibility, 2electronic mail system, 3emergency management system, 4Engine Monitoring System (USN), 5equipment maintenance squadron, 6equipment management system, 7expanded memory system, 8electronic message service, 9expanded memory specification [LIM], 10electronic maintenance system, 11extended memory subsystem, 12[TTPIO-ABCS] electromagnetic spectrum, 13[JP 1-02] emergency medical services

EMS/V electromagnetic susceptibility/vulnerability

EMSEC 1electromagnetic security, 2emanations security, 3emission security

EMSG energy management steering group

EMSO [AR 310-50] European Mobility Service Office

EMSP 1Electromagnetic Pulse Survivability Military Standardization Program (AFSC), 2enhanced modular signal processor

EMSS emergency mission support system

EMT 1equipment management tool, 2electrical metallic tubing, 3emergency management team, 4[JP 1-02] emergency medical technician, 5[JP 1-02] emergency medical treatment

EMTE electro-magnetic test environment

EMU 1electromagnetic unit, 2extravehicular mobility unit (NASA), 3electronic message unit, 4elevation measuring unit

Emux electronic multiplexing

EMUX electrical multiplexer unit

EMV electromagnetic vulnerability

EMW electromagnetic warfare

EMWAC European Microsoft Windows NT Academic Center

EMWDS expanded missile warning display system

EN 1enforcement notification, 2engineer, 3evaluation notices

EN ATD explosive neutralization technology demonstration

ENAC expanded national agency check

ENCATT Engineer Combined Arms Tactical Trainer

encl 1[AR 310-50] enclosure, 2[AR 310-50] enclose, 3[AR 310-50] enclosed, 4[AR 310-50] enclosing

ENCORE environmental control unit

ENCOORD [FM 101-5-1] engineer coordinator

end 1[AR 310-50] endorse, 2[AR 310-50] endorsed, 3[AR 310-50] endorsing, 4[AR 310-50] endorsement

ENDEC encoder/decoder

ENDEX end of exercise

ENDP exception to National Disclosure Policy

ENDPLAN endurability plan

ENDS ends segment

ENE [AR 310-50] east-northeast

ENERGY STAR Federal energy star compliance regulation for PCs

engr engineer

ENGRE [AR 310-50] engineer element

ENIAC Electronic Numerical Integrator Analyzer and Computer (first fully electronic digital computer)

ENJJPT EURO NATO joint jet pilot training

ENL [CJCSI 3410.01] enlisted

ENMAN engine management

ENMCC 1Expanded National Military Command Center, 2Extended National Military Command Center

ENMES engines not mission capable supply

ENQ 1enquire, 2enquiry character

enr [AR 310-50] enroute

ENR 1equivalent noise resistance, 2engineering new record

ens [AR 310-50] ensign

ENS 1ensign, 2extended novel services

ENSCE enemy situation correlation element (TAC)

ENSI equivalent-noise-sideband input

ENSIP Engine Structural Integrity Program (AFSC)

ENSS exterior nodal switching subsystem [Internet]

ENSURE [AR 310-50] expedited nonstandard urgent requirements for equipment

ENT equivalent noise temperature

ENTC engine negative torque control

ENTNAC entrance national agency check

ENVR environmental requirements and related test methods

ENVIR environmental restoration

ENWGS Enhanced Navy War Gaming System (USN)

ENY [FM 101-5-1] enemy (graphics)

Eo electro-optic

EO 1electro-optical, 2equal opportunity, 3engineering order, 4Executive order, 5[JP 1-02] end office, 6[JP 1-02] eyes only

EO/EEO Executive Officer/Equal Employment Opportunity

EO/IR electro-optical/infrared

EO-IR electro-optical infrared

EO-LOROPS Electro-Optical Long Range Oblique Photo System

EOA 1early operational assessment (obsolete, replaced by LUT), 2end of address, 3equal opportunity advisor, 4extension of application

EOA, OA early operational assessment/operational assessment

EOARD European Office of Aerospace Research and Development (AFSC)

EOB 1electronic order of battle, 2end of block, 3enemy order of battle, 4executive office building

