Index Military Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations

G 1giga (10 v9), 2go, 3grid

G&A general and administrative

G&A Pan gyro and accelerometer panel

G&C 1guidance and control, 2geodetic and geophysical

G(v) conductance as a function of voltage

G-1 [JP 1-02] Army or Marine Corps component manpower or personnel staff officer (Army division or higher staff, Marine Corps brigade or higher staff)

G-2 [JP 1-02] Army or Marine Corps component intelligence staff officer (Army division or higher staff, Marine Corps brigade or higher staff)

G-3 [JP 1-02] Army or Marine Corps component operations staff officer (Army division or higher staff, Marine Corps brigade or higher staff)

G-4 [JP 1-02] Army or Marine Corps component logistics staff officer (Army division or higher staff, Marine Corps brigade or higher staff)

g-a ground to air

G-ENG general engineering

G-G ground to ground

G-LOC G-induced loss of consciousness

G/A 1ground attack, 2ground-to-air

G/A/G ground/air/ground

G/G 1gas generator, 2ground/ground

G/I ground idle

G/L general ledger

G/S 1ground speed, 2ground station

G/SIDBAD [AR 310-50] General Staff identification badge

g/t gain/temperature

G/VLLD Ground/Vehicular Laser Locator Designator

G1 1personnel staff, 2[FM 101-5-1] Assistant Chief of Staff, Personnel

G2 1division level intelligence office/officer, 2intelligence staff, 3[FM 101-5-1] Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence

G3 1division level plans and operations office/officer, 2operations and plans staff, 3[FM 101-5-1] Assistant Chief of Staff, Operations, 4[AR 310-50] Assistant Chief of Staff, (Operations and Plans)

G4 1logistics staff, 2[FM 101-5-1] Assistant Chief of Staff, Logistics

G5 1civil affairs staff, 2[FM 101-5-1] Assistant Chief of Staff, Civil Affairs

G6 1signal officer, 2[FM 101-5-1] Assistant Chief of Staff, Communications

ga 1gas amplification, 2glide angle, 3graphic ammeter

GA 1gain of antenna, 2Georgia, 3grapple adapter, 4global assessment, 5general availability, 6general alert, 7general arrangement (drawing), 8general average, 9general of the Army, 10ground attack, 11gun assembly, 12general authority, 13grant aid, 14[FM 101-5-1] nerve agent tabum. 15[AR 310-50] graphics and administration

GAA [JP 1-02] general agency agreement

GAAG gross actual generation

GAAP 1generally accepted accounting principles, 2[AR 310-50] Gateway Army Ammunition Plant

GaAs gallium arsenide [semiconductor]

GAC 1gross available capacity, 2general advisory committee, 3group audit coordinator

GACIAC Guidance and Control Information Analysis Center

GACC ground attack control capability (USAFE)

GAE generate airlift requirement

GAF German Air Force

GAFS General Accounting and Finance System

GAG gross available generation

GAGAS generally accepted [United States] Government auditing standard

GAHF grapple adapter handling fixture

gal [AR 310-50] gallon

GAL 1gate array logic, 2generic array logic

GALE generic area limitation environment

GAM 1graphic access method, 2guided aircraft missile

GAMO ground and amphibious military operations (obsolete)

GAMA graphics assisted management application

GAN 1generalized activity network, 2generating and analyzing networks

GAO [United States] General Accounting Office

GAP 1[United States] Government available property, 2general assembly program

GAPEWS Graphic Air Picture Early Warning System (USAREUR)

GAPI gateway application programming interface

GAPSAT Tactical Communications Satellite System

gar guided aircraft rocket

GAR 1[United States] Government analysis report, 2growth analysis and review, 3guided aircraft rocket, 4[TR 350-70] [United States] Government representative

GARL [AR 310-50] group action request lists

GARP Global Atmospheric Research Program

gas [AR 310-50] gasoline

GAS graduate assessment survey

GASP 1general activity simulation program, 2generalized academic simulation program, 3graphic applications subroutine package

GASS 1generalized assembly system, 2[AR 310-50] Guidance Accuracy Study for Sprint

GAT 1generalized algebraic translator, 2Georgetown automatic translator, 3[United States] Government acceptance test

