Index Military Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations

p pico

P 1positive, 2plate, 3pump, 4aircraft symbol – patrol, 5priority precedence, 6precision, 7prohibited area, 7[JP 1-02] parallel pattern, 8[JP 1-02] priority

P&A 1price and availability, 2programming and analysis, 3priorities and allocations, 4[AR 310-50] personnel and administration

P&B planning and budgeting

P&D production and deployment

P&E [AR 310-50] propellants and explosives

P&F program and financial plan

P&I 1privileges and immunities, 2planning and implementation

P&ID 1piping and instrumentation diagram, 2piping and instrumentation drawings

P&L profit and loss

P&P 1planning and programming, 2procurement and production

P&R 1planning and resources, 2plans and requirements, 3price and review

P&S personnel and security (REDCOM/JDA)

P&T personnel and training

P&TF prototype and test facility

P&TS program and technical support

P-3 Orion

P-CON Personnel Constraints Aid

P-day [AR 310-50] production day

P-HSIP preliminary human system integration plan

P-MAIL paper mail

P-P peak to peak

P-SRAM pseudo-static random access memory

P-STATIC [JP 1-02] precipitation static

P.L. public law

P.O.D. piece of data

P/AR peak-to-average ratio

P/C [JP 1-02] pleasure craft

P/CA price/cost analyst

P/N part number

P/O 1preservation by operation, 2[JP 1-02] part of

P/P 1point to point, 2preplanned, 3[JP 1-02] patch panel

P/S principal/secondary item code

P/T part time

P/U power unit

P1 [AR 310-50] PERSHING 1

P1a [AR 310-50] PERSHING 1a

P2C4I power projection command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence

P3 1portable plotting package, 2PARSE Preprocessing Program

P3I preplanned product improvement

P3IP preplanned product improvement program

P3M personnel policy projection model

P4I preplanned product and process improvement

PA 1pad abort, 2pending availability, 3pendulous axis, 4picoampere, 5pilotless aircraft, 6point of aim, 7power amplifier, 8pressure angle, 9Privacy Act, 10product analysis, 11probability of acceptance, 12program address, 13program analysis, 14program authorization [USAF], 15protected area, 16public address [system], 17pulse amplifier, 18precision attack, 19probability of arrival, 20product assurance, 21public affairs, 22procurement authorization, 23provisional acceptance, 24per annum, 25performance analysis, 26phased array, 27physician's assistant, 28pilot's associate, 29preparing activity, 30purchasing agent, 31pamphlet, 32patterm of analysis, 33performance analyzer, 34procurement appropriation, 35program authority, 36project analyst, 37property administrator, 38provisioning activity, 39[FM 101-5-1] Paraguay, 40[JP 1-02] parent relay, 41[AR 310-50] proponent agency

PA/A procurement of ammunition (appropriation), Army

PA/AF procurement of ammunition (appropriation), Air Force

PA/N procurement of ammunition (appropriation), Navy

PA&E program analysis and evaluation

PAA 1procurement of ammunition, Army, 2primary authorized aircraft, 3primary assigned aircraft, 4[FM 101-5-1] position area for artillery

PAAC program analysis adaptable control

PAAT passive acoustics analysis trainer

PAB personal address book

PABLA problem analysis by logical approach

PABST primary adhesive bonded structure technology

PABX private automatic branch exchange [telephone]

PAC 1pedagogic automatic computer, 2personal analog computer, 3Pacific Area, 4patient airlift center, 5Personal Authenticator Card (DD Form 1833), 6planning advisory committee, 7player access control [PCD], 8data packet, 9performance acceptance certified, 10price adjustment code, 11political action committee, 12product acceptance criteria, 13production acceptance certification, 14[AR 310-50] personnel and administration center, 15[AR 310-50] pursuant to authority contained in

PAC-3 Patriot Advanced Capability Level-3

PAC II CCSC Project Management System

PACAF [USAF] Pacific Air Forces

PACAIDS PACOM Crisis Action Information Distribution System

PACAMS 1Pacific Aircrew Management system, 2Panama Canal Area Military School

PACAS [AR 310-50] Patient Care System

PACBAR Pacific Radar Barrier

PACC 1Pacific Airlift Control Center, 2product assessment and certification center

PACCAT Pacific Area Command and Control AUTODIN Terminal

PACCOMMAREA Pacific Communications Area (AFCC)

PACCS Post Attack Command and Control System (USAF) [now known as Strategic Command and Control System (SCACS)]

PACCT PERT and cost correlation technique

PACDA [AR 310-50] Personnel and Administration, Combat Development Activity

PACE 1plant acquisition and construction equipment, 2precision analog computing equipment, 3processing and classification of enlistees (ATC), 4preflight automatic checkout equipment, 5programming analysis consulting education, 6projects to advance creativity in education, 7program acquisition cost estimate, 8priority access control enabled [3Com], 9Pacific Airlift Center, 10proving and adjustment for communications efficiency,11phased-array control electronics

PACED program for advanced concepts in electronic design

PACER 1process assembly case evaluator routine, 2program assisted console evaluation and review, 3programmed automatic communication equipment

PACER ACQUIRE AFLC Management System Acquisition (AFCL)

PACFLT United States Pacific Fleet (USN)

PACIR propulsion, aerodynamic, controls integrated research

PACK packing, packaging, preservation, and transportability

PACM passive access control module

PACMEDS Pacific Meteorological Distribution Systems

PACMS Pacific Crisis Management System

PACOM Pacific Command [USN]

PACOR passive correlation and ranging station

PACS 1Passenger Automated Check-In System (MAC), 2Pentagon Automated Communications System, 3Picture Archiving and Communication System

PACS-L public access computer systems list [Internet]

PACT 1production analysis control technique, 2pay actual computer time, 3programmed analysis computer transfer, 4programmed automatic circuit tester

PACTAIS Pacific Theater Air Intelligence System (PACAF)

PACTIDS Pacific TAC Intelligence Data System (PACOM)


PAD 1program action directive, 2post-activation diffusion, 3propellant actuated device, 4packet assembler/disassembler [required for packet-switched networks], 5packet assembly/ disassembly, 6planning analysis document, 7port air defense, 8point air defense, 9[AR 310-50] preferred arrival date, 10[AR 310-50] public affairs division

PADAR 1passive detection and ranging, 2[AR 310-50] program approved disposal and redistribution

PADD [JP 4-06] person authorized to direct disposition of remains

PADDS Procurement Automated Data and Document System

PADLOCK passive detection and location of countermeasures

PADMIS [AR 310-50] Patient Administration Information System

PADO [AR 310-50] proposed advanced development objective

PADOC [AR 310-50] pay adjustment documentation

PADP production automated design process

PADR production administration delinquency report

PADRE 1patient automatic data recording equipment, 2portable automatic data recording equipment

PADS 1passive-active data simulation, 2position and azimuth determination system, 3Pen Application Development System [Slate Corporation], 4price and availability data sheet, 5[CJCSI 6130.01] Position Azimuth Determining System

PADT post-alloy-diffused transistor

PAE 1program analysis and evaluation, 2post accident environment, 3power-added efficiency

PAECT [AR 310-50] pollution abatement and environmental control technology

PAEM program analysis and evaluation model

PAFB Patrick AFB

PAFC2N PACAF Command and Control Network

PAFCONET PACAF Teletypewriter Network

PAFDEF PACAF Defense Network

PAFSC primary Air Force specialty code

PAFVONET PACAF Command and Control Voice Network

PAG 1public affair guidance, 2[AR 310-50] project advisory group

PAGE 1PERT automated graphical extension, 2[AR 310-50] piston arrestment gas entrapment system (Sprint Launch Cell)

PAGEL priced AGE list

PAGODA Profile Alignment Group for Open Document Architecture

PAHO [AR 310-50] Pan Americal Health Organization

PAI 1provisional acceptance inspection, 2programmer appraisal instrument, 3primary aircraft inventory

PAIC public address intercom system

PAID program acquisition information database

PAIH public-access Internet host

PAILS 1publication Army information locator system, 2publication automated information locator system

PAIS public-access Internet site

PAL 1phase alternation by line, 2pedagogic algorithmic language, 3permanent artificial lighting, 4permissive action link, 5phase alteration line [German television system], 6process assembly languages, 7programmable array logic, 8prototype application loop, 9Paradox Applications Language [Borland], 10parcel airlift, 11programming assembly language, 12programmer assistance and liaison, 13psychoacoustic laboratory, 14portable, accurate, lightweight, 15programmed array logic, 16program assembler language, 17preliminary allowance list, 18projected average loss, 19[JP 1-02] personnel allowance list

PAL-D phase alteration line delay

PALADIN AFCS M109A6 Artillery Fire Control System

PALASM programmable array logic assembler

PALC plasma-addressed liquid crystal (display)

PALCC Pacific Airlift Control Center (PACAF)

PALR [AR 310-50] permissive action link report

PALS 1Principles of the Alphabet Literacy System, 2portable airfield lighting system, 3Patrioit Automated Logistic System, 4[CJCSI 6130.01] Precision Approach Landing System

PALSG [AR 310-50] personnel and logistic systems group

PALT procurement acquisition lead time

pam pamphlet

PAM 1Department of the Army Partial Mobilization Expansion Plan, 2pulse amplitude modulation, 3priorities and allocations manual, 4pole amplitude modulation, 5post-accident monitoring, 6procurement and acquisition management, 7program analysis memorandum

PAMC provisional acceptable means of compliance

PAMCS Panel on Air Space Management and Control System (ACCS)

PAMELA process abstraction method for embedded large applications

PAMIS PSYOP Automated Manpower Information System

PAMPER 1practical application of mid-points for exponential regression, 2two-group perturbation group diffusion reactor code

PAMS 1Pacific AUTODIN Multiplex System, 2PMEL Automated Management System, 3program acquisition management system

PAMUSA [AR 310-50] post attack mobilization of the United States Army

PAN 1production approval number, 2primary alerting network, 3personal area network [IBM]

PANS [JP 1-02] procedures for air navigation services

PAO 1program action officer, 2property accounting office, 3public affairs officer, 4pulsed avalanche diode oscillator, 5public affairs office, 6Privacy Act officer, 7project administration officer, 8[AR 310-50] primary action office

PAOC 1Pacific Air Operations Center (PACAF), 2postaward orientation conference

PAP 1product assurance plan, 2password authentication protocol, 3packet-level procedure, 4printer access protocol, 5part acceptance probability, 6[AR 310-50] personnel assistance point

PAPA 1programmer and probability analyzer, 2public affairs proponency activity

PAPE photoactive pigment electrophotography

PAPI precision approach path indicator

PAPIE-IKE process analysis and project integrated environment integrated knowledge environment application

PAPL preliminary allowance part list

PAPO papers acquisition program office

PAPS 1Periodic Armaments Planning System (NATO), 2portable Ada programming system

PAQ pending action queue

PAR 1peak accelerometer recorder, 2performance analysis and review, 3performance appraisal report, 4phased array radar, 5perimeter acquisition radar, 6precision approach radar, 7program appraisal and review, 8purchase approval request, 9project authorization request, 10peak to average ratio, 11planning activity report, 12population at risk, 13positive acknowledgment with retransmission, 14preliminary analysis review, 15program acquisition request, 16program ADP requirement, 17projected automation requirement, 18personal animation recorder, 19personnel at risk, 20parallel, 21power analyzer and recorder, 22pulse acquisition radar, 23program assessment review (Air Force), 24[JP 1-02] CJCS Preparedness Assessment Report, 25performance assessment report, 26price analysis report, 27prioritization of aircraft reparable, 28programmed annual rate, 29proposal analysis report

para paragraph

PARA problem analysis and recommended action

PARADE passive-active ranging and determination

PARAMP parametric amplifier

PARASYN parametric synthesis

PARB [AR 310-50] perimeter acquisition radar building

PARC 1progressive aircraft reconditioning cycle, 2Palo Alto Research Center [XEROX], 3principal assistant responsible for contracting

PARCS Perimeter Acquisition Radar Attack Characterization System

PARD 1parts application reliability data, 2periodic and random deviation, 3precision annotated retrieval display, 4phased array radar detection/track, 5[AR 310-50] Personnel Actions and Records Directorate, MILPERCEN

PARDP [AR 310-50] perimeter acquisition radar data processor

PARDPS PAR data processing system

paren parentheses

PARKHILL [JP 1-02] high frequency cryptological device

PARM 1program analysis for resource management, 2participating acquisition manager