EOC 1emergency operating center, 2end of cycle, 3end of conversion, 4equivalent operational capability, 5early operational capability, 6edge of coverage, 7extended operating cycles, 8emergency operations center, 9[AR 310-50] electronics operations center

EOCCM electro-optical counter-countermeasures

EOCM electro-optical countermeasures

EOD 1explosive ordinance disposal, 2end of data, 3electro-optic device, 4end-of-day, 5[AR 310-50] entry on duty

EODBAD [AR 310-50] Explosive Ordinance Disposal Badge

EODC [AR 310-50] explosive ordinance disposal control

EODD electronic digital deflector

EOEC end of equilibrium cycle

EOF 1emergency operating facility, 2end of file, 3emergency operating facility, 4enterprise objects framework [NeXt Computer]

EOGB electro-optically guided bomb

EOH 1engine overhaul, 2equipment on hand

EOH/PDM JR engine overhaul/program depot maintenance job routed

EOH/PDM NJR engine overhaul/program depot maintenance non job routed

EOI 1expression of interest, 2end of interrupt, 3end or identify

EOIS electro-optical imaging system

EOJ end of job

EOL 1end of line, 2end of life, 3expression oriented language, 4end of list, 5[JP 1-02] end of link

EOLM electro-optical light modulator

EOLR electrical objective loudness rating

EOLT end of logical tape

EOM 1end of message, 2end of month, 3end of mission

EOOW [USN] engineering officer of the watch

EOP 1end of program, 2end of output, 3emergency operating procedure, 4end of period, 5evaluator operational plan

EOPC electro-optical phase change

EOPD equipment oriented publication database

EOQ economic order quantity

EOR 1element of resource, 2end of record, 3end of reel, 4estimates of recuperability, 5explosive ordnance reconnaissance, 6exclusive OR (also XOR), 7end of runway, 8equal opportunity representatives, 9[AR 310-50] equipment operationally read

EORA [AR 310-50] explosive ordinance reconnaissance agent

EORS ELINT ocean reconnaissance satellite

EOS 1Earth observatory satellites, 2electrooptical systems, 3end of string, 4eligible for overseas, 5equal opportunity specialist

EOSD [AR 310-50] equipment on station date

EOSS engineering operational sequencing system

EOT 1end of tape (marker), 2end of transmission, 3engine order telegraph, 4end of table, 5end of text [ASCII], 6end of transaction, 7end-of-task

EOTAS Electro-Optical Target Acquisition System

EOU end of user

EOV 1end of volume, 2[AR 310-50] economic order van

EOW [JP 1-02] engineering orderwire

EOY end of year

EP 1external pilot, 2electronic protection [obsolete, now known as ECCM], 3electric power, 4electrically polarized [relay],5emergency preparedness, 6engineer personnel, 7epitaxial planer, 8estimated position, 9execution planning, 10electrophotographic engine, 11extended play, 12[AR 310-50] equipment publication, 13[AR 310-50] enlisted personnel

EPA 1[United States] Environmental Protection Agency, 2extended planning annex, 3evasive plan of action, 4economic price adjustment

EPAC East Pacific

EPAF European Participating Air Force

EPAM elementary perceiver and memorizer

EPARCS enhanced perimeter acquisition radar attack characterization system

EPAS 1Exercise Production and Analysis System (JCS), 2expanded preaward survey

EPAT earliest probable arrival time

EPAW enhanced post attack WWMCCS®

EPB electronic preparation of the battlefield

EPBX [JP 1-02] electronic private branch exchange

EPC 1electronic program control, 2engineering change proposals, 3environmental pollution control

EPD 1electric power distribution, 2European programming document (USAFE), 3engineering project description, 4[AR 310-50] Enlisted Personnel Directorate, MILPERCEN

EPDG execution plan data generation

EPDS Electronic Processing and Dissemination System

EPF 1environmental planning function, 2[JP 4-01.7] enhanced PLS flatrack

EPG 1Electronics Proving Ground (Army), 2exercise planning guidance (JCS), 3emergency procedure guidelines, 4European Participating Governments, 5[AR 310-50] Eniwetoc Proving Ground