GATAC general assessment tridimensional analog computer

GATB general aptitude test battery

GATE generalized algebraic translator extended

GATEC [United States] Government acquisition through electronic commerce

GATERS Ground-Air Telerobotic Systems (USMC)

GATR ground-air transmitter-receiver

GATT general agreement on tariffs and trade

gb 1gilbert [unit of magnetomotive force], 2gigabit (1,024 megabits or one billion bits)

Gb gigabit (1,024 megabits, one billion bits of information)

GB 1gigabyte (1,024 megabytes or one billion characters), 2[FM 101-5-1] nerve agent sarin. 3[JP 1-02] group buffer

GBAT [United States] Government baggage ticket

GBCS ground based common sensor

GBCS-H Ground Based Common Sensor-Heavy

GBCS-L Ground Based Common Sensor-Light

GBD geometric data base

GBE ground-based element

GBFEL ground-based free electron laser

GBH group busy hour

GBHRG ground-based hypervelocity railgun

GBIP general purpose interface bus

GBL 1[United States] Government bill of lading, 2ground-based laboratory, 3generation breakdown list

GBLOC [United States] Government bill of lading office code

GBPS gigabits per second

GBR ground-based radar

GBS 1Global Broadcasting Service, 2ground-based system, 3ground burst simulator

GBS-BADD [TTPIO-ABCS] ground-based sensor - battlefield awareness data dissemination

GBSN ground-based support navigation

GBTS ground-based training system

GC 1gas chromatograph, 2general council, 3guidance computer, 4garbage collect, 5gun controller, 6generic code, 7[JP 1-02] Geneva Convention, 8[AR 310-50] Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Personnel in the Time of War, 12 August 1949, 9[AR 310-50] Government contribution

GC-MAP general cost MAP (materiel acquisition process)

GC3A [JP 1-02] global command, control, and communications assessment

GC4A global command, control, communications, and computers assessment

GCA 1ground-controlled approach, 2[United States] Government contracting activity

GCAD [AR 310-50] Granite City Army Depot

GCAM [United States] Government cost account manager

GCAP generalized circuit analysis program

GCAPL grant and cooperative agreement policy letter

GCAS 1Generic Configuration Accounting System (USAREUR), 2ground collision avoidance system

GCC 1graduated combat capability, 2ground component command, 3ground control center, 4GNU C-Compiler [UNIX], 5Gulf Cooperation Council

GCCA generic command center architecture

GCCF generic cost comparison form

GCCS Global Command and Control System (WWMCCS® follow-on)

GCCS-A [TTPIO-ABCS] Global Command and Control System - Army

GCD 1greatest common divisor, 2Great Circle Distance Calculator (WWMCCS®)

GCE 1[United States] Government cost estimate, 2ground combat element, 3ground control equipment

GCG [AR 310-50] guidance control group

GCI 1ground-controlled intercept, 2[AR 310-50] ground controlled interception (station)

GCIS ground control intercept squadron

GCL Golden Common LISP

GCM [AR 310-50] general court-martial

GCMA Government Contract Management Association of America

GCMCA general court-marshall convening authority

GCMD gaining command

GCMO [AR 310-50] general court-martial order

GCMS gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy

GCN 1ground communications network, 2gage code number, 3[United States] Government computer new

GCN-X Ground Communications Network III Residual

GCO [United States] Government concept of operation

GCOS General Comprehensive Operating System (Honeywell)

GCP ground control processor

GCR 1general component reference, 2group coded recording (magnetic tape, 6250 bpi), 3[AR 310-50] ground controlled radar

GCRI [JP 1-02] general collective routing indicator (RI)

GCS 1[UAV] Ground Control Station, 2general communications subsystem, 3gas-controlled switch, 4guidance control section

GCSAS Generic Configuration Status Accounting Subsystem

GCSS 1[UAV] Ground Control Station Simulator, 2Global Combat Support System

GCT 1general classification test, 2Greenwich Civil Time, 3[United States] Government competitive test

GCU 1generator control unit, 2Ground Control Unit (UAV)

gd [AR 310-50] guard

GD 1grown diffused, 2ground detector, 3graphic display, 4ground defense, 5gun director, 6[FM 101-5-1] nerve agent soman, 7[AR 310-50] general discharge