PARMIS Planning and Resource Management Information System

PARP Preengineered AUTOVON Restoral Plan Pacific

PARPRO 1Peacetime Aerial Reconnaissance Program, 2[JP 1-02] peacetime application of reconnaissance programs

PARR 1program analysis and resource review (Army), 2program assessment review report, 3program analysis resource report, 4procurement authorization and receiving report

PARS 1Performance Analysis Reports System, 2Procurement Accounting and Reporting System

Parsaval pattern recognition system application evaluation

PARSE Phased Array Radar Simulation Environment

parsq [AR 310-50] pararescue

PARTNER proof of analog results through numerically equivalent routine

PARTS 1parts analysis and review technique for spares, 2Parts Automated Repairable Tracking System (USAF), 3price analysis and review technique for support

PAS 1primary alert system, 2Privacy Act statement, 3program address storage, 4personnel accounting symbol, 5pre-award survey, 6personnel accounting system, 7product acceptance test specification, 8programmable audio synthesizer, 9pulse analysis system, 10personnel automation section

PASC proposed/actual support cost

PASCAL 1Phillips automatic sequence calculator, 2programming language named for Blaise Pascal

PASE power assisted storage equipment

PASM pre-award survey manager

PASO preaward support office

PASS 1production automated scheduling system, 2program aid software systems, 3program alternative simulation system, 4pre-award survey system, 5procurement automated source system, 6[AR 310-50] Procurement Aging and Staging System

PASSEX passage/passing exercise

PASTRAM Passenger Traffic Management System (MTMC)

PAT 1parametric artificial talker, 2power ascension testing, 3personalized array translator, 4production acceptance test, 5program attitude test, 6process action team, 7passive angle-tracking, 8port assistance team, 9program activation team, 10[JP 1-02] public affairs team, 11[AR 310-50] pattern analysis test, 12[AR 310-50] priority air travel

PAT&E production acceptance test and evaluation

PAT/ARM passive angle tracking / anti-radiation missile system

PATA pneumatic all-terrain vehicle

PATC professional, administrative, technical, and clerical

PATCENT [AR 310-50] patching central

PATE 1programmed automatic test equipment, 2programmable ATEC terminal element

PATF program activation task force

PATH performance analysis and test histories

PATI passive airborne time-difference intercept

PATRIOT air defense SAM system (Army)

PATRIOT ICC Phased Array Tracking to Intercept of Target Information and Coordination Center

PATS 1prototype automated telecommunications system, 2plant account tracking system

PATT project for the analysis of technology transfer

PAU pilotless aircraft unit

PAUC program acquisition unit cost

PAV 1price and availability system, 2progress assistance visit, 3[AR 310-50] personnel allotment voucher

PAVE principles and applications of value engineering

PAW producibility assessment worksheet

PAWES Performance Assessment and Workload Evaluation System

PAWG public affairs working group

PAWOS Portable Automatic Weather Observable Station

PAWS 1Portable ASAS/ENSCE Work Station (obsolete), 2prototype analyst work station, 3phased array warning system

PAX 1private automatic exchange, 2portable archive exchange [UNIX], 3passengers

PAX DOC passenger documentation

PAXIS Patuxent Inventory System

PAY Payment Schedule System

PAYGO pay as you go

PB 1pipe break, 2playback, 3pilot board, 4plug board, 5pushbutton, 6patrol boat, 7President's Budget, 8product baseline, 9particle beam, 10parts breakdown, 11pay back, 12program baseline, 13program budget, 14publishing bulletin, 15[AR 310-50] property book

PB-AESRS [AR 310-50] property book - Army Equipment Status Reporting System

PBA 1production base analysis, 2[AR 310-50] Pine Bluff Arsenal

PBAC Program Budget Advisory Committee

PBAS Program Budget Accounting System

PBBE 1performance based business environment, 2[DoD/DSMC] performance based business environment (USAF)

PBBS Physical Baseline Build Standard

PBC 1program and budget committee, 2price break calculator, 3[DoD/DSMC] performance based contracting

PBC/SELCOM program and budget committee/selection committee

PBCR [JP 1-02] portable bar code recorder

PBD 1production buy decision, 2program budget decision, 3program begin date

PBDG push-button data generator

PBE prompt by example

PBEIST [AR 310-50] Planning Board European Inland Surface Transport

PBG program and budget guidance

PBGA plastic ball grid array

PBHP pounds per brake horsepower

PBI 1push button indicator, 2[AR 310-50] partial background investigation

PBIT parity bit

PBJ partial-band jammer

PBL 1performance based language, 2product baseline

PBM 1portable bitmap, 2Pre-negotiation briefing memorandum

PBMA production base modernization activity

PBO property book officer

PBOM priced bill of materiel

PBOS [AR 310-50] Planning Board for Ocean Shipping

PBR 1program budgetary review, 2[USN] river patrol craft, 3[AR 310-50] precision bombing range

PBRC program budget review committee

PBS 1production base support, 2project breakdown structure, 3Public Broadcasting System, 4program breakdown structure

PBS-I project baseline summary one

PBS/IS public buildings service/information system

PBSC performance based service contracting

PBV post-boost vehicle

PBW 1particle beam weapons, 2parts by weight, 3particle beam weapons

PBWS performance (based) work statement

PBX private branch exchange

pC 1picocoulomb, 2picocurie

Pc [JP 1-02] cumulative probability of detection

PC 1personal computer, 2pitch circle, 3pitch control, 4point of curve, 5polar crane, 6printed circuit, 7punched card, 8program coordination, 9program counter, 10pulsating current, 11production control, 12professional computer, 13[USN] patrol corvette, 14[USN] patrol craft, 15Peace Corps, 16percent, 17percentage, 18physical conditioning, 19postal and courier, 20platoon commander, 21power control, 22pulse compression, 23procurement cycle, 24product center, 25[JP 1-02] Principals Committee, 26[JP 3-04.1] pilot-in-command, 27[AR 310-50] port call, 28[AR 310-50] purchasing and contracting

PC-AETIS Personal Computer – Army Extension Information System

PC-DOS Personal Computer – Disk Operating System [IBM]

PC-I/O program controlled input/output [devices]

PC-III Personnel Concept III

PC-LITE [JP 1-02] processor, laptop imagery transmission equipment

PC-POP personal computer performance oriented packaging

PC&H packaging, crating, and handling

PCA 1policy certification authority, 2principal component analysis, 3Pacific Communications Area (AFCC), 4permanent change of assignment, 5polar cap absorption, 6physical configuration audit, 7project change agreement, 8[JP 1-02] printed card assembly

PCAC 1primary control and analysis center, 2partially conserved axial vector current

PCACIAS Personal Computer Automated Calibration Interval Analysis System

PCAM punched card accounting machine

PCARSS Plant Clearance Automated Reutilization Screening System

PCAS 1Personnel Cost Accounting System, 2primary central alarm station

PCASS Parts Control Automated Support System

PCAT personal computer access tool

PCB 1printed circuit board, 2packet core protocol, 3power circuit breaker, 4program control block, 5power control board, 6parts control board, 7product configuration baseline

PCBC plain cipher block chaining

PCC 1partial crystal control, 2point of compound curve, 3primary command center, 4pre-command course, 5PC cluster controller, 6polarity coincidence correlation receiver, 7Panama Canal Commission, 8production control clerk, 9provisioning control code, 10[JP 1-02] primary control center, 11[JP 1-02] policy coordinating committee, 12[AR 310-50] postal concentration center

PCCB [AR 310-50] project configuration control board

PCCD peristaltic charge-coupled device

PCCE product center civil engineer

PCCIE power conditioning and continuation interfacing equipment

PCCN 1provisioning contract control number, 2[AR 310-50] port call control number

PCCS 1PACOM Command and Control System, 2personnel command and control system, 3photographic camera control system

PCCU [AR 310-50] punched card control unit

PCD 1program change decision, 2photoconductive decay, 3power control device, 4photo compact disk, 5Pacific Communications Division, 6performance criteria document, 7production control desk

PCDC punched card data processing

PCE 1preliminary closure estimate, 2professional continuing education, 3punched card equipment, 4Post-Communist Europe, 5program cost estimate, 6parametric cost estimate, 7patrol craft escort

PCEB PCI to EISA bridge [Intel]

PCESP Program Communication Electronic Support Program (AFCC)

PCF 1pounds per cubic foot [use p/ft3 ], 2patrol craft (fast), 3personal computing facility, 4[JP 1-02] personnel control facilities

PCFIS PACAF Combat Fuels Information System

PCG planning and control guide

PCH packing, crating, and handling

PCH&T packaging, crating, handling, and transportation

PCHT [AR 310-50] packaging, crating, handling, and transportation

PCI 1panel call indicator, 2peripheral command indicator, 3personal computer interface, 4product configuration identification, 5peripheral component interconnect, 6peripheral component interface, 7production count indicator

PCIC personal computer-card interrupt controller

PCIE President’s Council on Integrity and Efficiency

PCIU programmable communications interface unit

PCL 1printer control language, 2positive control launch, 3process control language, 4personnel security clearance, 5post conference list, 6programming checklist

PCLDI prototype closed loop development installation

PCLS 1prototype closed loop system, 2public contract law section

PCLSAR personal computer logistic support analysis record

PCLT 1prototype closed loop test, 2procurement lead time

PCM 1pulse-code modulation, 2pulse-count modulation, 3punched card machine, 4printer cartridge metric [HP], 5personal computer manufacturer, 6price competition memorandum, 7production cost model, 8program cost management, 9[AR 310-50] planning and control memorandum

PCMAS portable computer-based maintenance system

PCMC 1PCI, cache, memory controller [Intel], 2President's Commission on Military Compensation

PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card International Association

PCME pulse-code modulated event

PCMI photochromic microimage

PCMIM personal computer media interface module

PCMS 1project by contract management system, 2[AR 310-50] punched card machine systems

PCN 1production control number, 2program change number, 3programmed numerical control, 4personal computer network, 5personal communication network, 6product control number, 7program control number, 8[AR 310-50] project control number

PCNFS personal computer network file system

PCO 1principal contracting officer, 2procuring contracting officer, 3program contracting officer, 4point of control and observation, 5procuring contracting office, 6procurement contracting officer, 7[JP 1-02] primary control officer, 8[AR 310-50] publications control officer

PCOE port of entry

PCOS primary communications oriented system

PCP 1parallel cascade processor, 2parallel circular plate, 3photon-coupled pair, 4post-construction permit, 5primary control program, 6process control processor, 7processor control program, 8program change proposal, 9project control plan, 10punched card punch, 11programmable data processors, 12program control plan, 13personnel control point, 14platoon command post, 15programmable communications processor, 16parts control program, 17[TP 71-9] programmable communications processor, 18[AR 310-50]passenger control point

PCPP parts control program plan

PCR 1peer code review, 2photoconductive relay, 3procedure change request, 4program change request, 5program control register, 6punched card reader, 7projected communications requirement, 8physical control space, 9protected cable system, 10problem change report, 11procurement center representative, 12production center response, 13production cost requirement, 14publication change request

PCRB property control record book

PCRTS [JP 3-07.5] primary casualty receiving and treatment ship

PCS 1permanent change of station, 2pointing control system, 3power conversion system, 4print contrast scale, 5process control system, 6patchable control store, 7personal communication services, 8personal communication system, 9personal conferencing specification, 10planning control sheet, 11programmable drive table, 12program counter store, 13project control system, 14performance command system, 15physical control space, 16protected cable system,17portable control station, 18print contrast signal, 19[JP 1-02] primary control ship, 20[JP 1-02] processor controlled strapping, 21[AR 310-50] post, camp, or station, 22[AR 310-50] physically controlled space

PCSA property control system analysis

PCSC power conditioning, switching, and control

PCSD proposed contract summary document

PCSMS PACAF Combat Supplies Management Subsystem

PCSO Presidential Communications Support Office

PCSP Program Communications Electronic Support Program (USAF/PACAF)

PCT 1photon-coupled transistor, 2planning and control techniques, 3private communication technology, 4power control test

PCTA plastic-cased telescoped ammunition

PCTC Pentagon Consolidated Telecommunications Center

PCTE portable common tool environment

PCTF plant component test facility

PCTIP Panama Canal Treaty Implementation Plan

PCTM pulse-count modulation

PCTR product center

PCU 1power control unit, 2power conversion unit, 3pressure control unit, 4progress control unit, 5portable control unit, 6power conditioning unit, 7[AR 310-50] printed control unit

