Index Military Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations

r [AR 310-50] roentgen

R 1reinforcing, 2reliability, 3reverse, 4aircraft symbol – reconnaissance, 5routine precedence, 6radius, 7[JP 1-02] search radius

R&A 1reliability and availability, 2review and analysis

R&D research and development

R&DELSEC [AR 310-50] research and development electronic security

R&E 1recovery and evacuation, 2research and engineering, 3review and evaluation

R&I removal and installation

R&M 1reliability and maintainability, 2requirements and materiel, 3reliability and maintenance, 4replacement and modernization

R&MWG reliability and maintainability working group

R&R 1removal and repair, 2rest and recuperation, 3repair and rehabilitation, 4repair and return, 5repair and replace

R&RE radiation and repair engineering

R&S 1research and statistics, 2reconnaissance and surveillance, 3readiness and sustainability

R&SA repair and salvage authority

R&T research and technology

R&U repairs and utilities

R&V review and validation

R-AFF [JP 1-02] regimental affiliation

R-day [JP 1-02] redeployment day

R-hour release hour

R-O read only

R-W read-write [head]

R/B red/black

R/C 1radio command, 2range clearance, 3range clearance, 4radio control

R/EO radar/electro-optical

R/M/T reliability, maintainability and testability

R/O receive only

R/ORG region/organization code

R/Pt reporting point

R/R 1record/retransmit, 2readout and relay

R/R/R reassignment/retargeting/ reconstitution

R/SE IPT requirements/system engineering integrated product team

R/T 1receive/transmit, 2real time, 3radio telephone, 4receiver/transmitter, 5[AR 310-50] record of trial

R/T Net radio telephone network

R/V range/value code

R/W 1read/write, 2runway

R/Y communications network [R is the general service AUTODIN Network/Y the SCI DSSCS Network]

R2DC3 rapid reaction deployable command and control center

R2P2 rapid retargeting precision pointing

R3B Requirements Resources Review Board (USN)

R3P [FM 101-5-1] rearm, refuel, and supply point

RA 1Regular Army, 2radar altimeter, 3reduction of area, 4rental agreement, 5requirements analysis, 6return authorization, 7radio altimeter, 8rear admiral, 9reconnaissance aviation, 10reinforced alert, 11research assistant, 12resolution advisory, 13rocket assisted, 14readiness assessment, 15receipt acknowledgment, 16resource advisor, 17risk assessment, 18[JP 1-02] risk analysis

RA IPT resource allocation integrated process team

RA/FA report of accounting and finance

RAA 1resource apportionment aid, 2required asset availability, 3risk acceptance authority, 4[FM 101-5-1] rear assembly area, 5[JP 4-02.1] redeployment assembly area

RAAD rapid architect application development

RAAF [AR 310-50] Royal Australian Air Force

RAAFAS Report of Accounting and Finance Activities (USAFE)

RAAMS 1[FM 101-5-1] route antiarmor mine system, 2[AR 310-50] remote anti-armor mine system

RAAP 1rapid application of air power (USAF), 2[AR 310-50] Redford Army Ammunition Plant

RAAWS radar altimeter and altitude warning system radar

RAB 1Readiness Assessment Board (USAF), 2registration accreditation board

RABFAC [JP 1-02] radar beacon forward air controller

RAC 1risk assessment code, 2remedial action contract, 3request for authority to complete (negotiations), 4request for authority to conclude, 5[AR 310-50] requisition advice care, 6[AR 310-50] Research Analysis Corporation

RACC 1repairable asset control center, 2[AR 310-50] reporting activity control card

RACE 1random access computer equipment, 2random access control equipment, 3rapid automatic checkout equipment, 4research in advanced communications for Europe, 5review and comprehension exercise, 6[AR 310-50] restoration of aircraft to combat effectively

RACEP random access and correlation for extended performance

RACES Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services

RACF resource access control facility

RACFOE [AR 310-50] Research Analysis Corporation Field Office, Europe

RACO rear area combat operations

RACOMS [AR 310-50] rapid combat mapping service

RACON radar beacon

RACS 1remote access calibration, 2remote access computing system

RACT 1reasonably available control technique, 2remote access computer technique

RAD 1radiation absorbed dose, 2random access data, 3random access disk, 4rapid access disk [computer], 5rapid application development, 6required availability data, 7requirements action document (USAF), 8request for authority to develop (an international agreement), 9required availability date, 10[AR 310-50] regional accountable depot, 11[AR 310-50] return to active duty

RAD/hr [AR 310-50] rads per hour

rada [AR 310-50] radioactive

RADA random-access discrete-address

RADAC radar analog digital data and control

radar radio detection and ranging

RADAR 1radio detection and ranging, 2rights, availabilities, distribution, analysis, and reporting, 3response and distribution alternative relationship

RADAREXREP [JP 1-02] radar exploitation report

RADAS random access discrete-address

RADAY radio day

RADB routing arbiter database

RADBN radio battalion (USMC)