GDIPP [JP 1-02] General Defense Intelligence Proposed Program

GDA 1global data area, 2gimbal dish antenna (DSCS), 3ground defense area

GDAMS General Dynamic Amphibious System

GDC 1general design criteria, 2gross dependable capacity, 3graphic display console

GDD/D global data directory/dictionary

GDDM graphics data display manager

GDDS global data dictionary services

GDE ground data equipment

GDF group distribution frame

GDG generation data group [IBM]

GDI graphic device interface

GdIG gadolinium iron garnet

GDIP General Defense Intelligence Program

GDL gas dynamic laser

GDLC generic data link control [IBM]

GDLS 1General Dynamics, Land System Division, 2[United States] Government and prime contractor

GDMS 1generalized data management system, 2global data management service, 3global data management system

GDP 1general deployment plan, 2General Defense Plan (NATO), 3generalized drawing primitive, 4gross domestic product, 5ground defense reporting cell, 6graphic draw primitive, 7global data process, 8[United States] Government distribution point

GDR generalized data retrieval system

GDRQ general design requirements

GDS 1General Declassification Schedule of Executive Order 11652, 2graphical display system, 3graphic data set, 4ground development system, 5ground data system

GDSS Global Decision Support System ( AMC)

GDT 1[UAV] Ground Data Terminal, 2geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, 3global descriptor table [Intel], 4graphics development toolkit

GDU graphics display unit

GDW global display workstation

ge gigacycles per second (obsolete, use GHz.)

Ge germanium [semiconductor]

GE 1gas ejection, 2gaussian elimination, 3General Electric Company, 4geoscience electronics, 5general equipment, 6[FM 101-5-1] Germany

GE/PAC General Electric Process Automation Computer

GEADGE German Air Defense Ground Environment System

GEAE General Electric Aircraft Engine

GEBA [AR 310-50] Government excess baggage authorization

GEBCO General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans

GECOM generalized compiler

GECOS 1general comprehensive operating supervisor, 2General Electric Comprehensive Operating System

GED 1general educational development, 2general equivalency degree

GEDITS edit/update program

GEDP [AR 310-50] General Education Development Program

GEDT [AR 310-50] General Educational Development Test

GEE ground exploration system

GEF Global Environmental Fund

GEIS 1general environmental impact statement, 2General Electric Information Services, Inc.

GEISHA geodetic inertial survey and horizontal alignment

GEK geomagnetic electrokinetograph

GEM 1general epitaxial monolith, 2ground effect machine, 3generalized emulation microcircuit, 4Graphics Environment Manager (DRI Program)

GEMM generalized electronics maintenance model

GEMS 1General Education Management System, 2General Electric Manufacturing Simulator, 3Graphics Engineering and Mapping System

GEMSS [AR 310-50] ground emplaced mine scattering system

gen generator

GEN generic, 2[AR 310-50] general

GEN REL general release

GENADMIN general administrative

GENESIS 1Generic Smart Indirect Fire Simulation, 2generalized environment for the simulation of integrated system

GENIE General Electric Network for Information Exchange

GENREP [AR 310-50] general reports

GENSER 1general service communications, 2general security, 3[JP 1-02] general service (message)

GENSURG [AR 310-50] general surgery

GENTEXT [JP 1-02] general text

GENX generic expendable decoy

geo [AR 310-50] geographic

GEO 1geoscience electronics, 2geostationary Earth orbit, 3geosynchronous Earth orbit

GEOCODE [JP 1-02] geographic code

GEODSS Ground-Based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance System (AFSPACECMD)

GEOFILE 1Geographic Locations Code File System (WWMCCS®), 2[JP 1-02] geolocation code file, 3[JP 1-02] standard specified geographic location file

geol [AR 310-50] geological

GEOLOC geographic location code

GEOLOCK [AR 310-50] geographical location

GEON gyro erected optical navigation

GEOREF 1Geographical Reference Grid System, 2[FM 101-5-1] geographic reference

GEOS 1geodetic Earth orbiting satellite, 2geosynchronous Earth observation system, 3Graphic Environment Operating System [Geoworks]