PCUA power controller unit assembly

PCV 1pollution control valve, 2pressure control valve, 3[AR 310-50] passenger carrying vehicle

PCW 1pulsed continuous wave, 2[AR 310-50] previously complied with

PCZ [JP 1-02] physical control zone

pd period

Pd [JP 1-02] drift compensated parallelogram pattern

PD 1program directive, 2procurement directive, 3priority designator, 4public domain, 5partial discharges, 6peripheral device, 7pitch diameter, 8preliminary design, 9planned derating, 10positive displacement, 11power distribution, 12priority directive, 13Presidential Directive, 14project documentation, 15projected decision date, 16planning directive, 17probability of damage, 18probability of destruction, 19probability of detection, 20procedures description, 21program director [USAF], 22pulse doppler (radar), 23program document, 24phase-change dual, 25passive defense, 26pictorial display, 27potential difference, 28product definition, 29pre-digital, 30probability of damage, 31project definition, 32policy directive, 33presidential determination, 34product directorate, 35production and deployment phase, 36[FM 101-5-1] point of departure

PD&OS production deployment and operational support

PD&RR program definition and risk reduction

PDA 1post-defection acceleration, 2precision drive axis, 3preliminary design approval, 4predocketed application [CP due to be tendered], 5preliminary design authorization, 6principal development activity, 7Procurement Defense Agency, 8public display of affection, 9personal digital assistant, 10push down automaton, 11principal decision authority, 12principal developing agency, 13principal developing activity, 14[AR 310-50] present duty assignment option, 15[AR 310-50] property disposal agent

PDAI [CJCSI 4410.01A] primary development/test aircraft inventory

PDB 1Presisent’s daily brief, 2[FM 101-5-1] PSYOP dissemination battalion

PDC 1performance data computer, 2power distribution control, 3primary domain controller, 4programming, design and construction, 5premission documentation change, 6primary development contract, 7Professional Development Center (AFCEA), 8primary development contract, 9product directorate code, 10program designator code, 11[AR 310-50] Per Diem, Travel, and Transportation Allowance Committee for Department of the Army, Navy, and Air Force, 12[AR 310-50] proficiency data card

PDCO [AR 310-50] property disposal contracting officer

PDCRS post deployment computer resource support

PDCS performance data computer system

PDD 1program directive document, 2program design data, 3prospective decision date, 4product delivery device, 5proposal due date, 6physical device driver, 7Presidential decision directive, 8priority delivery date

PDDA [JP 4-06] power driven decontamination apparatus

PDDI product definition data interface

PDDLS [AR 310-50] post D-Day logistic support

PDE 1product data exchange, 2[AR 310-50] prospective data element

PDEIS preliminary draft environmental impact statement

PDES 1product data exchange standard [for the exchange of product model data], 2preliminary draft environmental statement

PDF 1program data form, 2Panamanian Defense Force, 3principle direction of fire, 4point detonating fuse, 5plant design factor, 6probability density function, 7patient data form, 8precision direction finder, 9package definition file, 10probability density function, 11portable document file, 12program development facility,13processor defined function, 14package definition file, 15Portable Document Format [Adobe], 16probability distribution function

PDG priority designator grouping

PDH planned derated hours

PDI product data interchange

PDIAL public dialup Internet access list [Internet]

PDIIS Priority Defense Items Information System

PDIO photodiode

PDIP 1program development increment package, 2program decision increment package

PDL 1program design language, 2page description language, 3procedure definition language, 4permanent duty location, 5program description language

PDLM periodic depot-level maintenance

PDM 1program decision memorandum [OSD], 2pulse duration modulation, 3planned depot maintenance, 4programmed depot maintenance, 5product data management, 6periodic depot maintenance, 7program decision meeting [Navy, USMC], 8programmed depot maintenance

PDMS point-defense missile system

PDN 1public data network, 2project deviation notice

PDO 1program directive – operations, 2procedure description overview, 3publications distribution office, 4portable distributed objects [NeXt], 5property disposal officer

PDOP [CJCSI 6130.01] position dilution of precision

PDOS 1publishing distribution office system, 2Professional Development of Officers Study.

PDP 1program definition phase, 2programmed data processor, 3program decision package, 4plasma display panel, 5DEC computer system designation [i.e., PDP-8, PDP-11], 6programmable data processor, 7program development plan, 8production data package, 9[AR 310-50] procurement data package

PDPA program decision principal advisor

PDPS parts data processing system

PDQ personal data query (Honeywell)

PDR 1preliminary design review, 2power directional relay, 3precision depth recorder, 4priority data reduction, 5processed data recorder, 6processing data rate, 7program discrepancy report, 8program drum recording, 9periscope detection radar, 10program deviation report, 11[AR 310-50] Philippine Defense Ribbon

PDRC Program Development Review Committee (Navy)

PDREP Product Deficiency Reporting and Evaluation Program

PDRP program data requirement plan

PDRR Program Definition and Risk Reduction (Phase I) (formerly DEM/VAL)

PDS 1power distribution system, 2power density spectra, 3program data source, 4procedures development simulator, 5Pacific Distribution System (PACAF), 6protected distribution system, 7passenger documentation system, 8Patient Distribution System (USAF), 9Personnel Data System (USAF), 10packet driver specification, 11Positional Data System (USN), 12processing and display system, 13Program Distribution System (USAF), 14partitioned data set, 15planetary data system, 16portable document software, 17professional development system, 18passive detection system, 19portable data store, 20post design support, 21project definition study, 22processor direct slot [Macintosh], 23project designation study, 24practice dangerous to security, 25publishing distribution system, 26[AR 310-50] personnel daily summary, 27[AR 310-50] program data sheets

PDS-C Personnel Data System – Civilian

PDSC PACOM Data Systems Center

PDSM product data system modernization

PDSP 1PACOM Data System Program, 2post deployment support plan

PDSS 1post deployment software support, 2post development and software support, 3predeployment software support

PDSSC Post Deployment Software Support Center

PDST Personnel Data System for Training (USAF)

PDT 1programmable data terminal, 2performance diagnostic tool [IBM], 3propagation delay time,4Pacific Daylight Time, 5programmable drive table, 6product development team

PDT-1 [AR 310-50] Picatiny Arsenal Detonation Trap Number 1

PDU 1protocol data unit, 2power drive unit, 3plug distribution unit,

PDUSD Principle Deputy Under Secretary of Defense

PDW personal defense weapon

PDWE pulse detonation wave engine

PDY [AR 310-50] principle duty

Pe equipment performance [MANPRINT term] [can also be expressed as Pe]

PE 1practical exercise, 2program element, 3post engineer, 4probable error, 5permanent echo, 6peripheral equipment, 7phase encoded, 8polyethylene, 9project engineer, 10protect enable, 11percent bit error probability, 12parity even, 13peace establishment, 14processing element, 15physical education, 16plastic explosive, 17printer's error, 18procurement executive, 19protective entrance, 20planning estimate, 21[FM 101-5-1] Peru, 22[JP 1-02] peacetime establishment

PEA 1push-effective address, 2pocket Ethernet adapter, 3preliminary engineering authorization, 4programmatic environmental analysis, 5[AR 310-50] primary expense account

PEAD [JP 1-02] Presidential emergency action document

PEAM personal electronic aid for maintenance

PEAS [JP 1-02] PSYOP (psychological operations) effects analysis subsystem

PEAS/SOAS PSYOP (psychological operations) effects and analysis/SOAS

PEB 1pulsed electron beam, 2[AR 310-50] physical evaluation board

PEBB power electronic building block

PEBD [AR 310-50] pay entry basic date

PEC 1photoelectric cell, 2program element code, 3[AR 310-50] production equipment code

PECI productivity enhanced capital investment

PECK [JP 4-02.2] patient evacuation contingency kit

PECM passive electronic countermeasures

PECP preliminary engineering change proposal

ped [AR 310-50] pediatrics

PED 1program entry device, 2personnel equipment data, 3purchase early development, 4[AR 310-50] promotion eligibility date

PEDB [JP 1-02] planning and execution data base

PEDD portable electronic display device

PEDN planned event discrepancy notification

PEDRO Pneumatic Energy Detector with Remote Optics

PEDS 1program element descriptive summary, 2protective equipment decontamination section, 3PERSCOM Edit System

PEEC personnel emergency estimator capability

PEEP pilot’s electronic eye-level presentation

PEF physical electronics facility

PEG program evaluation group

PEI preliminary engineering inspection

PEIC periodic error integrating controller

PEID program element identification

PEK phase-exchange keying

PEL picture element [IBM]

PELSS Precision Emitter Location Strike System

PEM 1photoelectromagnetic, 2production engineering measure, 3program element monitor (Air Force), 4privacy-enhanced mail [Internet], 5[AR 310-50] phased equipment modernization

PEMA [AR 310-50] procurement and munitions appropriations

PEMARS [AR 310-50] Procurement of Equipment and missiles, Army Management and Accounting Reporting System

PEMRC program executive management review committee

PEN SDK Pen Computing Software Development Kit

PENAID penetration aid

PENAIDS [AR 310-50] penetration aids

PENCIL Pictorial Encoding Language

PENT pentode

PEO 1program executive office, 2program executive officer, 3patrol emergency officer, 4[JP 3-07] peace enforcement operations, 5[AR 310-50] program evaluation office

PEO ASM Program Executive Office For Armored System Modernization

PEO CLA Program Executive Office for Carriers, Littoral Warfare and Auxiliary Ships

PEO GCSS Program Executive Office for Ground Combat System Support

PEO LNO program executive office liaison officer

PEO STAMIS Program Executive Office for Standard Army Management Information Systems

PEO-C3S Program Executive Office – Command, Control, and Communications Systems

PEO-MD Program Executive Office – Missile Defense

PEO-SD Program Executive Officer – Ship Defense

PEO-TAD program executive officer – theater air defense

PEO/PM program executive office(r)/ program (or project) manager

PEOC Presidential Emergency Operations Room

PEOS propulsion and electrical operating system

PEOTAD program executive office for theater air defense

PEP 1producibility, engineering, and planning, 2peak envelope power, 3planar epitaxial passivated [transistor], 4program evaluation procedure, 5performance evaluation program, 6preliminary evaluation plan, 7project element plan, 8productivity enhancement program, 9packetized ensemble protocol [Telebit], 10packet exchange protocol, 11peak envelope power, 12[JP 1-02] personnel exchange program, 13[AR 310-50] United States Army Personnel Exchange Program, 14plant equipment package

PEPCI providing emergency Presidential communications interface

PEPDUS PERSCOM Enlisted Personnel Data Update System

PEPE Perkin-Elmer Performance Evaluation

PEQUA [AR 310-50] production equipment agency

per personnel

PER 1parametric estimating relationships, 2preliminary engineering report, 3performance evaluation report, 4proposal evaluation report, 5[JP 1-03.17] personnel

PER-DSS Personnel Decision Support System

PER-SEVAL Personnel-Based System Evaluation Aid

PERCOS performance coding system

PERDDIMS [AR 310-50] Personnel Development and Distribution Management System

PERDM program execution review decision memorandum

PERE [JP 4-06] person eligible to receive effects

PERG [AR 310-50] production equipment redistribution group

PERGO project evaluation and review with graphic output

PERI [AR 310-50] production equipment redistribution inventory

PERIGEE Perspective Image Generation and Exploitation System

PERINTREP [AR 310-50] periotic intelligence report

PERINTSUM periodic intelligence summary

PERL 1pre-positioned equipment requirements list, 2Practical Extraction and Report Language [UNIX]

perm [AR 310-50] permanent

PERM Program Evaluation for Repetitive Manufacture

PERMACAP [AR 310-50] personnel management and accounting card processors

PERMARS MACOM Military Personnel Management Reports System (Army)

PERMAS [AR 310-50] Personnel Management Assistance System

PERMIS Preference Management Information System

PERMREP [JP 3-08] permanent representative (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

pers [FM 101-5-1] personnel, [JP 4-06] personal effects

PERS performance evaluation reporting system

PERSACS Personnel Structure and Composition System

PERSAS Personnel Accounting System (USAFE)

PERSCO Personnel Support For Contingency Operations (USAF)