RADC Rome Air Development Center (USAF)

RADCAL radar calibration

RADCM radar countermeasures and deception

RADCOM radar and communications

RADCON 1radar data converter, 2[AR 310-50] radiological control

RADEC radiation detection capability

RADEM random access delta modulation

RADES-MR radar evaluation squadron minicomputer replacement

RADEX rapid deployment exercise

RADF [JP 1-02] radarfind

RADFAC radiating facility

RADGUNS radar directed gun system simulation

RADHAZ 1radiation hazard, 2[JP 1-02] electromagnetic radiation hazards

RADIAC [AR 310-50] radiation, detection, indication, and computation

RADIC rapidly deployable integrated command and control system

RADIL ROCC/AWACS digital information link

RADINT radar intelligence

RADIQUAD radio quadrangle

RADIR random access document indexing and retrieval

RADIST radar distance indicator

RADIT radio teletype

RADIUS remote authentication Dialin user service

radl 1[AR 310-50] radiological, 2[AR 310-50] radiology

RADLFO [AR 310-50] radiological fallout

RADLMON [AR 310-50] radiological monitor(ing)

RADLO radar liaison officer

RADLOPS [AR 310-50] radiological operations

RADLSAFE [AR 310-50] radiological safety

RADLSO [AR 310-50] radiological survey officer

RADLSV [AR 310-50] radiological survey

RADM rear admiral

radn [AR 310-50] radiation

RADNOTE radio note

RADOME radar dome

RADOP radar operator

RADOPWEAP radar optical weapons

RADOT [AR 310-50] recording automatic digital optical tracker

RADPROPCAST radio propagation forecast

RADREL [AR 310-50] radio relay

RADS 1radiation and dosimetry services, 2rapid area distribution support

RADSL rate adaptive digital subscriber line

RADSO radiological survey officer

RADVS radar altimeter and doppler velocity sensor

RAE 1range azimuth elevation, 2[JP 1-02] right of assistance entry

RAEN Radio Amateur Emergency Network

RAES remote access editing system

RAF [JP 1-02] Royal Air Force (UK)

RAF-T reconnaissance attack fighter trainer

RAFAS Report of Accounting and Finance Activities System

RAFT radially adjustable facility tube

RAFTS reconnaissance-attack-fighter training systems (USAF)

RAFUS radio frequency usage reporting system

RAG 1[AR 310-50] regimental artillery group (OPFOR), 2row address generator, 3replenishment air group, 4requirements assessment group (USAF)

RAGS [AR 310-50] river assault groups

RAH [TTPIO-ABCS] reconnaissance/attack helicopters

RAI random access and inquiry

RAIC Redstone Arsenal Information Center

RAID 1remote access interactive debugger, 2redundant arrays of independent disks, 3redundant arrays of independent drives, 4redundant arrays of inexpensive disks

RAIDS 1Real-time AUTODIN Interface Distribution System, 2rapid availability of information and data for safety

RAILS remote area instrument landing sensor

RAIP requester’s approval in principle

RAIR random access information retrieval

RAIS redundant arrays of inexpensive systems

RALS remote augmentation lift system

RALU register arithmetic and logic unit

RAM 1random access memory, 2reliability, analysis, and maintainability, 3radar absorbing material, 4radio attenuation measurements, 5rapid area maintenance, 6Readiness Assessment Module (WSMIS) (AFLC), 7reliability, availability, and maintainability, 8reconnaissance air meet, 9responsibility assignment matrix, 10[JP 1-02] raised angle marker

RAM-D reliability, availability, maintainability, and durability

RAMAC random access method of accounting and control

RAMARK radar marker

RAMAS Reliability, Availability, Maintainability Analysis System (AFLC)

RAMCAD reliability and maintainability in computer-aided design

RAMDAC random access memory digital-to-analog converter [Sierra]

RAMDAS Reliability and Maintainability Data Access System

RAMES reliability, availability, maintainability, engineering system

RAMICS Remote Airborne Mine Clearance System

RAMIS 1Reliability and Maintainability Information System, 2rapid access management information system

RAMMS [AR 310-50] responsive automated materiel management

RAMP 1rapid acquisition of manufactured parts [USN], 2remote access maintenance protocol [Internet], 3report and message processor, 4requirement and management plan

RAMPOD Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability Engineering Support System For PODS

RAMPS resource allocation and multiproject scheduling

RAMS 1reproduction administrative management system, 2Reprographics Automated Management System (USAF), 3Range Measurement System (TFWC), 4Recruiting Automated Management System (USAF), 5Radar Target Scatter Advanced Measurement System