GEOSAR geosynchronous synthetic aperture radar

GEP ground entry points

GEPAC General Electric Programmable Automatic Computer

GERSIS General Electric Range Safety Instrumentation System

GERT graphical evaluation and review technique

GERTS General Electric Remote Terminal System

GET 1ground elapsed time, 2GOSIP Engineering Test Bed, 3get execute trigger

GETA [AR 310-50] Government Employees Training Act

GETOL 1ground effect take-off and landing, 2General Electric Training Operational Logic

GETS generic ESM test set

GF 1[JP 1-02] a nerve agent, 2[AR 310-50] gap filler

GFA [AR 310-50] gun fire area

GFAC [AR 310-50] ground forward air controller

GFD [AR 310-50] general functional description

GFDC [AR 310-50] group fire distribution center

GFAE 1[United States] Government-furnished avionics equipment, 2[United States] Government furnished aeronautical equipment, 3Government furnished aerospace equipment

GFB [United States] Government furnished baseline

GFC 1green flare cluster, 2gun fire control

GFCI ground-fault circuit interrupter

GFD ground fault detector

GFE [United States] Government-furnished equipment

GFE II Gross Feasibility Estimator II (JOPS)

GFE&M [United States] Government-furnished equipment and materiel

GFF [United States] Government furnished facilities

GFI 1[United States] Government-furnished information, 2[United States] Government free issue, 3[United States] Government furnished item, 4ground fault interrupter

GFI/GFE [United States] Government furnished information/equipment

GFM [United States] Government-furnished material

GFOAR [JP 1-02] Global Family of OPLANs Assessment Report

GFP [United States] Government-furnished property

GFR 1[United States] Government flight representative, 2[AR 310-50] gap filler radar

GFRP glass fiber reinforced plastic

GFS 1[United States] Government furnished software, 2[United States] Government furnished services

GFSR [AR 310-50] general functional system requirement

GFTD Global Forces Trends Database (NATO)

GFU [JP 1-02] group framing unit

GFW ground fault warning

GFY [United States] Government fiscal year

GG [FM 101-5-1] Georgia (the nation)

GGG gadolinium gallium garnet

GGI generic graphical interface

GGP 1gateway-to-gateway protocol [Internet], 2GPS guidance package

GGS gyro gunsight

GHA Greenwich hour angle

GHE [AR 310-50] ground handling equipment

GHN get hold next

GHOST global horizontal sounding technique

GHQ general headquarters

GHRI hybrid radio-inertial guidance system

GHSG [AR 310-50] guest housing

GHU get hold unique

GHW ground handling wheel

GHz gigahertz (1000 MHz)

GI 1geodesic isotensoid, 2[United States] Government and industrial, 3[United States] Government initiated, 4galvanized iron, 5general issue, 6[United States] Government issue, 7[AR 310-50] general inspection

GI&S [JP 2-01] geospatial information and services

GIAC [CJCSI 3500.02A] graphic input aggregate control

GIANT genealogical information and name tabulating system

GIC guage. gabarit international de chargement (international loading gauge)

GICOD good idea cut off date

GIDEP [United States] Government/Industry Data Exchange Program

GIE global information environment

GIER [AR 310-50] general industrial equipment reserve

GIF 1graphic interchange format, 2guidance integrated fusing

GIFS generalized interrelated flow simulation

GIFT general internal FORTRAN translator

GIGO garbage in, garbage out

GII global information infrastructure

GIITS General Imagery Intelligence Training System

GILS [United States] Government InformationLocator Service

GIM 1generalized information management [language], 2[AR 310-50] gaining inventory manager

GIMADS generic integrated maintenance and diagnostics system

GIMRADA [Army] Geodesy Intelligence and Mapping Research and Development Agency

GIN governmental in nature

GIOC generalized input/output controller

GIP 1Global Internet Project, 2Gunter Industrial Park

GIPB general-purpose instrument bus

GIPD General Intelligence Production Division (INSCOM)

GIPS giga-instructions per second.