EPH [JP 3-07.5] Emergency Planning Handbook

EPI [AR 310-50] expanded position indicator

EPIC 1earth-pointing instrument carrier, 2[JP 3-07.4] El Paso Intelligence Center

EPIP evolutionary phase implementation plan

EPIRB emergency position indicating radio beacon

EPITS essential program information technologies and systems

EPL 1environmental protection limit [environmental technical specification], 2effective privilege level, 3Electronic Intelligence Parameter Limits List, 4evaluated products list

EPLD electrically programmable logic device

EPLRS Enhanced Position Location Reporting System (USMC)

EPM 1engineering procedure memos, 2environmental project manager, 3external polarization modulation, 4Enhanced Editor for Presentation Manager [IBM], 5Enterprise Process Management [IBM], 6electronic protective measures

EPMAU expected present multi-attribute utility

EPMC executive program manager course

EPMIS Emergency Preparedness Management Information System (DCA)

EPMS Enlisted Personnel Management System

EPNdB effective perceived noise levels [in decibels]

EPO electronic purchase order

EPOS electronic point of sales

EPOW enemy prisoners of war

EPP 1enhanced parallel port, 2extended planning period, 3essential product program

EPPII electrical power plant

EPPS electronic page printing system

EPR 1electrical pressure regulator, 2electron paramagnetic resonance, 3engine pressure ratio, 4essential performance requirements, 5ethylene propylene rubber, 6enlisted performance report (USAF), 7emergency personnel record, 8executive progress review, 9[AR 310-50] equipment performance report

EPROM 1[DoD] erasable, programmable, read only memory, 2[IEEE] electrically programmable read-only memory

EPS 1equilibrium problem solver, 2engineered performance standards, 3exercise production system, 4electronic power shift, 5Encapsulated PostScript [Adobe], 6electronic proposal submission, 7exchangeable production system

EPSF 1expenditure per sortie factor, 2encapsulated PostScript files

EPSL emergency power switching logic

EPSQ electronic personnel security questionnaire

EPSS Electronic Performance Support System

EPT 1electrostatic printing tube, 2exciter power logic

EPTE existed prior to entry

EPU 1electrical power unit, 2emergency power unit

EPUU Enhanced Position Location Reporting System user unit

EPW enemy prisoner of war

EPW/CI [JP 3-11] enemy prisoner of war/civilian internee

EPWIB [AR 310-50] Enemy Prisoner of War Information Bureau

EPWIB (Br) [AR 310-50] Branch Enemy Prisoner of War Information Bureau

EPY expanded planning yard

EQ 1educational quotient (see IQ, sense 2), 2equalization/equalizer, 3example query, 4environmental quality

EQD equipment designator

EQDD [AR 310-50] equipment density data

equip [FM 101-5-1] equipment

equiv [AR 310-50] equivalent

ER 1echo ranging, 2effectiveness report, 3electrical resistance, 4enhanced radiation [weapons], 5environmental report, 6extended range, 7equipment repair, 8emergency receiver, 9entity relationship, 10established reliability, 11equipment readiness, 12[AR 310-50] electronic reconnaissance, [AR 310-50] emergency room

ER-MLRS Extended Range Multiple Launch Rocket System

ER/RC extended result/response code

ERA 1electron-ring accelerator, 2electronic reading automation, 3extended registry attributes, 4explosive reactive armor,5[AR 310-50] extra regimental assignment

ERADCOM Electronics Research and Development Command (Army)

ERAM extended range antiarmor munitions

ERAS electronic routing and approval system [Hughes Aircraft]

ERB 1engineering review board, 2equipment review board, 3experiment review board, [AR 310-50] enlisted record brief

ERBM extended range ballistic missile

ERC 1[NASA] Electronics Research Center, 2emergency relocation center, 3Engineering Research Council, 4equatorial ring current, 5Engineering Readiness Center, 6equipment readiness codes, 7Executive Refresher Course (Defense Systems Management College), 8executive review committee