RAMTIP Reliability and Maintainability Technology Insertion Program

RAMU removable auxiliary memory unit

RAN request for authority to negotiate

RAN/RAC requesting authority to negotiate and/or conclude

RAND random

RANDAM random access nondestructive advanced memory

RANXPE [AR 310-50] resident Army Nike-X project manager

RAO rear area operations

RAOC 1rear area operations center, 2regional air operation center

RAP 1rocket-assisted projectile, 2redundancy adjustment of probability, 3remedial action project, 4relational associative processor, 5rapid application prototyping, 6radar-absorbent paint, 7radio access point, 8random access point, 9recognized air picture, 10reliable acoustic path, 11Remote Advisory Panel (Hahn AFB), 12revised approved program, 13resource allocation process, 14resource allocation program, 15[JP 1-02] Remedial Action Projects Program (JCS), 16[JP 1-02] rear area protection, 17[JP 3-08] Radiological Assistance Program (DoE)

RAP-C Requisition Allocation Plan – CONUS

RAPCAP Radar Picket Combat Air Patrol

RAPCO [AR 310-50] regimental air priorities control office

RAPCON [AR 310-50] radar approach control center

RAPID 1research in automatic photocomposition and information dissemination, 2reusable Ada product for information system development

RAPIDE Relocatable Army Processors for Intelligence Data-Europe (USAREUR)

RAPIDS 1real-time automated personnel identification system, 2[AR 310-50] Random Access Personnel Information System

RAPIDSIM Rapid Intertheater Deployment Simulator (JCS)

RAPIER 1rapid emergency reconstitution, 2rapid emergency relocation

RAPP [AR 310-50] registered air parcel post

RAPPI random access plan-position indicator


RAPS 1retrieval analysis and presentation system, 2risk approval of program system, 3radar proficiency simulator, 4Requisition Automated Processing System

RAR 1rapid access recording, 2risk assessment report

RAREP radar weather report

RARP reverse address resolution protocol

RAS 1requirements allocation sheet, 2rear area security, 3random access storage, 4reliability, availability and serviceability, 5remote access service, 6row address select, 7row address strobe, 8rectified airspeed, 9[JP 3-50.3] recovery activation signal

RAS/STADES Record Association System/Standard Data Elements System (WWMCCS®)

RASAPI Remote Access Service Application Programming Interface [Microsoft]

RASC 1regional AUTODIN switching center, 2[AR 310-50] rear area security controller

RASCC [AR 310-50] rear area security control center

RASO [AR 310-50] rear airfield supply organization

RASP rapid acquisition spectrum processor

RASPE [AR 310-50] resident Army Senscom project engineer

RASSR reliable advanced solid-state radar

RAST Recovery Assistance and Traversing System

RASTAC random access storage and control

RASTAD random access storage and display

RASU [JP 1-02] random access storage unit

RAT 1reliability assurance test, 2reserve auxiliary transformer, 3ram-air turbine, 4resource assignment tool

RATAC radar target acquisition

RATAN radar and television aid to navigation

RATCC [AR 310-50] radar air traffic control center (United States Navy)

RATCF DAIR radar air traffic control facility direct altitude and identity readout

RATE remote automatic telemetry equipment

RATEL [AR 310-50] radiotelephone

RATELO [AR 310-50] radiotelephone operator

RATER response analysis tester

RATG 1[AR 310-50] radiotelegram, 2[AR 310-50] radiotelegraph, 3[AR 310-50] radiotelegraphic, 4[AR 310-50] radiotelegraphy

RATO rocket-assisted take off

RATS retrieval and transmission system

RATSCAT radar target scatter

RATT radio teletypewriter

RAU 1remote acquisition unit, 2radio access unit, 3[FM 101-5-1] remote access unit

RAVE rendering acceleration virtual engine [Apple Computer]

RAVIR radar video recording

RAWARC radar report and warning coordination system

RAWIN radar wind sounding

RAWINSONDE radar wind sounding and radiosonde

RAWS 1radar altitude warning system, 2radar attack and warning system

RB 1radar beacon, 2return to bias, 3right button (of a 2 or 3 button mouse), 4[JP 1-02] short-range coastal or river boat

RB std [JP 1-02] rubidium standard

RBA 1recovery beacon antenna, 2[DoD/DSMC] revolution in business affairs

RBAAP [AR 310-50] Riverbank Army Ammunition Plant

RBAC role based access control

RBBS remote bulletin board system

RBC 1relocatable binary code, 2request for business clearance, 3[JP 4-02.1] red blood cell

RBCS remote bar code system

RBD reliability block diagram

RBE 1radiation biological effectiveness, 2relative biological effectiveness, 3[TR 350-70] reply by endorsement, 4[JP 1-02] remain-behind equipment

RBEC realistic battlefield environmental condition

RBECS Revised Battlefield Electronic CEOI System

RBF remote batch facility (Honeywell)

RBHC regional Bell holding company

RBI 1ripple-blanking input, 2[JP 1-02] RED/BLACK isolator

RBL 1reliability based logistics, 2readiness based level

RBN [AR 310-50] radio beacon

RBO ripple-blanking output

RBOC 1rapid blooming offboard chaff, 2regional Bell operating company

RBP [AR 310-50] radio breakdown point

RBR radar boresight range

RBS 1radar bomb scoring, 2random barrage system, 3radar bomb site, 4remote batch station