GIPSY 1Graphic Information Presentation System (WWMCCS®), 2generalized information processing system

GIRC Global Information Resource Corporation

GIRL graph information retrieval language

GIRLS Generalized Information Retrieval and Listing System

GIRTS generic infrared training system

GIS 1Geographic Information System, 2generalized information system, 3Global Information Solutions [AT&T]

GISS Goddard Institute for Space Studies

GIT 1graph isomorphism tester, 2[AR 310-50] General Information Test

GITA ground instructional training aircraft

GITAC General Intelligence Training Advisory Committee

GITC General Intelligence Training Council

GITS General Intelligence Training System

GIUSA [United States] Government Industry University Software Alliance

GIX Global Internet Exchange [Internet]

GJ grown junction

GKS 1graphical kernel system, 2graphics kernel system

GL 1graphics language, 2[AR 310-50] general ledger, 3[AR 310-50] grenade launcher

GLA general ledger account

GLAC general ledger account code

GLASS germanium-lithium argon scanning system

GLC gas-liquid chromatography

GLCC 1garrison launch control center, 2Great Lake Composite Consortium

GLCM ground launched cruise missile

GLEAN graphic layout and engineering aid method

GLIDER [AR 310-50] Glider Badge

GLINT 1global intelligence, 2[JP 3-09.3] gated laser intensifier

GLIS Global Land Information System [United States Geological Survey]

GLLD [AR 310-50] ground laser location designator

GLM 1general linear models, 2[AR 310-50] Gold Life Saving Medal

GLO ground liaison officer

GLOBE Global Learning by Observations to Benefit the Environment [Internet]

GLOBIXS Global Information Exchange Systems (COPERNICUS)

GLOMR global low orbiting message relay satellite

GLOPAC gyroscopic lower power controller

GLORIA geographical long range inclined ASDIC

GLOSS global ocean surveillance system

GLOTRACK global tracking network

GLP [United States] Government loaned property

GLPS Gun-Laying and Positioning System

GLSA general ledger subsidiary account

GM 1Geiger-Mueller [counter], 2geometric mean, 3guided missile, 4metacentric height, 5general manager, 6Greenwich Meridian, 7general mess, 8[JP 1-02] group modem, 9[AR 310-50] general maintenance aptitude area, 10[AR 310-50] general merit

GM&A general management and administration

GMA [AR 310-50] guided missile ammunition

GMAJCOM gaining major command (USAF)

GMAP 1general micro assembler processor (Honeywell), 2geometric modeling applications project

GMAS 1general management assessment system, 2[AR 310-50] Ground Munitions Analysis Study

GMAT 1Greenwich Mean Astronomical Time, 2graduate management aptitude test

GMATS [United States] Government metropolitan area telephone service

GMC gross maximum capacity

GMCC ground mobile command center

GMCM guided missile countermeasures

GMCP ground mobile command post

GMD 1guided missile division, 2[JP 1-02] group mux/demux

GMDSS [JP 1-02] Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

GMF 1ground mobile forces, 2[United States] Government master file

GMFCS guided missile fire control system

GMFSC ground mobile force satellite communications (AFCC)

GMG gross maximum generation

GMI general military intelligence

GML generalized markup language

GMMIS GLCM Maintenance Management Information System

GMNC GWEN Maintenance Notification Center

GMP Global Mobile Professional

GMPA general material and petroleum activity (Army)

GMR 1graduated mobilization response, 2ground mapping radar, 3giant magneto-resistive, 4German military representative, 5[JP 1-02] ground mobile radar

GMRA [United States] Government Management Reform Act

GMRS [AR 310-50] general mobilization reserve stock

GMS 1Global Management System, 2Global Messaging Service [Novell], 3[AR 310-50] general military science

GMST [AR 310-50] General Military Subjects Test

GMSW&D guaranteed maximum shipping weight and dimensions

GMT Greenwich mean time

GMTI ground moving-target indicator

GMV 1guaranteed minimum value, 2[United States] Government motor vehicle

GNAT GNU Ada Translator

gnd ground

GNDACFground alternate command facility

GNMP [United States] Government network management profile

GNN Global Network Navigator

GNP gross national product

GNPC [AR 310-50] global navigation and planning chart

gnr [AR 310-50] gunner

GNRY [AR 310-50] gunnery

GNS Global Navigation System

GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System

GNU Gnu's Not UNIX (operating system)

GNW general nuclear war

GO 1general officer(s), 2general orders, 3grant officers

GO&P general operations and plans

GO/FO general officer/flag officer

GOA 1generic open architecture, 2[AR 310-50] general operating agency

GOAL ground operations aerospace language

GOB ground order of battle

GOBILS [United States] Government Bill of Lading System

GOC 1Government of Canada, 2[AR 310-50] gunnery officer's console

GOCI general operator-computer interaction

GOCO [United States] Government-owned and contractor-operated (facility)