PERSCOM [Army] Personnel Command

PERSDEP personnel deployment report

PERSEXP [AR 310-50] personnel expense money

PERSINS [JP 1-02] Personnel Information System

PERSINSCOM Personnel Information Systems Command

PERSINSD [AR 310-50] Personnel Information Systems Directorate, MILPERCEN

PERSIR [AR 310-50] personnel inventory report

PERSITREP personnel situation report (Army)

PERSNET personnel communications network

PERSPROC [AR 310-50] personnel processing

PERSSO personnel system staff officer

PERSTAT personnel status report

PERSTATREP [AR 310-50] personnel status report

pert [AR 310-50] pertain

PERT 1program evaluation review technique, 2performance evaluation review technique, 3program evaluation research task

PERT/CPM program evaluation review technique/critical path method

PERTCO program evaluation review technique with cost

PERU production equipment records unit

PES 1photoelectric scanner, 2positioning error signal, 3processor enhancement socket, 4PACOM Exercise Schedule, 5processor upgrade socket, 6Preparedness Evaluation System

PESD 1personnel electrostatic discharge, 2[AR 310-50] program execution sub-directive

PESHE programmatic environmental, safety, and health evaluation

PESO product engineering services office

PEST Pesticide Evaluation Summary Tabulation System (USAF)

PET 1patterned epitaxial technology, 2peripheral equipment tester, 3prototype evaluation testing, 4post endurance test, 5polyethlene terephthalate, 6production environmental testing, 7print enhancement technology [COMPAQ], 8proposal evaluation tool

PETN [AR 310-50] pentaerythritoltetranitrate

PETNAIS Pacific Essential Telecommunications Network and Information System (PACAF)

PETROL RAM petroleum resource automated management

PETS [AR 310-50] prior to expiration of term of service

PEWS Portable EDS Workstation

PEWSX PEWS Q-D Subsystem

pF picofarad

PF 1power factor, 2pulse frequency, 3[USN] patrol frigate, 4probability of failure, 5program function, 6[AR 310-50] performance factor, 7[AR 310-50] pneumatic float

PF&D personal, fatigue, and delay

PF/DOS Production, Fielding/Deployment, and Operational Support (Phase III)

PFA 1popular flying association, 2probability of false alarm, 3personnel functional assessment, 4primary faculty advisor

PFAT preflight acceptance test

PFC 1private first class, 2pricing, finance, and claim

PFCS primary flight control system

pfd preferred

PFD 1primary flight display, 2procurement fraud division, 3[JP 1-02] personal flotation device

pfdr [AR 310-50] pathfinder

PFDRBAD [AR 310-50] Pathfinder Badge

PFE 1programmer's file editor, 2promotion fitness examination

PFECA post-fielding early comparability analysis

PFES proposed final environmental statement

PFF Planning Factors File (JOPS)

PFH per flight hour

PFIAB President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board

PFIC procurement fraud irregularities coordinator

PFIS MAJCOM Personnel Feedback Information System (MAC)

PFK program function key

PFM 1pulse-frequency modulation, 2power factor meter, 3Patient Flow Model (Army), 4program financial management

PFMDS PACAF Force Management Display System

PFMR 1program fund management record, 2project fund management record, 3project fund manager record

PFN 1pulse forming network, 2point for negotiation

PFNS [AR 310-50] position fixing navigation system

PFO [AR 310-50] postal finance officer

PFP 1[NATO] Partnership For Peace, 2program forecast period

PFR 1program financial review, 2parts failure rate, 3power-fail restart, 4portable font resource [Bitstream], 5[AR 310-50] personal financial record

PFRT 1preliminary field rating test, 2 [AR 310-50] preliminary flight rating test (Sprint)

PFS 1peripheral fixed shim, 2propellant field system, 3prefeasability study

PFT [AR 310-50] portable flame-thrower

PFTDS post-fielding training development study

PFTEA post-fielding training effectiveness analysis

PFTS permanent field training site

PFTU portable fuel transfer unit

PFY prior fiscal year

PG 1power gain, 2power generation, 3pressure gage, 4[USN] patrol gunboat, 5planning guidance, 6project group, 7program guidance, 8[AR 310-50] permanent grade, 9[AR 310-50] post graduate, 10[AR 310-50] proving ground

PGA 1pin grid array, 2professional graphics adapter [IBM]

PGC 1program group control [Microsoft], 2Policy Guidance Council (Defense Systems Management College)

PGDN page down

PGH [USN] patrol gunboat, hydrofoil

PGIF [FM 101-5-1] predicted ground impact point

PGM 1program, 2portable gray map, 3Planning Guidance Memorandum (SECAF/CSAF), 3precision guided missile, 4precision guided munitions, 5product group manager

PGMM precision guided mortar munitions

PGP Pretty Good Privacy [algorithm] (name of encryption program)

PGR precision graphic recorder

PGRC [AR 310-50] Program Guidance and Review Committee

PGS 1precision gunnery simulation, 2power generator section, 3personal handyphone system

PGTS Precision Gunnery Training System

PGUP page up

PGWCM precision guided weapon countermeasure test and evaluation directorate

ph [AR 310-50] phase

pH 1degree of acidity or alkalinity, 2hydrogen ion concentration [measure of acidity]

Ph human performance [MANPRINT term]

PH 1power house, 2period hours, 3prohibited area, 4probability of hit, 5[AR 310-50] Purple Heart

PH&T packaging, handling, and transportation

PHA 1preliminary hazard analysis, 2pulse height analyser, 3pulse height analysis

PHAROS [AR 310-50] phased-array radar operational simulation

PHASE IV Base Level Data Automation Program (USAF)

PHENO precise hybrid elements for nonlinear operations

PHF plug handling fixture

PHI position and homing indicator

PHIBCB [JP 1-02] amphibious construction battalion

PHIBGRU [JP 1-02] amphibious group

PHIBOP [JP 1-02] amphibious operation

PHIBRON [JP 1-02] amphibious squadron

PHID positive hostile identification

PHIGS Programmer's Hierarchical Interface Graphics Standard

PHILPUC [AR 310-50] Philippine Republic Presidential Unit Citation Badge

PHIN position and homing inertial navigator

PHL preliminary hazards list

PhM phase modulation

PHM 1phase meter, 2[USN] missile-armed patrol hydrofoil

photo 1[AR 310-50] photograph, 2[AR 310-50] photographer, 3[AR 310-50] photographic, 4[AR 310-50] photography

PHOTINT photographic intelligence

PHP pound per horsepower

PHQ Peacetime Headquarters (NATO)

PHR 1pound-force per hour, 2pulse-height resolution

PHS 1packaging, handling, and storage, 2primary heavy shelter, 3Public Health Service

PHS&T packaging, handling, storage, and transportation

PHSD [JP 1-02] post security and harbor defense

PHSPS preservation, handling, storage, packaging, and shipping

PHST packaging, handling, storage, and transportation

PHST&D packaging, handling, storage, transportation, and disposal

PHT 1packaging, handling and transportation, 2port hold time

PHTS packaging, handling, transportation, storage (ILS)

PHY physical layer

Phys Rev physical review

PI 1product improvement, 2public information, 3programmed instruction, 4parallel port, 5performance index, 6pilotless interceptor, 7point initiating, 8point insulating, 9point of intersection, 10priority interrupt, 11productivity index, 12program indicator, 13program interrupt, 14proportional integral, 15photographic intelligence, 16periodic inspection, 17photo interpreter, 18plan information, 19point of impact, 20practice interception, 21predicted impact, 22performance indicator, 23protocol interpreter, 24program interruption, 25prime Item, 26point of interception, 27process instruction, 28program instruction, 29program integrator, 30program introduction, 31[CJCSI 5716.01] procedural item, 32[CJCSI 5716.01] probability of incapacitation, 33[AR 310-50] position indicator

PIA 1peripheral interface adapter, 2preinstallation acceptance

PIAPACS Psychphysiological Information Acquisition, Processing, and Control System

PIAS PLSS Intelligence Augmentation System

PIB polar ionospheric beacon

PIBAL pilot balloon observations

PIBD [AR 310-50] point initiating, base detonating

PIBL [AR 310-50] PEMA (procurement of equipment and munitions appropriation) Item Baseline List

PIC 1particle in cell, 2plastic insulated cable, 3photographic interception center, 4polyethylene-insulated conductor, 5program interrupt controller, 6parent indicator code, 7photo interpretation console, 8Pacific Imagery Processing and Interpretation Center, 9pilot in command, 10personal intelligent communicator, 11priority interrupt controller, 12programmable integrated circuit, 13programmable interrupt controller, 14parent indicator code, 15photographic industry contract, 16[JP 1-02] person identification code

PICA 1primary inventory control activity, 2primary inventory control agency

PICAD program integrator's contractor assessment data

PICES Programmed Interactive Cost Estimating System

PICHTR Pacific International Center for High Technology Research

PICS platform for Internet content selection

PICT picture

PID 1proportional, integral, and differential, 2proportional integral deviation, 3plan identification number, 4position identifier, 5program identifier, 6process identification number, 7passive identification device, 8persistant identifier, 9personal identification device, 10procurement identification description, 11procurement item description, 12program introduction document, 13[AR 310-50] public information division

PIDD [JP 1-02] planned inactivation or discontinued date

PIDP programmable indicator data processor

PIDP II second generation PIDP hardware

PIDS Prime Item Development Specification

PIDX Petroleum Industry Data Exchange

PIE 1post-irradiation facility, 2pulse interference emitting, 3programmable interface electronics

PIECOST probability of incurring estimated cost

PIER 1procedures for Internet/enterprise renumbering, 2project information and evaluation report

PIF 1provisions of industrial facilities, 2payload integration facility, 3photo interpretation facility, 4productivity investment funding, 5picture interchange format file, 6program information file, 7[AR 310-50] pilot information file, 8[AR 310-50] place in inactive file

PIFRS Prototype Increase Frequency Reporting System (JCS)

PIG 1Penning ionization gauge, 2Phillips ionization gage

PIGA Pendulous Integrating Gyro Accelerometer

PII 1positive immittance inverter, 2program integrated information, 3procurement instrument identification

PIIN 1procurement instrument identification number, 2procurement item identification number

PIL preferred item list

PILO [AR 310-50] public information liaison officer

PILOT 1permutation indexed literature of technology, 2programmed inquiry learning or teaching

PilotACE Pilot Automatic Computing Engine

PIM 1precision indicator of the meridian, 2pulse interval modulation, 3position of intended movement, 4programmatic interchange meetings, 5primary interface module, 6personal information manager, 7protocol independent multicast, 8precision instrument mount, 9previously intended movement, 10pretrained individual manpower

PIMA portable interactive maintenance aid

PIMS 1Procurement Information Management Services (DLA), 2Peacekeeper In Minuteman Silos

pin positive-intrinsic-negative [transistor]

PIN 1production identification number, 2position indicator, 3positive intrinsic negative diode, 4personal identification number, 5process identification number [UNIX], 6personnel increment number, 7plan identification number, 8particle induced noise, 9product identification number

PIND particle impact noise detection

PINE 1pine is not elm (original usage), 2Program for Internet News and Email (present usage)

PING packet Internet Gopher

PINO positive input, negative output

PINS 1[CJCSI 6130.01] Precise Integrated Navigation System. 2[AR 310-50] Personnel Information System

PINT Purdue interpretive Programming and Operating System

PIO 1parallel input/output, 2processor input/output, 3programmed input/ output, 4public information officer, 5proposal instruction to the offeror, 6provisioned item order, 7provisioning item order, 8[JP 3-07.3] press information officer

PIOB President's Intelligence Oversight Board

PIOCS physical input-output unit

PIOU parallel input-output unit

PIP 1product improvement program [obsolete], 2product improvement proposal, 3programmed instructional package, 4peripheral interchange program, 5position indicating probe, 6predicted impact point, 7primary indicating position, 8probabilistic information processing, 9problem input preparation, 10programmable integrated processor, 11project on information processing, 12picture in picture, 13pulsed integrating pendulum, 14planning integration process, 15product integration program, 16program implementation plan, 17problem isolation procedure, 18programmable interconnect point, 19product improvement phase, 20pulse interval processor, 21process improvement plan

PIPA pulse integrating pendulum accelerometer

PIPD planning input for program development

PIPO parallel in, parallel out

PIPPS Publication Information Processing and Printing System

PIPS 1PCAC Information Processing System (DIA/NSA), 2Plans Integration Partition System (JCS), 3Portable Interactive Planning system (SAC)