RBT remote batch terminal

RBV rapid battlefield visualization

RC 1Reserve Component, 2radio control, 3ray control electrode [vacuum tube], 4remote control, 5research center, 6resistance-capacitance, 7resistor-capacitor circuit (as in filters), 8resource center (SPACECMD), 9response cell, 10range commander, 11reimbursable code, 12review cycle, 13[JP 1-02] river current, 14[JP 1-02] receive clock, 15[JP 1-02] regional coordinator. 16[AR 310-50] Radio Code Aptitude Area

RC/CC responsibility center/cost center

RC-NCOES Reserve Component Noncommissioned Officer Education System

RC3 1[TRADOC] reserve component course configuration, 2Reserve Component Course Configured Courseware [program], 3Reserve Component Coordination Council

RCA 1Radio Corporation of American, 2riot control agent, 3regulatory contracting approval, 4[JP 1-02] residual capabilities assessment

RCACS [AR 310-50] USREDCOM Command and Control System

RCAF [AR 310-50] Royal Canadian Air Force

RCAM Refueling Capability Assessment Model (HQ USAF)

RCAS 1Reserve Component Automation System (formerly CAMIS), 2USREDCOM Command and Control System, 3residual capability assessment survey, 4[TR 350-70] Reserve Component Automated System

RCAT 1radio-code aptitude test, 2[JP 3-07.4] regional counterdrug analysis team, 3[AR 310-50] radio-controlled aerial target

RCC 1radio common carrier, 2recovery control center, 3remote communications central, 4regional computer center, 5radio communications coordinator, 6remote control center, 7remote communications center, 8routing control center, 9rescue coordination center, 10regional control center, 11resources control console for ELINT and COMINT systems, 12robotic command center, 13range commander council, 14request for contract clearance, 15resource control center, 16[JP 1-02] relocation coordination center

RCCBPL resource constrained capabilities based program list

RCCC [AR 310-50] Reserve Component center counselor

RCCF [AR 310-50] Reserve Components contingency force

RCCPDS [CJCSI 3150.14] Reserve Component Common Personnel Data System

RCD 1research and acquisition communications division, 2remote change directory

RCDC radar course directing central

RCDCB [AR 310-50] regional civil defense coordination boards

RCE regional coordinating element

RCEI range communications electronics instructions

RCEM [JP 4-04] regional contingency engineering management

RCERIP [AR 310-50] Reserve Component Equipment Readiness Improvement Program

RCF 1remote concentration facility (Honeywell), 2repair cycle float

RCH route characteristics file

RCI radar coverage indicator

RCID [AR 310-50] recruiter code identification

RCIRS recoverable consumption item requirements system (AFLC)

RCIS remote controlled intelligence system

RCL 1rotate carry left, 2radio communications link, 3recoilless

RCLG [AR 310-50] recoilless gun

RCLO [AR 310-50] reports control liaison officer

RCLR [AR 310-50] recoilless rifle

RCM 1reliability centered maintenance, 2radar countermeasures, 3reliability corporate memory, 4recessed contact mechanism, 5radio countermeasures, 6requirements correlation matrix [USAF], 7Rules for Courts-Martial

RCMP [JP 3-07.4] Royal Canadian Mounted Police

RCMU remote control and monitoring unit

RCN 1record control number, 2registry control number, 3resource control number, 4[AR 310-50] Royal Canadian Navy

RCO 1Reserve Component office, 2reports control officer, 3remote control office, 4remote control oscillator, 5range control officer, 6record communications operator, 7regional compliance offices, 8requirement control officer, 9requisition control office, 10[JP 3-08] regional coordinating office (DoE)

RCOC region communications operations centers (DCA)

RCONDO [AR 310-50] reconnaissance commando doughboy

RCP 1request change proposal, 2remote control panel, 3remote copy [Internet], 4restore cursor position, 5retention control points, 6[TTPIO-ABCS] relevant common picture, 7[JP 1-02] resynchronization control panel

RCPA [AR 310-50] Reserve Components Program of the Army

RCPAC Reserve Component Personnel and Administration Center (Army)

rcpt [AR 310-50] reception

RCR 1rotate carry right, 2runway condition rating, 3runway condition reading

RCRA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

RCS 1requirement control symbol, 2radar cross section, 3remote control system, 4reports control symbol, 5rearward communications system, 6regional control station, 7records communications switching system, 8reports control system, 9revision control system [UNIX], 10retention categorie summary

RCSC requirement computation suppression code

RCSP [JP 1-02] remote call service position

RCSS Reconnaissance Cargo-135 Support Server

RCT 1resolves control transformer, 2rework/ completion tag, 3repair cycle time, 4reliability confidence testing, 5[JP 3-50.2] rescue coordination team (Navy), 6[AR 310-50] radar control trailer