ERCC expendability, recoverability, reportability category

ERCR electronic retina computing reader

ERCS 1Emergency Rocket Command System, 2emergency rocket communications system, 3ECM Resistant Communications System (NATO)

ERD 1entity relationship diagram, 2evolutionary requirement definition, 2[AR 310-50] equipment readiness date

ERDA [United States] Energy Research and Development Administration (obsolete, see DoE)


ERDB Enhanced Defense Resource Board

ERDEC Edgewood Research Development and Engineering Center (Army)

ERDL Engineering Research and Development Laboratory [Fort Belvoir, VA]

ERF European Redistribution Facility

ERFPI extended range floating point interpretive system

ERG 1electroretinography, 2executive review group

ERGM extended range guided munitions [program]

ERGS en-route guidance system

ERIC 1Educational Research Information Center [Internet], 2energy rate input controller

ERILSA enhanced resident integrated logistic support activity

ERINT extended range interceptor technology

ERIS emergency resources identification equipment

ERISA Employee Retirement Income Security Act

ERK electronic record keeping

ERL 1echo return loss, 2Environmental Research Laboratory, 3extended relational language, 4excess review listing, 5[AR 310-50] European requirements list

ERLL enhanced run length limited

ERM entity relationship model

ERMC Europe regional monitoring center (DDN)

ERN engineering release notice

ERNIE electronic random numbering and indicating equipment

ERO 1emergency repair overseer, 2Energy Research Office, 3engineering release order [for project release], 4engine running onload, 5engine running offload, 6[AR 310-50] European Research Office

EROM erasable read only memory

EROP [AR 310-50] executive review of overseas programs

EROPS extended range operations

EROS Earth Resources Observation Satellite System [United States Geological Survey]

ERP 1effective radiated(ing) power, 2elevated release point, 3emergency requirements plan, 4ECM Resistant Communications System (NATO), 5emitter radiated power, 6evoked response potential, 7extended range proximity, 8engineering requirement plan, 9[FM 101-5-1] engineer regulating point

ERPLD extended range phase-locked demodulator

ERPS Equipment Release Priority System

ERPSL [AR 310-50] essential repair parts stockage list

ERR 1error, [AR 310-50] 2engineering release record

ERRC 1expendability, recoverability, repairability code, 2expandability recoverability, and reparability category, 3expendability, reparability, recoverability category

ERS 1Economic Research Service, 2engineers register study, 3environmental research satellite, 4external regulation system, 5emergency relocation site, 6experimental radar system (USAF), 7electronic receipt settlement

ERSD [CJCSI 3150.14] estimated return to service date

ERSR equipment reliability status report

ERT 1equipment repair time, 2emergency response team (FEMA), 3execution reference time, 4[AR 310-50] Educational Requirements Test

ERTS 1Earth Resources Technology Satellite, 2ELINT receiver test system

ERU 1emergency recovery unit [Microsoft], 2emergency reaction unit

ERV emergency rendezvous

ERW electronic resistance welding

ERX electronic remote switching

ERZ [AR 310-50] extended reconnaissance Zone

ES 1electronic warfare support [formerly called ESM], 2electromagnetic switching, 3echo sounding, 4electronic switch, 5experimental station, 6electronic support, 7exercise scenario, 8expert system, 9extra segment, 10earth station, 11exercise specialist, 12expert system, 13[FM 101-5-1] El Salvador, 14[AR 310-50] eligible for separation, 15[AR 310-50] electronic surveillance

ES&S engineering services and safety

ES/TCM equipment specialist/technical content manager

ES-I information services and infrastructure

ES-IS end system – intermediate system

ESA 1electronic signature authentication, 2electronic surge arresters, 3electronic-static amplifier, 4electronically scanning antenna, 5electronically steerable antenna system, 6electronically-scanning array, 7engineering support activity (Army), 8enhanced situation awareness system, 9European Space Agency (NATO), 10European switching center, 11enterprise systems architecture [IBM], 12Endangered Species Act, 13[AR 310-50] expiration of service agreement

ESAD electronic safe and arm device

ESAIRA electronically scanned airborne intercept radar

ESAMS enhanced surface to air missile simulation

ESAR 1electromagnetic spectrum allocation request, 2electronically scanned array radar, 3electronically steerable radar, 4extended subsequent application review