PIPT 1program-level integrated product team, 2program integrated product team

PIR 1primary intelligence requirements, 2priority intelligence requirements, 3program integration review, 4[TTPIO-ABCS] priority intelligence report, 5[AR 310-50] personnel information roster, 6[AR 310-50] Philippine Independence Ribbon

PIRAZ Positive Identification Radar Advisory Zone

PIRD program instrumentation requirements document

PIREP pilot report

PIRG public interest research group

PIRN preliminary interface revision notice

PIRT precision infrared triangulation

PISD Pacific Information Systems Division (AFCC)

PISH program instrumentation summary handbook

PIT 1pilot instructor training, 2peripheral input tape, 3processing index terms, 4programmable interval timer, 5program instruction tape, 6prioritized image transmission, 7portable input tracer

PITE plug-in test equipment

PITMOS post mode optimizing system

PIU 1plug-in unit, 2processor interface unit

PIV peak inverse voltage

PIVT product insurance validation test

PIW [JP 1-02] person in water

PIWG 1permanent interoperability working group, 2performance issue working group, 3product improvement working group

PIXEL physical picture element

PIXS preaward information exchange system

PJ 1[JP 1-02] individual pararescue specialist, 2[JP 1-02] project code

PJBD [AR 310-50] Permanent Joint Board on Defense, Canada - United States

PJH PLRS/JTIDS hybrid system

Pk probability of kill

PK 1professional knowledge, 2[FM 101-5-1] Pakistan

PKG-POL packaged POL

PKO peacekeeping operations

PKP [JP 1-02] purple k powder

PKT packet

pl 1[AR 310-50] pipeline, 2[AR 310-50] place

PL 1public law, 2phase line, 3piping loads, 4plastic limit, 5plug, 6plus, 7production language, 8programming language, 9powered lift, 10propagation loss, 11[FM 101-5-1] Poland

PL/1 Programming Language One

PL/M programming language for micros

PL1 programming Language One

PLA 1physiological learning aptitude, 2power lever angle, 3programmable logic array, 4proton linear accelerator, 5plain language addressee, 6plain language address, 7planned labor application, 8procurement liaison auditor

PLACE Programming Language For Automatic Checkout Equipment

PLAD Plain Language Address Directory

PLADS 1plain language address system, 2[AR 310-50] parachute low altitude delivery system

PLAID precision location and identification

PLAN program language analyzer

PLANAT [AR 310-50] North Atlantic Treaty Regional Planning Group (London) and the North Atlantic Treaty Regional Planning Subgroup (Paris)

PLANET private local area network

PLANIT Programming Language for Interactive Teaching

PLANS Program Logistics and Network Scheduling System

PLAS Performance Labor Accounting System

PLAT 1pilot landing aid television, 2platoon

PLATO Programmed Logic For Automated Teaching Operations

PLB [JP 1-02] personal locator beacon

PLC 1programmable logic controller, 2power-line carrier, 3[JP 1-02] power line conditioner, 4[AR 310-50] platoon leaders class

PLCC 1plastic leadless chip carrier, 2provisioning list category code

PLCCE program life cycle cost estimate

PLCL plant clearance

PLCO plant clearance officer

PLD 1phase-lock demodulator, 2pulse-length discriminator, 3programmable logic device, 4program load disk, 5[FM 101-5-1] probable line of deployment

PLDC Primary Leadership Development Course

PLFA primary level field activity

PLGPR Precision Light Weight Global Positioning Receiver

PLGR Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver

PLI 1power loss indicator, 2private line interface, 3procurement annex line item

PLIANT procedural language implementing analog techniques

PLISN provisioning line item sequence number

PLL 1prescribed load list, 2phase-locked loop

PLL/ASL [JP 1-02] prescribed load list/authorized stock level

PLM [AR 310-50] power line modulation

PLN program line number

PLO 1primary learning objective, 2[AR 310-50] passenger liaison office(r)

PLOA pseudo-letter of offer and assistance

PLOCSA [AR 310-50] Personnel Liaison Officer, Chief of Staff, Army

PLOM [AR 310-50] prescribed loan optimization model

PLP 1procedural language processor, 2pattern learning parser, 3packet layer protocol [OSI], 4packet level protocol

PLR [AR 310-50] Philippine Liberation Ribbon

PLRS Position Location Reporting System (USMC)

PLS 1palletized loading system, 2primary link station, 3personal location system, 4pre-launch survivability, 5[JP 1-02] pillars of logistics support

PLSC PACAF Logistics Support Center

PLSO phonetic letters spelled out

PLSS Precision Location Strike System (USAF)

plt 1platoon, 2power-line transients, 3[AR 310-50] pallet

PLT 1program library tape, 2pilot, 3procurement lead time, 4production lead time, 5[JP 1-02] platoon, 6[AR 310-50] pipeline time

PLU primary logical unit

PLUCON [AR 310-50] plutonium decontamination emergency teams

PLUS Program Library Update System

PLV 1production level video, 2platoon leader vehicle

pm permanent magnet

PM 1program manager, 2provost marshal, 3preventive maintenance, 4panel meter, 5phase modulation, 6product manager, 7project management, 8photomultiplexer, 9post meridian [after noon], 10pounds per minute, 11procedures manual, 12process manager, 13Presentation Manager [IBM], 14[USN] patrol missile boat, 15paymaster, 16plastic maneuver, 17point-to-multipoint, 18postmaster, 19postmortem, 20procedure memory, 21product management, 22program, 23program memorandum, 24project manager, 25provost marshal, 26Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs (Department of State), 27pilot member, 28probability of mission success, 29program management, 30[FM 101-5-1] Panama, PM, 31[JP 1-02] parallel track multiunit, 32[JP 1-02] preventive medicine

PM CID Program Manager, Combat Identification

PM CMS Program Manager, Combat Mobility System

PM EAC program manager estimated cost at completion

PM ITTS Project Manager for the Instrumentation, Target and Threat Simulator

PM JCALS Program Manager, Joint Computer Aided Acquisition and Logistic Support

PM JEDMICS Program Manager, Joint Engineering Data Management Information and Control System

PM TRADE Project Manager for Training Devices (obsolete, see STRICOM)

PM-ALSE Project Manager – Aviation Life Support Equipment

PM-IF Program Manager – Intelligence Fusion

PM-SANG Program Manager – Saudi Arabian National Guard (Army) Modernization

PMA 1physical medium attachment, 2portable maintenance aid, 3Program Management Information Systems Manager’s Office, 4Program Manager, Air

PMAC 1performance management advisory council, 2program management allocation criteria

PMAD 1portable maintenance aid device (Army), 2personnel management authorization document

PMAG program management advisory group

PMAI primary mission aircraft inventory

pmap [AR 310-50] photomap

PMAPS Predirected Munitions Automated Planning System (USAFE)

PMAS Performance Measurement Analysis System

PMATS Project Management Automated Tool Set

PMB 1program management board, 2performance measurement baseline

PMBS Property Management and Budgeting System

PMBX program marginal checking

PMC 1preliminary maintenance concept, 2program managed contract, 3Program Management Course (Defense Systems Management College), 4programmable machine controller, 5pseudo machine code, 6partial mission capable, 7program management charter, 8program manager charter, 9Port Management Center (MAC), 10[JP 1-02] parallel multiunit circle

PMCATT program management Combined Arms Tactical Trainers

PMCB partial mission capable both

PMCC port management control center

PMCL proposed MILSCAP change letter

PMCM [DoD] partial mission capable, maintenance.

PMCS 1partially mission capable, supply, 2preventive maintenance checks and services, 3Program Management Control System

PMCT [AR 310-50] permissive action link management control team

PMD 1[USAF] program management directive, 2program management document, 3program management data, 4packet mode data, 5projected map display, 6program management directorate

PMDB Program Management Decision Brief (Defense Systems Management College)

PMDD [AR 310-50] Personnel Management Development Directorate, MILPERCEN

PMDL [AR 310-50] post M-Day deployment list

PMDP Project Manager Development Program

PMDR 1program monthly demand rate, 2programmed monthly demand rate

PME 1professional military education, 2photomagnetoelectric effect, 3prime mission equipment 4process and manufacturing engineering, 5precision measurement equipment, 6program management for executives, 7product model enhancement

PMEC professional military education center

PMEE prime mission electronic equipment

PMEL precision measurement equipment laboratory

PMF 1precision measurement facility, 2principal management facility, 3probable maximum flood, 4[AR 310-50] personnel master file, 5[AR 310-50] professional medical file

PMFL performance monitor/fault location

PMG program maintenance group

PMGM program manager guidance memorandum

PMH 1petroleum movement history (MSC), 2probable maximum hurricane

PMI 1preventive maintenance inspection, 2Project Management Institute, 3[JP 4-02] patient movement item

PMIC precious metal indicator code

PMIS 1Production Management Information System (DMMIS) (AFLC), 2project management information system, 3Personnel Management Information System (USAF), 4[JP 1-02] psychological operations management information subsystem

PMISP Personnel Management Information System Plan (USAF)

PMJEG performance measurement joint executive group

PML program management line

PMM 1personnel management manual, 2program manager meeting

PMME product management mission element

PMMU paged memory management unit

PMN [JP 1-02] parallel track multiunit non-return

PMO 1program manager's office, 2program management office, 3project manager’s office, 4project manager’s office, 5[JP 1-02] production management office(r), 6[AR 310-50] personnel management officer

PMO-IF Project Management Office - Intelligence Fusion

PMOF [AR 310-50] Presidential Medal of Freedom

PMOLANT Polaris Missile Office, United States Atlantic Fleet

PMOS [JP 1-02] primary military occupational specialty

PMOSC [AR 310-50] primary military occupational specialty code

PMP 1[USAF] program management plan, 2part management program, 3project management plan, 4project master plan, 5premodulation processor, 6preventive maintenance plan, 7probable maximum precipitation, 8performance monitoring program, 9prime mission product, 10phased maintenance program

PMPBE Program Manager for Budget and Performance Evaluation

PMPR project manager program report

PMPSL parts, materials, and processes selection list

PMOC Prototype Mission Operations Center (SPACECMD)

PMOS positive channel metal oxide semiconductor

PMR 1primary mission readiness, 2program management responsibilities, 3program management review, 4program modification request, 5problem management report [IBM], 6provisioning master record (Army), 7planned maintenance requirement, 8precious metals recovery, 9program manager's review, 10programmed monthly rate, 11project management report, 12[JP 1-02] parallel track multiunit return, 13[JP 4-02.2] patient movement request, 14[AR 310-50] Pacific Missile Range

PMRD Program Manager for Requirements Determination

PMRMO [AR 310-50] protectable mobilization reserve materiel objective

PMRP Precious Metal Recovery Program

PMRS Performance Management and Recognition System

PMRT program management responsibility transfer (Air Force)

PMRTD 1program management responsibility date, 2project management responsibility date

PMRTP program management responsibility transfer plan

PMRY [AR 310-50] Presidio of Monterey

PMS 1portable monitoring set, 2program management support, 3planned maintenance subsystem, 4professor of military science, 5plant monitoring system, 6probable maximum surge, 7processor, memories, and switches, 8production management support, 9policy management system, 10project management system, 11PACOM munitions storage, 12performance monitoring system, 13Pipeline Management System (USAF), 14planned maintenance support, 15power management system, 16performance measurement system, 17planned maintenance system, 18production management specialist

PMS-B production management specialist – buyer

PMSA project management system assessment

PMSC program manager survival

PMSD [TRADOC] Program Management and Services Directorate

PMSO program manager support office

PMSS program management support system

PMSV pilot to metro services

PMT 1photomultiplier tube, 2physical modeling tool, 3production materiel technician, 4program management team

PMTC 1Point Mugu Test Center [USN missile test center], 2Pacific Missile Test Center

PMTP program management transfer point

PMTPD program management transfer point date

PMTPM program management transfer point milestone

PMTPP program management transfer point plan

PMTR program manager’s technical representative

PMV private motor vehicle

PMW Project Manager Workbench [ABT]

PMWS program manager's workstation

PN 1part number, 2performance number, 3preliminary notification, 4pseudo noise, 5processing node, 6primary node

PNA programmable network access

PndB perceived noise level expressed in decibels

PNDC parallel network digital computer

PNFE prototype network front end

PNG portable network graphic

PNGCS primary navigation, guidance, and control system

PNID [JP 1-02] precedence network in dialing

PNJ pulsed noise jamming

PNL 1Pacific Northwest Laboratory, 2[FM 101-5-1] prescribed nuclear load

pnlbd panelboard

PNM price negotiation memorandum

PNMC Packet Network Management Center

PNMO [AR 310-50] provided no military objection exists

PNMP preliminary NMCS master plan

PNNI private network network interface

PNOK [AR 310-50] primary next of kin

pnp positive-negative-positive [transistor]