GOCOM general officer command

GOE ground operating equipment

GOES geostationary operational environmental satellite (NASA)

GOFLAS ground fuel logistical summary

GOGO [United States] Government-owned, [United States] Government-operated (facility)

GOI [AR 310-50] Government of Indonesia

GOL general operating language

GOLD graphic on-line language

GOLDS general on-line display system (WWMCCS®)

GOLDWING portable HF communications system for transmitting weather products in forward areas

GOMA [AR 310-50] general officer money allowance

GOP 1general operational plot, 2generated options plans, 3group operations plan, 4[AR 310-50] general outpost, 5[AR 310-50] ground observer post

GOPARS [United States] Government operated counterpart

Gopher a versatile menu-driven information service

GOPL [AR 310-50] general outpost line

GOR 1gained output ratio, 2general operational requirement, 3grant officer representative

GORID ground optical recorder for intercept determination

GORP goal-oriented replanner

GOS grade of service

GOSC general officer steering committee

GOSG [JP 1-02] general officer steering group

GOSIP [United States] Government Open Systems Intercommunications Profile

GOSS ground operational support system

GOTS [United States] Government off-the-shelf

Govt [AR 310-50] Government

GOWG general officer working group

gp group

GP 1[United States] Government property, 2general purpose, 3generalized programming, 4ground protective [relay], 5group, 6gas plasma, 7guided projectile, 8[United States] Government personnel

GP&RP [United States] Government production and research property

GPA 1general purpose analysis, 2graphical PERT analog, 3gas path analysis, 4[AR 310-50] guidance platform assembly

GPALS global protection against limited strikes

GPAMS ground processing automated maintenance system

GPARS generic phased array radar simulation

GPAS [AR 310-50] general performance appraisal system

GPATS general purpose automatic test system

GPC 1general purpose computer, 2[United States] Government procurement code

GPCDU general purpose control and display unit

GPCL general purpose closed loop

GPCP generalized process control programming

GPCSC general purpose computer support center (Army)

GPD [JP 1-02] gallons per day

GPDC general purpose digital computer

GPDS general purpose display system

GPEE general purpose encryption equipment

GPETE general purpose electronic test equipment

GPF 1ground processing facility, 2gas proof, 3general protection fault

GPFU [TTPIO-ABCS] gas particulate filter units

GPGL general purpose graphic language

GPI 1graphics programming interface, 2ground position indicator, 3general purpose interface, 4glide path indicator

GPIA 1general purpose interface adapter, 2general purpose interface assembly

GPIB 1general purpose information bus, 2general purpose interface bus

GPL 1general purpose link, 2general purpose language, 3general public license

GPLA general purpose line adapter

GPLD [United States] Government property lost or damaged

GPLP general purpose linear programming

GPLR [United States] Government-purpose license rights

GPM 1general purpose macrogenerator, 2[JP 4-06] gallons per minute

GPMDM [JP 1-02] group modem

GPMG general-purpose machine gun

GPMR [United States] Government PMR

GPMRC [JP 4-02] Global Patient Movement Requirements Center

GPMS general purpose microprogram simulator

GPO 1[United States] Government Printing Office, 2general post office

GPP 1general plant projects, 2generic packetized protocol

GPR 1general purpose register [IBM], 2[United States] Government purpose right

GPRA [United States] Government Performance and Results Act

GPS 1Global Positioning System (formerly NAVSTAR), 2Global Positioning Satellite, 3general problem solver, 4Global Protection System, 5ground playback station, 6Ground Processing System (C-5)

GPSCS general purpose satellite communications system

GPSS general purpose systems simulator (language)

GPU 1general purpose user, 2ground power unit

GPV general purpose vehicle

GPW [AR 310-50] Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War, 12 August 1949

GPW 1929 [AR 310-50] Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War, 27 July 1929

GPWS 1ground proximity warning system, 2general purpose work system

GPX general programming extended

GQ general quarters (battle stations)