RCTB [AR 310-50] Reserve Components troop basis

RCTDAP Reserve Component Training Development Action Plan

rctg [AR 310-50] recruiting

RCTI [TR 350-70] Reserve Component training institution

RCTL resistor-capacitor-transistor logic

RCTP [AR 310-50] Reserve Components Troop Program

RCTSR [AR 310-50] Radio Code Test, Speed of Response

RCU 1Reserve Component unit, 2radio control unit, 3remote control unit, 4reserve component unit, 5[JP 1-02] rate changes unit

RCV 1receive, 2reaction control valves

RCVR receiver

RCZ rear combat zone

rd 1road, 2rutherford

RD 1research and development (commonly R and D), 2radiation detection, 3readiness date, 4received data, 5register drive, 6requirements document, 7restricted data, 8root diameter, 9[AR 310-50] restricted data (Atomic Energy Act of 1954), 10receive data, 11data requirements document, 12remove directory, 13reference designation, 14[FM 101-5-1] radius of damage, 15[JP 1-02] ringdown, 16[AR 310-50] required date

RD&A research, development and acquisition

RD&E research, development, and engineering

RD&EC Research, Development and Engineering Center (Army)

RD&J radar deception and jamming

RD/GT reliability development/growth test

RDA 1research, development, and acquisition, 2reliability design analysis, 3remote database access, 4remote display/alarm

RDAISA Research, Development and Acquisition Information Systems Agency

RDAP research, development, and acquisition plan

RDB 1radar decoy balloon, 2research and development board, 3relational database, 4receive data buffer, 5requirements data bank

RDBMS relational database management system

RDC 1reliability data center, 2reproduction and distribution center, 3reference designation code, 4review draft copy

RDCLK received timing clock

RDCOMP round(s) complete

RDD 1requirements definition document, 2required delivery date

RDD/RAD required delivery date/required availability date

RDDBS redundant distributed database system

RDE radial defect examination

RDE&C [Army] Research, Development, and Engineering Center

RDEC 1Research, Development, and Engineering Center (Army), 2requirement data exchange card

RDEX readiness exercise

RDF 1radio direction finder, 2rapid deployment forces, 3radio direction finding, 4revised delivery forecast

RDGT reliability development and growth test

RDIDS Rapid Deployment Integrated Defense System

RDI reporting identifier

RDIT replication, distribution, installation and training

RDJTF Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force (now United States CENTCOM)

RDL requirements document library

RDLO research and development liaison offices

RDM recording demand meter

RDMF rapid deployable medical facility

RDMS 1Rapid Deployable Mobile System (ESC), 2relational database management system

RDMSS 1Rapidly Deployable Mobile SIGINT System, 2Remotely Deployable Mission Support System

RDO 1reconnaissance duty officer, 2redistribution order, 3remote data object, 4[JP 3-07.4] request for deployment order

RDOS real-time disk operating system

RDP 1rapid deployment planning, 2radar data processing, 3reliable datagram protocol, 4[AR 310-50] ration distributing point

RDPC 1regional data processing center, 2[AR 310-50] radar data processing center

RDPE [AR 310-50] radar data processing equipment

RDPI remote data processing installation (now RIPC)

RDPS radar data processing system

RDR XMTR radar transmitter

RDRAM RAMBUS dynamic random access memory

RDRINT radar intermittent

RDS 1requirements data sheet, 2rapid dissemination system, 3radio data system, 4remote diagnostic support

RDSC research and development standard contract

RDSR receiver data service request

RDSS research and development streamlined solicitation

RDT 1remote data transmitter, 2reliability development test

RDT&E research, development, testing, and evaluation

RDT&E/A research, development, testing, and evaluation (appropriation), Army

RDT&E/AF research, development, testing, and evaluation (appropriation), Air Force

RDT&E/M research, development, testing, and evaluation (appropriation), Marines

RDT&E/N research, development, testing, and evaluation (appropriation), Navy

RDTE research, development, testing, and evaluation [TRADOC-preferred over RDT&E]

RDTL resister diode transistor logic

RDTM rated distribution training management

RDTO receive data transfer offset [IBM]

RDU 1RADEC data unit, 2reinforcement drafting unit, 3remote display unit

RDX directorate of program installation

RDYLD ready to load data

RE 1radial error, 2receive element, 3rate effect, 4reporting subsystem (WIS), 5research establishment, 6reverse engineering, 7[AR 310-50] research engineering

REA 1request for equitable adjustment, 2request for engineering assistance, 3[AR 310-50] reentry angle

REACT 1radio emergency associated citizens teams, 2[CJCSI 3222.01] rapid execution and combat targeting

REACTS 1Radiation Emergency Assistance Center Training Site,2Readiness Exercise and Crisis Transportation System

READ 1remote electronic alphanumeric display, 2real-time electronic access

READIP [AR 310-50] readjustment pay

READY resource augmentation duty

REALCOM real-time communications computer

REALP real property inventory (USAF)