PNP plug and play

PNR point of no return

PNRPRB periodical and nonrecurring pamphlet review board

PNS [AR 310-50] prescribed nuclear stockage

PNSS pseudonoise spread spectrum

PNTD personnel neutron threshold detector

PNVAL [AR 310-50] previously not available

PNVD [AR 310-50] passive night vision devices

PNVS pilot night vision system

PO 1parallel output, 2power oscillator, 3program objectives, 4petty officer [USN], 5pulsed carrier without any modulation intended to carry information, 6project office, 7program office, 8program officer, 9purchasing office, 10parity odd,11post office, 12purchase order, 13program originator code, 14project order, 15project officer, 16[FM 101-5-1] Portugal, 17[JP 3-07] peace operations, 18[AR 310-50] previous orders, 19[AR 310-50] production offset

PO1 petty officer first class (USN)

PO2 petty officer second class (USN)

POA provisional operating authorization

POA&M plan of actions and milestones

POADS [JP 1-02] Psychological Operations Automated Data System

POAI [CJCSI 4410.01A] primary other aircraft inventory

POAS [JP 1-02] Psychological Operations Automated System

POAT [JP 1-02] psychological operations assessment team

POB 1[JP 1-02] persons on board, 2[JP 1-02] psychological operations battalion, 3[AR 310-50] place of birth

POC 1point of contact, 2platoon operations center, 3proof of concept, 4preliminary operating capability, 5[AR 310-50] privately owned conveyance

POC-ET proof of concept experimental testbed

POCP program objectives change proposal

POCS Patent Office Classification System

POD 1point of debarkation, 2point of origin device, 3proposed operational dates, 4printing on demand, 5publishing on demand, 6pay on delivery, 7plan of the day, 8probability of detention

PODAF power density exceeding a specified level over an area within an assigned frequency band

PODS post-operative destructive system

POE 1projected operational environment, 2power open environment, 3port of embarkation,4probability of error, 5program office estimate, 6port of entry

POET 1primed oscillator expendable transponder, 2primer oscillator expendable transponder

POEWGP WIN Operational Experiments Working Group

POF planned outage factor

POG 1[FM 101-5-1] psychological operations group, 2[JP 1-02] port operations group

POGO 1Polar Orbiting Geophysical Observatory, 2programmer oriented graphics operation

POH 1planned outage hours, 2power-on hours

POI 1program(s) of instruction, 2plan of instruction, 3period of interest, 4point of information, 5period of interest, 6probability of intercept

POIL power density Imbalance Limit

POIMM Program of Instruction Management Module

POIS prototype on-line instrument system

POISE 1panel on-in flight scientific experiments, 2Preoperational Inspection Services Engineering

POL 1petroleum, oils, and lubricants, 2problem-oriented language, 3procedure-oriented language, 4process-oriented language, 5provisional operating language, 6problem oriented language

POL/MIL political/military

POLAD [JP 1-02] political advisor

POLCAP 1petroleum capability, 2[JP 4-03] bulk petroleum capabilities report

POLIC [AR 310-50] Petroleum Internsectional Command

POLIS [AR 310-50] petroleum intersectional service

POLO [AR 310-50] Pacific Command Operations Liaison Office

POLYTRAN Polytranslation Analysis and Programming

POM 1program objectives memorandum, 2point of presence, 3preparation for overseas movement, 4project operations and milestones, 5[AR 310-50] preparation for overseas movement (units)

POM (TPOM) program objective memorandum (TRADOC)

POMC period of minimum change

POMCUS prepositioned overseas materiel configured to unit sets

POMINS portable mine neutralization system

POMM preliminary operating and maintenance manual

POMO production oriented maintenance organization

POMS Panel on Operational Meteorological Satellites

POMSEE performance, operational, and maintenance standards for electrical equipment

POMSO [JP 3-07.4] plans, operations, and military support office(r) (NG)

POMSS pre-positioned operational materiel storage site

POMWG program objective memorandum working group

pon [AR 310-50] ponton

PON 1project originator number, 2project order number

POO [AR 310-50] priority operational objective

PoP period of performance

POP 1power on/off protection, 2program operating plan, 3programmed operators and primitives, 4proof of principle [test], 5period of performance, 6pop from stack 7point of presence [MCI], 8performance oriented packaging, 9post office protocol, 10provisioning operational plan

POPA pop all registers

POPF pop flags

POPGUN [AR 310-50] policy and procedure governing the use of nicknames

POPS 1pantograph optical projection system, 2paperless order placement system, 3papers order placement system, 4[JP 1-02] Port Operational Performance Simulator

POPS-D papers order placement

POR 1problem-oriented routine, 2power-on-reset, 3preparation of replacements for overseas movement

port left side (looking forward)

PORT CAP [AR 310-50] automated port call system for AIT graduates

PORTAL open source information system node

PORTS 1ports characteristics file (WWMCCS®), 2[JP 1-02] Portable Remote Telecommunications System

pos 1position, 2positive

POS 1point of sale [transaction-oriented system], 2point-of-sale [manufacturer], 3primary operating system, 4primary operating stocks, 5peacetime operating stocks, 6persistent object service [CORBA], 7programmable object select, 8primary operating stocks, 9preoperational support, 10proportional support, 11[JP 1-02] probability of success, 12[JP 1-02] position, 13[AR 310-50] period of service

POS/NAV 1position navigation, 2[TTPIO-ABCS] position location/navigation

POSA preliminary operating safety analysis

POSC 1primary operations system control, 2personnel occupational specialty code

POSD [AR 310-50] personnel on station date

POSE portable operating system environment

POSF ports of support file

POSIT 1position report, 2profile for open system internetworking technology

POSIX portable operating system interface for UNIX

POSS prototype optical surveillance subsystem

POST 1power-on self test, 2proposed optical stinger, 3prototype ocean surveillance terminal (USN)

POSTMOB [JP 1-03.17] post mobilization

POSTNET postal numeric encoding technique

POT 1paint on tangent, 2potentiometer, 3pre-production operational test

POTC Pert Orientation and Training Center [DoD]

POTF [FM 101-5-1] PSYOP task force

POTG [JP 1-02] psychological operations task group

POTO plans, operations, and training officer

POTS 1plain old telephone service, 2purchase of telephones and systems, 3purchase of telephone and services

POV 1privately owned vehicle, 2persistence of vision

POW prisoner of war

POWER performance optimization with enhanced RISC [IBM]

PowerPC performance optimization with enhanced RISC-performance computing

POWS pyrotechnic outside warning system

Pp pulse power

PP 1procurement plan, 2panel point, 3peripheral processor, 4preprocessor, 5pressure proof, 6print/punch, 7push-pull, 8point-to-point, 9parallel port, 10planning package, 11progress payment, 12protection plan, 13[FM 101-5-1] passage point, 14[AR 310-50] parcel post, 15[AR 310-50] permanent party, 16[AR 310-50] physical profile

PP&A prepay and add

PP&C [AR 310-50] production planning and control

PP/UPS Parcel Post/United Parcel Service

PPA 1program, project, and activity, 2photo peak analysis, 3PACAF Product Performance Agreement Center (ASD), 4preplanned attack, 5prime provisioning activity, 6program, project, or activity, 7Prompt Payment Act, 8[JP 1-02] PERSINS (personnel information system) personnel activity

PPAC product performance agreement center

PPAG [JP 1-02] proposed public affairs guidance

PPAR purpose, priority, allocation and restrictions

PPB 1parts per billion, 2[AR 310-50] plans, program, budget

PPBERS Program Performance and Budget Execution Review System

PPBES Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution System [Army]

PPBG preliminary program and budget guidance

PPBS 1[DoD] Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System, 2planning, programming, and budgeting submission

PPC 1production planning and control, 2pulsed power circuit, 3PowerPC, 4petroleum planning committee, 5phased provisioning code

PPCA preliminary physical configuration audit

PPCC 1past performance coordinating committee, 2past performance coordinating council

PPCO 1provisioning principal contracting officer, 2provisioning procuring contracting officer

PPD 1PostScript Printer Description [Adobe], 2[AR 310-50] proficiency pay designator

PPDB point positioning database

PPDD preliminary project design description

PPDS personal printer data stream [IBM]

PPE 1premodulation processor equipment, 2power plant electric, 3problem program efficiency, 4pre-production evaluation, 5people, places and events [Sysdeco], 6personal protective equipment, 7[TTPIO-ABCS] plan, prepare, execute

PPF [AR 310-50] provision of production facilities

PPFS product performance feedback system

PPG 1pulses per group, 2problem pulse generator, 3personnel priority group, 4[AR 310-50] PEMA (procurement of equipment and munitions appropriation) policy and guidance, 5[AR 310-50] personnel processing group, 6[AR 310-50] planning and programming guidance

PPGA plastic pin grid array

PPGM planning, programming, and guidance memorandum

PPI 1plan position indicator, 2programmable peripheral interface, 3pre-planned product improvements, 4program objectives memorandum preparation instruction, 5proposal preparation instruction

PPI gauge. Obsolete, now GIC guage (international loading gauge).

PPIF photographic processing and interpretation facilities

PPIO priced provisioned item order

PPL 1phased locked loop, 2Preferred Products List, 3private pilots license, 4provisioning parts list

PPLAN 1programming plan, 2program plan

PPLI Provisioning Parts Lists Index

PPLRW provisioning part list review worksheet

ppm parts per million

PPM 1planned preventive maintenance, 2periodic permanent-magnet focusing, 3pulse position modulation, 4Presidential review memorandum, 5principal period of maintenance, 6pages per minute, 7parts per million, 8pounds per minute, 9prepositioning procurement package, 10priority placement program, 11pulse power module, 12Personnel Priority Model, 13production prototype model, 14[AR 310-50] position and pay management, 15[AR 310-50] program, project management

PPMMS Polaris/Poseidon Materiel Management System (USN)

PPMS 1program performance measurement system, 2Personal Property Movement and Storage System (USAF)

PPN 1project-programmer number, 2[AR 310-50] procurement program number

PPP 1preposition procurement package, 2personnel performance profile, 3point-to-point protocol, 4point to point, 5preservation, packaging, and packing, 6program protection plan, 7program protection planning, 8[JP 1-02] priority placement program, 9[JP 1-02] primary patch panel

PPPO personal property processing office

PPQT preproduction qualification test

PPR 1prior permission required, 2periodic performance report, 3prepublication review, 4peacetime program ratio, 5physical progress review, 6program progress review, 7[AR 310-50] permanent pay record

PPRAG past performance risk assessment group

PPRC [AR 310-50] propositioned receipt card

PPREPT [AR 310-50] periodic personnel report

PPRR program pre-release reviews

PPS 1parallel processing system, 2plant protection system, 3primary power system, 4pulses per second, 5packets per second, 6Power Personal Systems [IBM], 7precision pointing system, 8proposal pricing system, 9pulse(d) power supply, 10postproduction support, 11provisioning performance schedule

PPSB power projection and sustaining base

PPSC [AR 310-50] physical profile serial code

PPSIA [AR 310-50] Pamphlet "Personal Property Shipping Information" is applicable

PPSL program parts selection list

PPSO personal property shipping office

PPSP postproduction support plan

PPSR 1progress payment system review, 2[AR 310-50] periodic personnel strength report

PPSS post production software support

PPT 1punched paper tape, 2port processing time, 3project planning technique, 4pulse pair timing, 5production proveout test, 6performance price trade off, 7[TTPIO-ABCS] pre-production proveout test, 8[AR 310-50] preproduction test

PPQT preproduction qualification test

PPQT&E preproduction qualification test and evaluation

PPTP point-to-point tunneling protocol [Microsoft]

PPU peripheral processing unit

PPV pre production verification

PPWR [AR 310-50] prepositioned war reserves

PPWSM post production weapon system management

PQA procurement quality assurance

PQDR product quality deficiency report

PQE path quality evaluation

PQEP [AR 310-50] product quality evaluation plan

PQFP plastic quad flat pack

PQM production, and quality assurance

PQQPRI [AR 310-50] provisional qualitative and quantitative personnel requirements information