GQA [United States] Government quality assurance

GR 1graphics, 2general reconnaissance, 3general reserve, 4grid reference, 5ground attack reconnaissance, 6[United States] Government representative, 7[FM 101-5-1] Greece, 8[JP 4-05] graduated response, 9[AR 310-50] gunnery range

GR-GP global reach – global power

GR/GP global reach/global power


GRACE graphic arts composing equipment

grad [AR 310-50] graduate

GRAD 1general recursive algebra and differentiation, 2graduate resume accumulation and distribution

GRADB generalized remote access database

GRADD graphics adapter device driver [IBM]

GRADS 1Generalized Remote Access Database System, 2Ground Radar Aerial Delivery System

GRAF graphic addition to FORTRAN

GRAMPA general analytical model for process analysis

GRAPE gamma-ray attenuation porosity evaluator

GRAPHDEN graphic data entry

graser gamma-ray amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

GRASP 1generalized retrieval and storage program, 2graphic service program, 3[CJCSI 3410.01] general retrieval and sort processor

GRASP/OP generalized retrieval and sort processor/output (JCS)

GRATIS generation, reduction, and training input system

GRC 1General Research Corporation, 2[AR 310-50] Government of the Republic of China

GRCA [JP 1-02] ground reference coverage area

GRCS Guardrail Common Sensor, AN/USD-9B

GRD ground

GRDS generic radar display system

GRE 1graduate record examination, 2ground read-out equipment, 3graphics engine

GREEN $ Marine Corps appropriations

grendr [AR 310-50] grenadier

GREP global regular expression print (UNIX command)

GRFO [AR 310-50] gun range finder operator

GRG gross reserve generation

GRH Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Budget Deficit Control Act

GRI group repetition interval

GRID graphic interactive display

GRIER ground rescue, infiltrate, exfiltrate, resupply

GRIN graphical input

GRINS general retrieval inquiry negotiation structure

GRIT graduated reduction in tensions

GRL gross requirement list

GRLD graphic remote interface display

GRMT Guardrail Maintenance Trainer

GRNP general remote network processor

GROS Graphics Reconnaissance Operations System

GROUNDHOG DoD program of non-nuclear high explosive experiments, part of Vela Uniform

GROUPS [AR 310-50] Group Movement System

GRP 1glass-reinforced plastic, 2[United States] Government-required property

GRR guidance reference release

GRREG [AR 310-50] graves registration

GRS 1generalized retrieval system, 2[AR 310-50] general records schedules, 3gross, 4[AR 310-50] Graves Registration Service

GRT [United States] Government rate tender

GRTS general remote terminal system (Honeywell)

GRWT gross weight

GS 1general search, 2general support [level of maintenance], 3galvinized steel, 4geological survey, 5ground speed, 6general schedule,7general service, 8glide slope, 9group separator, 10general system, 11[AR 310-50] general staff

GS-R [JP 3-09] general support-reinforcing

GS/GM general schedule and/or general manager

GSA 1General Services Administration, 2general and administration expenses, 3ground support agency

GSABC General Services Administration Board of Contracting

GSAS generation sequence action schedule

GSBCA General Services Board of Contract Appeals

GSC 1gas-solid chromatography, 2general staff council,3[United States] Government security committee

GSCU ground support cooling unit

GSD 1graphical situation display, 2general system description, 3general supply depot, 4general support division

GSDFJ [AR 310-50] Ground Self Defense Force Japan

GSDSM Global Circulation Dust and Smoke Model (JDSSC)

GSE 1ground support equipment, 2general supply equipment, 3global security environment

GSERD ground support equipment requirement data

GSF1GhostScript font, 2general support forces

GSFC Goddard Space Flight Center

GSG [AR 310-50] general support group

GSI 1grand scale integration, 2[United States] Government source inspection, 3general server interface, 4[JP 1-02] glide slope indicator

GSIS ground safety information system

GSL 1generalized simulation language, 2generation strategy language

GSLB [AR 310-50] Gold Star Lapel Button

GSM 1[JSTARS] Ground Station Module, 2ground support module, 3general support maintenance, 4global shared memory, 5Global System for Mobile-Communications [Network], 6ground safety manager

GSMDS [JSTARS] GSM Maintenance Training Dismounted System

GSMTS [JSTARS] GSM Training System

GSNW Gateway Service for NetWare [Microsoft]