ESAS engineered safeguards actuation system

ESATS electrical subassembly test set

ESAU Expert System AOB Update (RADC)

ESB emerging small businesses

ESC 1electrostatic compatibility, 2escape character, 3Electronic Security Command (USAF) [now defunct],4electronic switching center, 5EISA system component, 6electronic stills camera, 7[USAF] Electronics Systems Center, 8[AR 310-50] equipment serviceability criteria

ESC/P Epson standard code for printers

ESCAM Enhanced SORTS Capability Assessment Module

ESCAN electronically scanned

ESCAPE expansion symbolic compiling assembly program for engineering

ESCAT emergency security control air traffic

ESCM extended services communications manager [IBM]

ESCON enterprise system connection (architecture) [IBM]

ESCS Emergency Satellite Communications System

ESD 1electronic software distribution, 2electrostatic discharge, 3Electronic Systems Division (AFSC), 4estimated shipping date

ESDI 1enhanced small device interface, 2enhanced system device interface

ESDS electrostatic discharge sensitive

ESE 1electrical support equipment, 2east south east, 3electronic security environment, 4Electronic Security Europe, 5electronic sonar equipment

ESEP Engineer and Scientist Exchange Program

ESERD electronic support equipment recommendation data

ESF 1engineered safety feature, 2[JP 1-02] Economic Support Fund, 3[JP 1-02] emergency support function

ESFAS engineered safety features actuation system

ESG 1Electronic Security Group (ESC), 2executive steering group

ESGN [CJCSI 6130.01] electrically suspended gyro navigation

ESH 1equivalent standard hours, 2environment, safety, and health

ESI 1essential sustainment items, 2extremely sensitive information, 3engineering and scientific interpreter, 4Enhanced Serial Interface (specification) [Hayes]

ESID European Information System Division

ESIMS engineering services information management system

ESIP embedded computer resource support

ESL extended shelf life

ESLOC equivalent source line of code

ESM 1electronic support measures (NATO), 2electronic warfare support measures (obsolete, now electronic warfare support (ES)), 3electronic signal monitoring, 4electronic surveillance measures, 5edible structural material

ESMC Eastern Space and Missile Center (AFSC)

ESMR enhanced specialized mobile radio

ESN 1electronic security number, 2[AR 310-50] English-speaking nation

ESNG engineering sub-working group

ESO 1emergency security option, 2[JP 1-02] embarkation staff officer

ESOB environmental state operating budget

ESOC emergency supply operation center

ESOH 1equipment and supplies on hand, 2environmental safety and occupational health

ESOP 1enhanced switch operations program, 2employee stock ownership plan

ESOT employee stock ownership trust

ESP 1emulation sensing processor, 2encapsulating security payload (header), 3Enhanced Serial Port [Hayes], 4enhanced service provider, 5electronic shock protection [Sony], 6extrasensory perception, 7estimated selling price, 8Electronic Security Pacific (ESC), 9emergency special program

ESPAR electronically steerable phased array radar

ESPAWS Enhanced Self-Propelled Artillery Weapon System

ESPIN Emergency Spare Parts Information Network

ESPOD electronic systems precision orbit determination

ESPRIT European Strategic Program for Research and Development In Information Technology

ESR 1early site review, 2electron spin resonance, 3equivalent series resistance, 4equivalent service round, 5equipment status reporting (USAF), 6Grouped Comm-Electronics and Meteorological Reporting System (USAF), 7event service routine, 8early strategy review

ESRC Engineering and Services Readiness Center (USAFE)

ESRD [AR 310-50] equipment shipment ready date

ESRR early site review report

ESS 1electronic switching system, 2emplaced scientific station, 3engineered safety systems, 4ELINT Support System (USMC), 5environmental stress screening, 6Environmental Support System (JCS), 7executive support subsystem, 8Exercise Support system (JCS), 9electronic security squadron (ESC), 10electronic surveillance system, 11executive systems software (MAC), 12exploitation support segment (JSIPS), 13external suspension system, 14early supply support, 15environmental stress screening