REAMS [AR 310-50] Resource Evaluation and management System

REAP remote entry acquisition

REAPS Reportable Excess Automated Property System

REAR 1reliability engineering analysis report, 2[FM 101-5-1] rear command post (graphics)

REARM [AR 310-50] Army program for renovation of armament manufacturing

REAS Realistic Electromagnetic/Electronic Warfare Arena Simulator

REBM radio electronic battle management

REC 1radio electronic combat [translation of the Russian terminology for ECM.], 2rectifier, 3request for, 4reconstitutable enduring communication 5regional evaluation centers, 6record of environmental consideration

REC. recreation [USENET newsgroup category]

REC3I reconstitutable enduring communications command, control, and intelligence

RECA residual capability assessment

recap [FM 101-5-1] recapitulation

RECAS Residual Capability Assessment System (part of GWS)

RECAT [CJCSI 3410.01] residual capabilities assessment team

RECBAD [AR 310-50] United States Army Recruiter Badge

RECBASS Reception Battalion Automated Support System

RECC regional emergency communications coordinator (GSA)

RECCE [JP 1-02] reconnaissance

RECCEXREP reconnaissance exploitation report

RECMOB [JP 4-05] reconstitution-mobilization

recncln [AR 310-50] reconciliation

recon 1reconnaissance, 2[AR 310-50] reconnoiter

RECON 1Reconnaissance Information System (WWMCCS®), 2reconnaissance system, 3[JP 1-02] reconnaissance

RECP receptacle

RECREP reconnaissance report

RECS 1radio electronic combat support (NATO), 2rear echelon HF COMINT systems radio electronic combat support (FSU) (NATO)

RECSHIP receiving ship

RECSTA receiving station

rect rectifier

RED 1risk estimate distance, 2[AR 310-50] rapid excess disposal

REDAP reentrant data processing

REDCAP Real Time Electromagnetic Digitally Controlled Analyzer Processor

REDCOM United States Readiness Command

REDCON readiness condition (Army)

REDMAC readiness management center

REDOPS readiness operations

REDP redeployment

REDSOD repetitive explosive device for soil displacement

REDTRAIN readiness training

reenl [AR 310-50] reenlist

REENLA [AR 310-50] reenlistment allowance

REENLB [AR 310-50] reenlistment bonus

REEP regression estimation of event probabilities

ref 1[AR 310-50] refer, 2[AR 310-50] refresher, 3[AR 310-50] reference, 4[AR 310-50] referred

REF [JP 1-02] reference(s)

REFILES JCS standard reference files (JOPS)

REFORGER [AR 310-50] return of force to Germany

REFRAD [AR 310-50] released from active duty

REFRADT [AR 310-50] released from active duty for training

REFRAT [AR 310-50] released from annual training

reg 1[AR 310-50] regular, 2[AR 310-50] regulate, 3[AR 310-50] regulated, 4[AR 310-50] regulating, 5[AR 310-50] regulation

Reg regulation

REG 1register, 2regular languages

REGAF Regular Air Force

REGAL rigid epoxy glass acrylic laminate

REGENCY NET unclassified code name for USEUCOM HF/SSB communications system

REGLOS [AR 310-50] Reserve and Guard Logistic Operations - Streamline

regt 1regiment, 2[AR 310-50] regimental

rehab [AR 310-50] rehabilitate

REI 1research-engineering interaction, 2report or automated equivalent

REINF reinforced alert

REINS requirements electronic input system

REIS reconstitutable and enduring intelligence system

REJ reject

REJAC receiver/jammer capability

rel 1[AR 310-50] relation, 2[AR 310-50] relative, 3[AR 310-50] release, 4[AR 310-50] released, 5[AR 310-50] relief, 6[AR 310-50] relieve, 7[AR 310-50] relieved

REL 1rapidly extensible language, 2reliability, 3[JP 1-02] relative

RELCAN [JP 1-02] releasable to Canada

RELI reliability

RELOC relocation file

RELROK releasable to Republic of Korea

RELSECT relative sector

rem [JP 1-02] roentgen equivalent mammal

REM 1reliability engineering model, 2remark, 3remote, 4ring error monitor, 5roentgen equivalent mammal, 6[AR 310-50] roentgen equivalent man

REMAB remote marshaling base (PACOM)

REMARC Resource Management Accounting Control System

REMBASS Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System

REMIS Reliability and Maintainability Information System

REMOS real-time event monitor

REMS 1remotely employed sensors, 2Registered Equipment Management System

REMT 1[CJCSI 3410.01] regional emergency management team, 2[AR 310-50] radiological emergency medical team

REN 1remote enable, 2rename

REO radar electro optical

rep 1[AR 310-50] repair, 2[AR 310-50] represent, 3[AR 310-50] representative, 4[AR 310-50] represented