GSO 1ground safety office, 2general service officers

GSOIA general security of information agreement

GSOMIA general security of military information agreement

GSOR [AR 310-50] general staff operational requirements

GSORTS GCCS Status of Resources and Training System

GSP 1general simulation program, 2guidance signal processor, 3general strike plan (NATO)

GSPR guidance signal processor repeater

GSQA [United States] Government source quality assurance

GSR 1ground surveillance radar, 2general support reinforcing, 3galvanic skin response

GSRS [AR 310-50] general support rocket system

GSS 1global surveillance system, 2graphic software system, 3ground support system, 4general staff requirement, 5group support systems, 6general support system, 7[AR 310-50] general service schools

GSS API generic security service application program interface

GSS/L general staff support/large

GSS/M general staff support/medium

GSSA 1general support supply activity, 2[JP 4-01.7] general supply support area

GSSC ground support simulation computer

GST 1ground sensor terminal, 2ground station terminal,3[United States] Government standard translator, 4[AR 310-50] geographical specialist team

GSTA ground surveillance and target acquisition

GSTE gunnery standard training exercise

GSTN general switched telephone network

GSTS Ground-Based Surveillance and Tracking System

GSU 1general service unit, 2general support unit, 3geographically separated unit

GSWR galvanized steel wire rope

GSWT [AR 310-50] general staff with troops

gt [JP 1-02] gross tons

GT 1[United States] Government technical, 2game theory, 3ground transmit, 4gross ton, 5[FM 101-5-1] Guatemala

GTA 1graphic training aid, 2guaranteed traffic agreement

GTC 1gain time constant, 2gain time control, 3general transformation corporation

GTCC group technology characterization code

GTCSS generic tactical command support system

GTD 1geometrical theory of diffraction, 2graphic tablet display, 3gun turret drive

GTE 1ground transportation equipment, 2General Telephone Electronics, 3[United States] Government technical evaluator

GTF GWEN Training Facility

GTGS [AR 310-50] gas turbine generator set

GTL 1gross task list, 2gunning transceiver logic, 3[JP 1-02] gun-target line

GTM glass to metal

GTN Global Transportation Network (USTRANSCOM)

GTO 1gate-turn-off [switches], 2guide to operations [IBM]

GTOW gross take off weight

GTP general test plan

GTR [United States] Government transportation request

GTS 1general technical services, 2GEODSS Test Site, 3gas turbine starter

GTTC ground tactical training center

GTv gate trigger valve

GTV ground test vehicle

GU Guam

GUARD 1emergency radio channel, 2[JP 1-03.17] US National Guard and Air Guard


GUARDRAIL V Airborne HF/VHF/UHF Intercept and Location System

GUARDS General Unified Ammunition Reporting Data System (JCS)

GUHA general unary hypotheses automation

GUI graphical user interface

GUID 1global universal identifier, 2globally unique identifier, 3group user identifier

GUIDE guidance for users of integrated data equipment

Guidepost tools for missile analysis

GULP general utility library program

GUSTO guidance using stable tuning oscillations

GUUG gross unit unavailable generation

GV 1guard vessel, 2[AR 310-50] grid variation

GVA graphic kilovolt-ampere meter

GVT 1global virtual time, 2ground vibration test

GVU graphics visualization and usability

GVW gross vehicle weight

GW 1gateway, 2general warning, 3gross weight, 4guided weapon, 5[FM 101-5-1] guerrilla warfare


GWAM get well analysis module (WSMIS)

GWC [USAF]Global Weather Central


GWEF guided weapon evaluation facility

GWEN ground wave emergency network

GWIP global weather intercept position

GWO [AR 310-50] general watch officer

GWOA [AR 310-50] guerrilla warfare operational area

GWR [AR 310-50] general war reserves

GWS 1general war system, 2graphics work station, 3[AR 310-50] Geneva Convention for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded and Sick in Armed Forces in the Field, 12 August 1949

GWS 1929 [AR 310-50] Geneva Convention for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded and Sick in Armed Forces in the Field, 2 July 1929

GWS Sea [AR 310-50] Geneva Convention for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded, Sick, and Shipwrecked Members of the Armed Forces at Sea, 12 August 1949

GWT [AR 310-50] gross weight

GZ ground zero