ESSEH environmental stress screening of electronic hardware

ESSG [Army] Engineer Strategic Studies Group

ESSPO [AR 310-50] Electronics Supporting Systems, Project Office

est 1estimate, 2[AR 310-50] estimated, 3[AR 310-50] estimation

EST 1earliest start time, 2Eastern Standard Time, 3electronic storage tube, 4enroute support teams, 5enlistment screening test, 6environmental system test, 7expanded service test, 8electronic support and training, 9emergency support team (FEMA), 10[JP 1-02] emergency service team

EST-I environmental system test – phase I

EST-II environmental system test – phase II

estb 1[AR 310-50] establish, 2[AR 310-50] established, 3[AR 310-50] establishment

ESTEPS enhanced ship technical publication systems

ESTO Electronic Systems Technology Office

ESTS electronic system test set

ESU 1electronic storage unit, 2electro-static unit

ESV 1essential service value, 2earth satellite vehicle

ESW 1error status word, 2existing software workbench

ET 1embedded training, 2engineering test, 3edge-triggered, 4electrical time, 5external tank, 6extended test, 7extended threat, 8enhancement technology, 9earth terminal, 10embedded trainer, 11emerging technology, 12eddy current testing, 13enterprise team

ET&E 1engineering test and evaluation, 2European Test and Evaluation (USAF)

ETA 1estimated time of arrival, 2estimated time of acquisition

ETAC 1enlisted terminal attack controller, 2environmental technical application center (USAF), 3[JP 1-02] emergency tactical air control

ETACCS European Theater Air Command and Control System

ETACS extended total access communication system [IBM]

ETADS Enhanced Transportation Automated Data System (AFLC)

ETANN Electrically Trainable Analog Neural Network (chip) [Intel]

ETAP education, training, and awareness program

ETAS Elevated Target Acquisition System (Army)

ETB end-of-transmission-block [character]

ETC 1estimated time of completion, 2Education and Training Command (USAF), 3enhanced throughput cellular (modem protocol) [AT&T], 4electronic toll collection, 5estimate to complete

ETCG elapsed-time code generator

ETCO [AR 310-50] emergency traffic coordinating officer

ETD 1electronic tactical display, 2estimated time of departure, 3effective transfer date

ETDI Eurasian target data inventory

ETDL Electronics Technology and Devices Laboratory (Army)

ETDP [AR 310-50] Emergency Traffic Disposition Plan

ETE 1estimated time enroute, 2expected time enroute

ETEEM end-to-end engineering model

ETET end-to-end tester

ETG 1electronics training group, 2enhanced target generator (ATC)

ETI [JP 1-02] estimated time of intercept

ETIBS Enhanced Tactical Information Broadcast System (KOREA)

ETIC 1estimated time in commission, 2electronic technical information center, 3[JP 1-02] estimated time for completion, 4[AR 310-50] estimated time in commission

ETIS elapsed time indicator system

ETL 1ending tape label, 2Engineer Topographic Laboratories (Army), 3engineering technical letter

ETM 1extension training material(s), 2enhanced timing module, 3electronic test and measurement, 4electronic technical manual, 5[JP 4-01.7] electronic transmission

ETMS Education Training Management System

ETN equipment table nomenclature

ETO [AR 310-50] express transportation order

ETOM electron-trapping optical memory

ETOPS extended range twin-engine operations

ETOS extended tape operating system

ETOT estimated time over target

ETP 1electrical tough , 2equivalent top product, 3electronic technical publishing, 4European trunking plan, 5exportable training package

ETPD Emerging Technology Program Database

ETPL [GSA] Endorsed Tempest Products List

ETPS Electronic Technical Publication Systems

ETR 1Eastern Test Range, 2effective transmission rate, 3electric target range, 4estimated time of return, 5estimated time to repair, 6export traffic release