REP 1range error probable, 2rendezvous evaluation pad, 3repeat reports, 4repeat, 5replacement, 6Reserve Enlistment Program (Army), 7resource estimating procedure, 8robots exclusion protocol, 9representative, 10resource enhancement program

REP L-T repair leadtime day

REPCAT report corrective action taken

REPDU [AR 310-50] reporting for duty

REPE repeat while equal

REPIN [AR 310-50] reply if negative

REPNE repeat while not equal

REPNZ repeat while not zero

REPOL 1reporting emergency petroleum, oils, and lubricants, 2[JP 1-02] petroleum damage and deficiency report

REPR [AR 310-50] real estate planning report

REPRO regional programs office

REPSHIP report of shipment

REPSHIPS [AR 310-50] reports of shipments

rept [AR 310-50] report

REPUNIT [JP 4-02.1] reporting unit

REPZ repeat while zero

req request

REQAFA [AR 310-50] request advise as to further action

REQANS [AR 310-50] request answer by (date)

REQAURQN [AR 310-50] request authority to requisition

REQCAP requirement capability (Army)

REQCONF [JP 1-02] request confirmation

REQDI [AR 310-50] request disposition instructions

REQFOLINFO [AR 310-50] request following information be forwarded this office

REQIBO [AR 310-50] request item be placed on back order

REQSI [AR 310-50] request shipping instructions

REQSSD [AR 310-50] request supply status and expected delivery date

REQSTATASK [JP 3-50.2] air mission request status tasking

REQSUPSTAFOL [AR 310-50] request supply status of following

REQTAT [AR 310-50] it is requested that

REQTRAC [AR 310-50] request tracer be initiated

REQUCHRD [AR 310-50] request unit of issue be changed to read

REQUEST Recruit Quota System

REQVAL Requisition Validation System

REQVER requirements verification

REREG re-register

res [AR 310-50] reserve(s)

RES 1resistor, 2remote execution service, 3radio emission surveillance, 4remote emitter system, 5reset, 6resolution, 7[FM 101-5-1] radiation exposure status

RESA [CJCSI 3500.02A] research, evaluation, and system analysis

RESAR reference safety analysis report

RESC Reconstitutable Enduring Satellite Communications System

RESCAP Rescue Combat Air Patrol

RESCORT [JP 3-50.2] rescue escort

RESCU Resource Cost and Utilization System (USMC)

RESDAT [AR 310-50] RESTRICTED DATA - Atomic Energy Act of 1954

RESHIP report of shipment

RESOMS Resource Scheduling and Operational Management System

RESPO [AR 310-50] responsible property officer

RESS radar echo simulation subsystem

RESTA [AR 310-50] reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition

RESTAT [AR 310-50] Reserve Components status reporting

ret [AR 310-50] retire

RET 1resolution enhancement technology [HP], 2return, 3[JP 1-03.17] retired

RETAIN 1Remote Technical Assistance and Information Network, 2Reenlistment, Reclassification, and Assignment System

RETC [AR 310-50] regional emergency transportation center

RETCO [AR 310-50] regional emergency transportation coordinator

RETO review of education and training for officers

retrans [FM 101-5-1] retransmission

retro retrofit

REU remote emitter unit

REVA [AR 310-50] recommended vehicle adjustment

REVIC revised enhanced version of intermediate COCOMO

REW radio-electronic warfare

REWSON Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare Systems Office, Navy

REWTS Responsive Electronic Warfare Training System

REX 1readiness exercise, 2relocatable executable

REXEC remote execution

rexmit [AR 310-50] retransmitted

REXX Restructured Extended Executor (language) [IBM]

RF 1Reserve Forces, 2radio frequency, 3range finder, 4rating factor, 5[JP 1-02] response force, 6[AR 310-50] replacement factor

RF/EMPINT [JP 1-02] radio frequency/electromagnetic pulse intelligence

RF/IR radar frequency/infrared frequency

RF-4 Phantom II

RF-ATE radio frequency automatic test equipment

RFA 1Reserve Forces Act, 2request for assistance, 3radio frequency authorization, 4request for final approval, 5[FM 101-5-1] restrictive fire area, 6[JP 1-02] restricted fire area, 7[AR 310-50] relieved from assigned

RFAA [AR 310-50] relieved from attached and assigned

RFAT [AR 310-50] relieved from attached

RFATHREE [AR 310-50] Reserve Forces Act of 1955, three-month's trainee

RFB request for bid

RFC 1request for comments, 2radio-frequency charts, 3recommended flight clearance, 4request for changes, 5[JP 1-02] response force commander

RFCC regional freight consolidation center

RFCM radio frequency countermeasure

RFCP Radio Frequency Compatibility Program

RFD 1ready for data, 2request for discussion [Internet], 3ready-to-load date, 4request for deviation, 5[AR 310-50] reserve forces duty