PQR [AR 310-50] personnel qualification roster

PQS 1personnel qualification standard, 2[AR 310-50] promotion qualification score

PQT 1preliminary qualifications test, 2production quality test, 3production qualification test, 4production qualification testing

pr [AR 310-50] payroll

PR 1preliminary review, 2pattern recognition, 3press release, 4program register, 5program requirements, 6pseudorandom, 7Puerto Rico, 8pulse ration, 9purchase request, 10directorate of programs and resources, 11deputy chief of staff, requirements and programs, 12photo reconnaissance, 13preliminary review, 14public relations, 15pulse rate,16purchase requirement, 17plotting and radar, 18production requirement, 19procurement request, 20purchase request, 21[JP 1-02] primary zone, 22[JP 3-50.21] personnel recovery, 23[AR 310-50] procurement regulations

PR/MIPR purchase request/military interdepartmental purchase request

PR/ORD purchase request/operational requirement document

PRA 1peak recording accelerographs, 2pendulous reference axis, 3precision axis, 4probabiltic risk assessment, 5prodection reader assembly, 6program reader assembly, 7primary review authority, 8Paperwork Reduction Act, 9[DoD/DSMC] Paper Reduction Act, 10[TR 350-70] projected requisition authority

PRAC Program Resource Advisory Committee

PRACSA Public Remote Access Computer Standards Association

PRAG 1Performance Risk Analysis Group, 2Performance Risk Assessment Group

PRAI 1primary review authority, 2projected requisition authority

PRAM 1parallel random-access machine, 2productivity, reliability, availability, and maintainability, 3parameter random access memory

PRAMS Passenger Reservation and Manifesting System (MAC)

PRANG [JP 3-07.4] Puerto Rican Air National Guard

PRAT production reliability acceptance test

PRB 1Program Review Board (DCA), 2panel review board, 3plan for post-retirement benefit, 4[AR 310-50] personnel records branch

PRBS pseudorandom binary sequence

PRBSG pseudorandom binary sequence generator

PRC 1partial response coding, 2point of reverse curve, 3Postal Rate Commission, 4Policy Review Committee (NSC), 5program review committee, 6passenger reservation center, 7personnel readiness center, 8Peoples Republic of China, 9program review committee (Air Force), 10[JP 1-02] populace and resources control, 11[AR 310-50] personnel reporting code

PRC-MRL precision/rapid counter-multiple rocket launch

prcht [AR 310-50] parachute

PRCHTBAD [AR 310-50] Parachutist Badge

PRCM [AR 310-50] passive radiation countermeasure

PRCMRL precision rapid counter multiple rocket launcher

PRCP programmed communication electronic support program

PRD 1power range detector, 2program requirements data, 3program requirements document, 4product requirements document, 5Presidential review directive, 6personnel requirements document, 7[JP 1-0] Personnel Readiness Division, 8[AR 310-50] personnel readiness date, 9[AR 310-50] postal regulating detachment

PRDA program research and development announcement

PRDR reproduction reliability design review

PRE 1processing refabrication experiment, 2preformatted [HTML]

PRECOM preliminary communications search .

PREDICT pre test analysis

PRELOG predictive logistics

PRELOGE preliminary logistics evolution

PREMOB [JP 1-03.17] pre-mobilization

PREMPT program for electromagnetic pulse testing

prep 1preparation, 2[AR 310-50] prepare, 3[AR 310-50] prepared, 4[AR 310-50] preparatory

PReP Power PC Reference Platform [IBM/Motorola]

PREP 1programmed educational package, 2Pre-Edit Processor (WWMCCS®)

PREP/RAMP Pre-Edit Processor/Report and Message Processor (WWMCCS®)

PREPAS Precise Personnel Assignment System (USMC)

PREPO 1[JP 1-02] prepositioned force, equipment, or supplies, 2[JP 4-01.2] prepositioning

PREPOSTOR [AR 310-50] prepositioned storage

PRES promotion recommendation forms

PRES100 [AR 310-50] Presidential's Hundred Tab

PRESS [AR 310-50] Pacific Range Electromagnetic Signature Studies

PRESSAR presentation equipment for slow scan radar

PRESTO Program Reporting and Evaluation System for Total Operations

PRET partnership for research excellence and transition

PRETECHREP preliminary technical report

PRF 1proficiency recognition profile, 2pulse repetition frequency, 3personnel resources file, 4pulse recurrence frequency, 5[AR 310-50] personnel readiness file

PRG 1program review group, 2program, 3priority review group

PRHB post retirement health benefit

PRI 1primary review authority, 2pulse repetition interval, 3pulse recurrence interval, 4primary rate interface, 5[JP 1-02] movement priority for forces having the same LAD, 6[JP 1-02] priority, 7[JP 1-02] progressive routing indicator, 9[AR 310-50] preliminary rifle instruction

PRICE programmed review of information for costing and estimation

PRICE-S Software Costing Model (RCA)

PRIDE 1Performance Readiness Initiatives Decision Evaluation System (AFLC), 2programmed reliability in design, 3provisioning relational integrated and distributed electronics

PRIFLY [JP 1-02] primary flight control

PRIMAR Program to Improve Management of Army Resources

PRIME 1precision integrator for meteorological echoes, 2programmed instruction from management education, 3[AR 310-50] priority management effort

PRIMER product improvement management information report

PRIMES preflight integration of munitions and electronic systems

PRIMIR product improvement information report

PRINCE programmed reinforced instruction necessary to continuing education

PRINT [JP 3-50.3] evasion and recovery authentication data report

PRINTF Print with Formatting [C Programming Language]

pris [AR 310-50] prisoner

PRIS 1propeller revolution indicator system, 2personnel resource impact system

PRISM 1prioritized requirements, impacts and schedule milestones, 2programmed integrated system maintenance, 3photo-refractive information storage material, 4portable, reusable, integrated software modules

PRM 1personal radiation monitor, 2power range monitor, 3pulse-rate modulation, 4Presidential review memorandum, 5pulse repetition per minute, 6project review meeting, 7program resource methodology, 8production representative model

PRMC Pacific Regional Monitoring Center (DDN)

PRMD private management domain [X.400]

PRMFL [JP 1-02] permanent file

PRMIS printing resources management information system

PRML partial-response maximum-likelihood

PRN 1program revision number, 2pseudorandom noise, 3printer

PRNET packet radio network

pro 1[AR 310-50] procedure, 2[AR 310-50] proceed, 3[AR 310-50] prophylactic

PRO 1plant representative office, 2publication requirement officer

PROBE program optimization and budget evaluation

PROC 1procedure, 2processor, 3procurement, 4[JP 1-02] Puerto Rican Operations Center

PROCAS process oriented contract administration services

PROCLTR procurement letter

PROCNET procurement network

PROCOM procedures committee

PROCOMP 1process computer, 2program compiler

PROCURE Command Procurement System (USAF)

PROD production

PROD/DEPL production and deployment phase

PRODAC programmed digital automatic control

PRODSEC product security

PRODUTAS [AR 310-50] proceed on duty assigned

PROFILE programmed functional indices for laboratory evaluation

PROFIS Professional Officer Filler Information System

PROFIT 1programmed reviewing, ordering, and forecasting inventory technique, 2propulsion/flight control technology, 3planner's remote off-line form image tape

PROFP [AR 310-50] proficiency pay

PROFS Professional Office System [IBM]

PROG 1program, 2programmer

PROGDEV program device

proj 1[AR 310-50] project, 2[AR 310-50] projectile

PROJTRNS [AR 310-50] project transition

PROLOG Programming System in Logic Language (See HLL)

PROLOGUE Planning Resources of Logistics Units Evaluator

PROLT procurement lead time

PROM 1programmable read-only memory, 2Pockels readout optical memory

PROMACX Production Management and Control System

PROMAP [AR 310-50] program for the refinement of the materiel acquisition process

PROMIS 1Procurement Management Information System (USAF), 2[AR 310-50] project management information system

PROMMIS Programmed Restructuring of Maintenance Management Information System

PROMPT 1program monitoring and planning techniques, 2program reporting, organization, and management planning technique

PRON procurement request order number

PRONTO program for numerical tool operation

PROP 1performance review for operating programs, 2planetary rocket ocean platform

PROPIN 1proprietary information, 2[JP 1-02] caution--proprietary information involved

prorated ELIN prorated exhibit line item number

pros [AR 310-50] prosthetic

PROS part and repair ordering system

PROSIGN [AR 310-50] procedure sign

PROSUP II Program Support II Database

PROT protected

PROTECDARS Provisioning Technical Data Requirement System

PROTECT probabilities recall optimizing the employment of calibration time

PROVORG providing organization

proword [JP 1-02] procedure word

prox [AR 310-50] proximity

PROXI projection by reflection optics of xerographic images

PRP 1personnel reliability program, 2pulse repetition period, 3performance recovery program, 4program review proposal, 5[AR 310-50] performance, requirements, practices; 6[AR 310-50] program review panel

PRPF planar radial peeking factor

PRR 1production readiness review, 2preliminary requirements review, 3pulse repetition rate, 4preliminary report of results

PRRG pre release review group

PRRIS [JP 3-07.4] Puerto Rican Radar Integration System

PRRS PACAF Readiness Reporting System

PRS 1program status report, 2pattern recognition system, 3process radiation sampler, 4personnel readiness system, 5production reporting system, 6provisioning requirements statement

PRSL [JP 1-02] primary zone/switch location

prsmn [AR 310-50] pressman

prsvn [AR 310-50] preservation

PRT 1prompt relief trip, 2pulse repetition time, 3pulse recurrence time, 4provisioning review team, 5[JP 1-02] pararescue team, 6[AR 310-50] personnel research test

PRTSC print screen

PRU 1personnel readiness unit, 2programs research unit, 3performance reference unit, 4photographic reconnaissance unit, 5[JP 1-02] pararescue unit

PRV 1peak inverse [reverse] voltage, 2pressure relief valve

PRVS penetration room ventilation system

Ps system performance [MANPRINT term, may also be expressed Ps]

ps picosecond

PS 1packet switch, 2Postal Service, 3power source, 4pressure switch, 5program store, 6program specification, 7programmed symbols, 8proof stress, 9proportional spacing,10probability of mission success, 11probability of survival, 12protective security, 13packaging specialist, 14process specification, 15[FM 101-5-1] personnel services, 16[JP 1-02] parallel track single-unit, 17[JP 1-02] processing subsystem, 18[AR 310-50] personnel subsystem, 19[AR 310-50] prior service, 20[AR 310-50] project stock

PS&ER [AR 310-50]production support and equipment replacement

PS&SSU power supply and system selector unit

PS/2 Programming System 2 [IBM]

PSA 1principle staff assistant (to the Secretary of Defense), 2power servo amplifier, 3problem statement analyzer, 4project support agreement, 5provisional site acceptance, 6physical sector address, 7post shakedown availability, 8post strike assessment, 9prefabricated surface, aluminum, 10procurement systems analyst, 11[JP 1-02] port support activity

PSA AO principal staff assistant action officer

PSAA Pacific Special Activities Area

PSAB personnel security appeal board

PSAC President’s Science Advisory Committee

PSALI permanent supplementary artificial lighting of interiors

PSAO [AR 310-50] primary staff action officer

PSAP prospective special access program

PSAR 1preliminary safety analysis report, 2programmable synchronous/ asynchronous receiver

PSAT programmable synchronous/asynchronous transmitter

PSB 1program status book, 2[JP 1-02] poststrike base

PSBL public sector bidder list

PSC 1personal super computer, 2print server command, 3product service center, 4photosensitive cell, 5principal subordinate command (NATO), 6packaging services contract, 7procurement source code, 8production surveillance category, 9[AR 310-50] personnel service company, 10[AR 310-50] price signal code

PSCO [AR 310-50] personnel survey control officer

PSCC/PES power system communications

PSCF personnel security clearance file

PSCN 1program support communication network, 2production schedule completion notice

PSCR production schedule completion report

PSCRC Portable Small Computer Requirements Contract

PSD 1phase-sensitive demodulator, 2power spectral density, 3program system description, 4page setup dialog, 5performance and security document, 6personnel services division, 7program status data, 8[JP 1-02] planning systems division, 9[AR 310-50] port security detachment

PSDD preliminary system design description

PSDN packet-switched data network

PSDS 1packet-switched data service, 2[AR 310-50] permanently separated from duty station

PSE 1peculiar support equipment, 2power system engineering, 3principal staff element, 4[AR 310-50] personnel subsystem elements, 5[AR 310-50] priority standardization effort