ETRAC Enhanced Tactical Radar Correlator

ETRO estimated time to return to operation

ETRR export traffic release request

ETS 1estimated time of separation, 2electronic tandem switching, 3electronic telegraph system, 4environmental technical specifications, 5environmental test specification, 6econometric time series, 7engagement training simulator, 8European Telephone System, 9experimental test site, 10expiration of term of service, 11emergency temporary standard, 12engineering technical services

ETSQ electrical time, super quick

ETSS 1engineering and technical service specialist, 2extended training service specialist

ETT [AR 310-50] estimated travel time

ETUT Enhanced Tactical User's Terminal

ETV 1estimated time value(s), 2educational television

ETX 1end of text, 2end of test character

EU 1execution unit, 2European Union

EUB 1energy use budget, 2[JP 1-02] essential user bypass

EUC 1end user computing, 2Extended UNIX Code [IBM], 3end-user certificate

EUCAG end user computing assistance group

EUCI endorsed for unclassified cryptographic item

EUCLID European cooperations for the long-term in defense

EUCOM European Command

EUCOM AIDES European Theater Air Command and Control System

EUCP [AR 310-50] emergency urgent change package

EUDAC 1European Command Defense Analysis Center (ELINT), 2[AR 310-50] European Distribution and Accounting Agency of the Military Committee, London

EUE 1early user experimentation, 2early user evaluation, 3early user experiment

EUF equivalent unavailability factor

EUHF elevated UHF antenna

EUI end-user interface

EUL economic useful life

EUMD extended unit manning document

EUMEAF Europe, Middle East, and Africa

EUMETSTAT European Meteorological Satellite

EUNIE United States EUCOM Nuclear Interface Element

EUP equipment usage profile

EUR Europe and Canada

EURAC [AR 310-50] European Requirements and Army Capabilities

EURMEDS European Meteorological Data Systems (USAFE)

EUROCONTROL European Agency for the Safety of Air Navigation

EURV [JP 1-02] essential user rekeying variable

EUSA Eighth United States Army

EUSC [JP 1-02] effective United States controlled shipping

EUSEC [AR 310-50] European Communications Security and Evaluation Agency of the Military Committee, London

EUT 1early user test (obsolete, see LUT), 2equipment under test

EUT&E early user test and evaluation

EUTE 1early user testing and evaluation, 2early user test and experimentation

EUV extreme-ultraviolet [photometer]

eV electronvolt

EV 1earned value, 2engineering validation

EVA 1electronic velocity analyzer, 2extravehicular activity, 3extended visit authorization

evac 1[AR 310-50] evacuate, 2[AR 310-50] evacuated, 3[AR 310-50] evacuation

EVAC evacuation file (JCS)

EVADED elected voluntary alternative DESCOM discipline

EVAN expandable van

EVC [JP 3-50.3] evasion chart

EVD early-version demonstration

EVE extensible VAX editor

EVGA 1extended video graphics array, 2extended video graphics adapter

EVHF elevated VHF antenna

EVL event list

EVM 1electronic voltmeter, 2earned value management

EVMS 1earned value management standard, 2earned value management system

EVMSO earned value management support office

EVOM electronic voltohm meter

EVS electro-optical viewing

EVT environmental verification testing

EW 1electronic warfare, 2early warning

EW ARC electronic warfare area reprogramming capability

EW DSM electronic warfare development system manager

EW PATEC electronic warfare portable automatic test equipment calibrator

EW PGM electronic warfare product group manager

EW/C3CM electronic warfare/command and control communications countermeasures

EW/DE electronic warfare/directed energy

EW/GCI [JP 1-02] early warning/ground-controlled intercept

EW/RSD [AMC] Electronic Warfare Reconnaissance Surveillance Directorate

EW/RSTA Electronic Warfare/ Reconnaissance and Target Acquisition Center (Army)

EWA 1early warning assessment, 2[AR 310-50] Edgewood Arsenal

EWAC [USAIC&FH] Electronic Warfare Analyst Course

EWACS electronic warfare analysis center

EWAISF electronic warfare avionics integrated support facility

EWAM extended window addressable memory [large scale integrated circuit]

EWAN emulator without a good name [Internet]

EWARS Electronics Warfare Assets Reporting System

EWAS Electronic Warfare Analysis System

EWC 1Electronic Warfare Center (USAF), 2electronic warfare commander (USN), 3electronic warfare coordinator (USN)

EWCAPSS electronic warfare command and processing subsystem

EWCAS early warning and control aircraft system

EWCM electronic warfare coordination module

EWCP electronic warfare control processor

EWCS 1electronic warfare control ship (USN), 2EW control ship/station, 3European Wideband Communications System

EWD electronic warfare division

EWE [AR 310-50] electronic warfare element

EWEDS Electronic Warfare Evaluation Display System

EWEP Electronic Warfare Evaluation Program

EWES Electronic Warfare Evaluation System

EWGS European Weather Graphics System

EWI 1education with industry, 2electronic warfare intelligence

EWIP electronic warfare integrated programming

EWIR electronic warfare integrated reprogramming (USAF)

EWIS 1Electronic Warfare Information System (WWMCCS®), 2European WWMCCS® Information System

EWISTL Electronic Warfare Integrated System Test Laboratory

EWO 1electronic warfare officer, 2engineering work order, 3emergency war order

EWOC electronic warfare operator's console

EWOS European Workshop For Open Systems

EWOT electronic warfare officer training

EWPE electronic warfare processing element

EWPI electronic warfare prime indicator unit

EWQRC electronic warfare quick reaction capability

EWR [AR 310-50] early warning radar

EWRL Electronic Warfare Reprogrammable Library (USN)

EWS 1electronic warfare section, 2early warning system, 3employee written software [IBM]

EWSCP electronic warfare systems control point

EWSIP Electronic Warfare Standardization and Improvement Program

EWSM early-warning support measures

EWSO electronic warfare staff officer

EWSS electronic warfare support system

EWT electronic warfare training

EWTD electronic warfare training device

EWTL/JS electronic warfare target lists and jamming schedules

EWTS electronic warfare training system

EWTSC Electronic Warfare Technical Study Committee

EWWS electronic warfare warning system

EX 1[calculator] exchange key, 2electronics experimental

EX-IM export-import bank

EXA 1execution agency, 2execution or implementing agency

EXAGT [AR 310-50] executive agent

EXAMPLE executive automated materiel planning equipment

ExCA exchangeable card architecture [Intel]

EXCC [AR 310-50] exercise control center

EXCG [AR 310-50] exercise control group

EXCIMER excited dimmer [laser]

EXCIMS [CJCSI 8510.01] Executive Council for Modeling and Simulations

EXCIPLEX excited state complex [laser]

excl 1[AR 310-50] exclude, 2[AR 310-50] excluded, 3[AR 310-50] excluding, 4[AR 310-50] exclusive


EXCM external countermeasures

EXCOM 1executive committee, 2extended communications research, 3[JP 1-02] extended communications search

exctr exciter

EXDAMS extended debugging and monitoring system

EXDIR [JP 3-08] Executive Director (CIA)

EXDIR/ICA [JP 3-08] Executive Director for Intelligence Community Affairs (USG)

EXDRONE expendable drone jammer (USMC)

EXER [JP 1-03.17] exercise

EXEVAL 1exercise evaluation, 2external evaluation

ExE event by event

EXE2BIN program used to convert an (.EXE) file to binary format (.COM) file

EXEC executive

EXFOR experimental force

EXJAM expendable jammer

EXM enterprise messaging exchange [Lotus]

EXMOVREP [AR 310-50] expedited movement report

EXORD [JP 1-02] execute order

EXP 1exponent, 2expendable

EXPFLDMB [AR 310-50] Expert Field Medical badge

EXPLAN [JP 1-02] exercise plan

EXPQUALBAD [AR 310-50] Expert Qualification Badge

EXPRODOC exercise procedure document

EXPRS Exploitation Process Reengineer Study

EXREDCON [AR 310-50] exercise readiness condition

ExSC Executive Standards Council

EXSTA experimental station

EXT external

EXT VAL extended value

EXTEV external evaluation

EXTRA export transportation

EXTRN external reference

EY 1execution year, 2extended year

EZ extraction zone

EZCO extraction zone control officer