PSE-T program support engineering test

PSERVER print server [NetWare]

PSF 1point spread junction [image processing], 2performance shaping parameter, 3pound-force square foot, 4permanent swap file, 5permanent swap file, 6point-spread function, 7[AR 310-50] Presidio of San Francisco

PSG 1platoon sergeant, 2prioritization steering group, 3phosphosilicate glass, 4[AR 310-50] PERSHING

PSHD [JP 1-02] port security and harbor defense

PSHDGRU [JP 1-02] port security and harbor defense group

psi [AR 310-50] pounds per square inch

PSI 1personnel security investigation, 2pound force per square inch, 3preprogrammed self-destruction, 4proctorial system of instruction, 5pounds per square inch, 6postscript interpreter, 7partial shipment indicator, 8[AR 310-50] plan speed indicator

PSIC Planning and Systems Integration Center (DCA)

PSID 1pounds per square inch differential, 2preliminary safety information document, 3PostScript image data

psig pounds per square inch gauge

PSIM power system instrumentation and measurement

PSIS Permanent Secretaries Committee on the Intelligence Services

PSK phase-shift keying

PSL 1problem statement language, 2program supply logic unit, 3program support letter, 4program support library, 5[JP 1-02] parallel track single-unit LORAN

PSL/PSA problem statement language/problem statement analysis

PSLU power supply logic unit

PSM 1printing systems manager, 2personnel systems manager, 3professional staff member (Congress), 4practical software measurement, 5[AR 310-50] personnel subsystem manager

PSMAT provisioning screening master address table

PSMOA program specific memorandum of agreement

PSMR parts specification management for reliability

psn [FM 101-5-1] position

PSN 1packet switch network, 2packet switching node, 3public switched network

PSNCO [AR 310-50] personnel noncommissioned officer

PSNSY Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

PSO 1pilot systems operator, 2protective service operations, 3program security office, 4[JP 3-07.5] post security officer, 5[AR 310-50] primary standardization office, 6[AR 310-50] provisions supply office

PSOC preliminary system operational concept

PSOS p-channel silicon gate devices

PSP 1performance shaping parameters, 2portable service processor, 3power system planning, 4phased support plan, 5primary supply point, 6priority strike plan (NATO), 7program support plan, 8personal service radio, 9personal software products (group) [IBM], 10Paint Shop Pro [JASC], 11program segment prefix, 12pierced steel planking surface for improvised runways, 13personal survival pack, 14pointed, soft point, 15program segment prefix, 16programmable signal processor, 17product support program, 18[JP 1-02] perforated steel planking, 19[AR 310-50] personnel subsystem process

PSPDN packet-switched public data network

PSPP [AR 310-50] proposed system package plan

PSPR [AR 310-50] personnel subsystem products

PSPS 1planar silicon photoswitch, 2[JP 1-02] psychological operations (PSYOP) studies program subsystem

PSQ personnel security questionnaire

PSR 1procurement status report, 2post-strike reconnaissance, 3program status review, 4personal service radio, 5project status report, 6[AR 310-50] parachute status report

PSRB 1physical security review board, 2Presidential selected reserve call up

PSRC Presidential selected reserve call-up

PSRD [AR 310-50] personnel shipment ready date

PSRO [AR 310-50] passenger standing route order

PSRS program summary record

PSRT PostScript Round Table [GEnie]

PSS 1performance support system, 2proprietary support system, 3project summary sheet, 4production system support, 5protective security service, 6personnel service support, 7[JP 1-02] parallel single-unit spiral, 8[AR 310-50] personnel support system

PSSG protocol standards steering group

PSSI [AR 310-50] primary specialty skill identifier

PSSK probability of single-shot kill

PST 1point of spiral tangent, 2polished surface technique, 3Pacific Standard Time, 4project support team, 5program support team, 6[AR 310-50] pass time, 7[AR 310-50] personnel subsystem team

PSTE 1production special test equipment, 2[AR 310-50] personnel subsystem test and evaluation

PSTN public switch telephone network

PSTP protocol standards technical panel

PSTS Precision SIGINT Targeting System

PSU 1power supply unit, 2power switching unit, 3[JP 1-02] port security unit

PSV 1preliminary site visit, 2[JP 1-02] pseudo-synthetic video

PSVCBAD [AR 310-50] Presidential Service Badge

PSVP pilot secure voice project (NATO)

PSVT pilot secure voice terminal (NATO)

PSW program status word

PSY professional staff years

psych [AR 310-50] psychology

PSYOP psychological operations

PSYWAR [DoD] psychological warfare.

pt [AR 310-50] point

PT 1point of tangency, 2potential transformer, 3pulse time, 4punched tape, 5plain text, 6personnel and training, 7test plan, 8page table, 9[USN] torpedo boat, 10patient, 11physical training, 12plastic training, 13power turbine, 14prototype, 15penetrant testing, 16[AR 310-50] production test

PTA 1planar turbulence amplifier, 2pulse torquing assembly, 3proposed technical approach, 4procurement technical assistance, 4[AR 310-50] primary target area, 5[AR 310-50] Puicatinny Arsenal

PTAC Procurement Technical Assistance Center

PTAI primary training aircraft inventory

PTB 1photometric test bench, 2photometry test bench, 3program time base

PTC 1positive temperature coefficient, 2programmed transmission control, 3peace through confrontation, 4positive transaction control, 5Pentagon Telecommunications Center, 6primary technical control, 7[JP 1-02] primary traffic channel

PTCS Pentagon Telecommunication Center System (Army)

PTD 1provisioning technical documentation, 2parallel transfer disk drive

PTD/EDFP provisioning technical documentation/engineering data for provisioning

PTDL physical teardown/logistics demonstration

PTDS preliminary training device study

PTE pressure-tolerant electronics

PTEA preliminary training effectiveness analysis

PTF 1prototype and test facility, 2program temporary fix, 3problem temporary fix [IBM], 4problem trouble fix [IBM], 5patch and test facility

PTFMPO [AR 310-50] peacetime force materiel procurement objective

PTFMR [AR 310-50] peacetime force materiel requirements

PTFMR-A [AR 310-50] peacetime force materiel requirements acquisition

PTFMR-R [AR 310-50] peacetime force materiel requirements retention

PTG [USN] torpedo boat, guided missile armament

PTGT [AR 310-50] primary target

PTH plated through holes

PTI 1personnel transaction identifier, 2physical training instructor

PTIP production test and inspection plan

PTL [AR 310-50] primary target line

PTM 1proof test model, 2pulse time modulation, 3pulse time multiplex, 4[USN] missile-armed torpedo boat, 5pilot training missile, 6preliminary technical manual

PTN public telephone network

PTO 1power take-off, 2Patent and Trademark Office, 3please turn over, 4participating test organization, 5preliminary technical order

PTOS [AR 310-50] peacetime operating stock

PTP 1patch and test panel, 2point-to-point, 3probability to penetrate, 4prepaid transportation program

PTR 1paper tape reader, 2power transformers, 3program trouble report, 4programmer trouble report

PTRF [AR 310-50] peacetime rate factor

PTRO [AR 310-50] personnel transaction register by originator

PTRRS pipeline time recording and reporting systems

PTS 1permanent threshold shift, 2pneumatic test set, 3program test system, 4pure time sharing

PTSD Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSO [AR 310-50] personnel transaction summary by originator

PTSR preliminary technical survey report

PTST [AR 310-50] personnel transaction summary by type transaction

PTT 1part task trainer, 2program test tape, 3push to talk, 4post, telegraph, and telephone (NATO), 5[JP 1-02] postal telephone and telegraph, 6[JP 1-02] public telephone and telegraph

PTTI precise time and time interval

PTU 1air pressure, temperature, and humidity, 2participating test unit

PTV predetermined time valve

PU 1power unit, 2participating unit (TACS/TADS), 3physical unit, 4processing unit,

PUA profiling user agent

PUAD [AR 310-50] Pueblo Army Depot Activity

pub 1publication, 2[AR 310-50] public, 3[AR 310-50] publicity, 4[AR 310-50] publish

PUB 1public (directory) [Internet], 2publication, 3publish

PUBDIS publishing distribution system

PUC 1Presidential unit citation, 2public utility commission, 3procurement unit cost, 4program unit code

PUCA [AR 310-50] Presidential Unit Citation

PUD physical unit directory

PUE [AR 310-50] Presidential Unit Emblem

PUF planning units file

PUFI processed under Federal insdpection

PUID personal user identification

PUK pack up kit

PUL [JP 1-02] parent unit level

PULHES measure of a soldier’s physical abilities and psychological makeup [P – physical capacity/stamina, U – upper extremities, L – lower extremities, H – hearing and ears, E – eyes, and S – psychiatric]

PUMA PACAF Unit Munitions Allocation System

PUN physical unit number

PUP 1PARC Universal Packet (protocol), 2product update program, 3performance update program, 4[FM 101-5-1] pop-up point

pur 1[AR 310-50] purchase, 2[AR 310-50] pursuant, 3[AR 310-50] pursuit

PUR 1procurement request, 2purchasing

PURA [AR 310-50] PACOM (Pacific Command) Utilization and Redistribution Agency

PURE POMCUS units’ residual equipment

PUS processor upgrade socket

PUSAS proposed United States standard

PUSHA push all registers

PUSHF push flags

PUT programmable unijunction transistors

PV 1production validation, 2positive volume, 3private venture, 4privileged information, 5photovoltaic, 6prime vendor, 7process verification

PV1 [AR 310-50] private E1

PV2 [AR 310-50] private E2

PVAO planned versus actual obligation

PVAS Primary Voice Alerting System (NORAD)

PVC 1polyvinyl chloride, 2position and velocity computer, 3permanent virtual circuit

PVI pilot vehicle interface

PVM 1parallel virtual machine, 2pass-through virtual machine (protocol) [IBM], 3product verification manager

PVNTMED [FM 101-5-1] preventive medicine

PVO [FM 101-5-1] private voluntary organizations

PVOR precision VHF omnirange

PVP 1parallel vector processing, 2product verification program

PVR product verification review

PVS 1performance and verification system, 2parallel visualization server

PVST premate verification system test

PVT 1pressure-volume-temperature, 2polyvinyl toluene, 3product verification testing, 4[AR 310-50] private

pW picowatt

PW 1prisoner of war (in STANAGs only), 2pulse width, 3public works, 4printed wiring, 5password

PWA printed wiring assembly

PWB printed wiring board

PWBS 1program work breakdown structure, 2preliminary work breakdown structure

PWC 1public work center, 2performing work center

PWC/MIS public work centers/MIS (USN)

PWD 1power distribution, 2pulsewidth discriminator, 3print working directory [UNIX], 4procurement work directive, 5program work directive

PWDS protected wire distribution system

PWDTS Peacekeeper warranty data tracking system

PWF 1present worth factor, 2personnel working file

PWGS Pacific weather graphics system

PWHQ primary war headquarters

PWI 1piecewise linear, 2pilot warning instrument, 3proximity warning instrument

PWIC prisoner of war information center

PWIN prototype WWMCCS® Inter-computer network

PWIS prisoners of war information system

PWL password list [Windows]

PWM 1pulsewidth modulation, 2pulsewidth multiplier

PwP [JP 1-02] pW, psophometrically weighted

PWP [AR 310-50] plasticized white phosphorous

pwr power

PWR [JP 1-02] pre-positioned wartime reserves

PWRMR prepositioned war reserve materiel requirement

PWRMS prepositioned war reserve materiel stocks

PWRP prepositioned war reserve protectable

PWRR [AR 310-50] prepositioned war reserve requirements

PWRR-MF [AR 310-50] prepositioned war reserve requirements for medical facilities

PWRS prepositioned war reserve stocks

PWRS-MF [AR 310-50] prepositioned war reserve stocks for medical facilities

PWS 1programmable work station, 2proximity warning system, 3performance work statement

PWSCS programmable workstation communication services [IBM]

PWT participate work team

PWTN [AR 310-50] power train

PWRCVA [AR 310-50] procurement of weapons and tracked combat vehicles, Army

PX 1post exchange, 2[AR 310-50] Army exchange

PXSTR phototransistor

PY 1prior year, 2pyrometer, 3program year

PYR [AR 310-50] [prior year report

PZ pickup zone

PZCO [FM 101-5-1] pickup zone control officer

PZT lead[Pb] zirconate titanate [semiconductor]