RFDIU RF/digital interface unit

RFDU radio frequency distribution unit

RFE 1request for enhancement, 2request for exception

RFEA request for equitable adjustment

RFEI request for engineering information

RFF 1request for funds, 2remote file facility (Honeywell)

RFG radar field gradient

RFI 1Reserve Forces intelligence, 2radio frequency interference, 3request for information, 4radio frequency interferometer, 5ready for installation, 6ready for issue, 7[FM 101-5-1] request for intelligence

RFIS Reserve Forces Intelligence School

RFIT radio-frequency interference tests

RFL [FM 101-5-1] restrictive fire line

rflmn [AR 310-50] rifleman

RFM 1reactive factor meter, 2repair forecasting model

RFMS 1radio frequency management system, 2risk feedback management strategy

RFNA [AR 310-50] red fuming nitric acid

RFO request for orders

RFP 1request for proposal, 2request for product

RFPB Reserve Forces Policy Board

RFPI rapid force projection initiative

RFPITS radio frequency portable input terminals

RFPSO 1request for proposal support office, 2request for proposal support organization

RFQ 1request for quotation, 2radio frequency quadropole

RFR radio frequency radiation

RFS 1request for service, 2radio frequency shift, 3remote file sharing, 4remote file system, 5radio frequency surveillance, 6return fire simulator, 7[AR 310-50] ready for sea

RFT 1ready for training [date], 2revisable form text, 3rich text format

RFTP request for technical proposal

RFTS [AR 310-50] radio frequency test set

RFU 1ready for use, 2reserved for future use, 3radio frequency unit

RFV request for visit

RFW 1radiofrequency weapons, 2request for waiver

RG 1rate gyroscope, 2regulatory guide, 3reticulated grating, 4reconnaissance group, 5[CJCSI 3410.01] reconstitution group. 6[AR 310-50] readiness group, 7[AR 310-50] Reserve grade

RG&K reference guides and keys

RGA rate gyro assembly

RGB red, green, blue

RGC repair group category

RGL 1reading grade level, 2report generator language

RGM ship-launched, guided ground-to-ground missile

RGP reliability growth program

RGR 1[FM 101-5-1] ranger (graphics), 2[JP 1-02] ranger

RGRT [AR 310-50] Ranger tab

RGS 1radio guidance system, 2rate gyro system, 3readiness groups, 4requirement generation system

RGS CODE reading group specialist code field

RGSC ramp generator and signal converter

RGT 1resonant gate transistor, 2reliability growth test, 3remote ground terminal, 4reliability growth testing

RGWS remote graphic workstation

RGZ [AR 310-50] recommended ground zero

Rh [JP 4-02.1] Rhesus

RH 1radiological health, 2relative humidity, 3reserve shutdown hours, 4rheostat, 5[JP 1-02] reentry home

RH-53 Sea Stallion

RHA [AR 310-50] records holding area

RHAW Radar Homing and Warning system, AN/APR-25

RHC 1right-hand circular [polarization], 2rotation hand controller

rhd [AR 310-50] railhead

RHD removable hard disk

RHDD removable hard disk drive

RHE radiation hazard effects

RHI 1range height indicator, 2range height indicator

RHIB [JP 1-02] rigid hull inflatable boat

RHIMS Red Horse Information Management System (USAF)

RHOGI radar homing guidance

rhr [AR 310-50] roentgens per hour

RHR 1rejectable hazard rate, 2residual heat removal

RHS right hand side

RHU [FM 101-5-1] replacement holding unit

RHWR radar homing and warning receiver

RHWS radar homing and warning system

RI 1radio interference, 2Rhode Island, 3reflective insulation, 4resistance inductance, 5routing indicator, 6referential integrity, 7ring indicate, 8routing identifier, 9[JP 3-08] Refugees International, 10[AR 310-50] radiation intensity

RIA 1requirements integration and approval, 2[AR 310-50] Rock Island Arsenal

RIACS Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science (NASA)

RIAR requirement inventory analysis report

RIB 1recoverable item breakdown, 2routing information base, 3[JP 1-02] rubberized inflatable boat

RIBS 1readiness in base services, 2Rapidly Installed Breakwater System, 3[AR 310-50] Restructured Infantry Battalion System

RIC 1requirement identity code, 2resource identification code, 3routing indicator code, 4instrumentation coordination, 5Requirements Integration Council, 6resource and implementation cooperative, 7routing identifier code, 8request authority to conclude

RICC [AR 310-50] reportable Item Control Code

RICO [JP 3-07.4] racketeer influenced corrupt organizations

RID 1review item disposition, 2[TRADOC] Requirements Integration Directorate, 3routing identification

RIDB readiness integrated database (Army)

RIDS 1Readiness Improvement Data System (WWMCCS®), 2receiving inspection data status report

RIF 1radio-influence field, 2reduction-in-force, 3routing information field, 4reduction-in-force, 5risk information form

RIFF resource interchange file format [Microsoft]

RIFI radio interference field intensity

RII 1request for intelligence information, 2receiving inspection instructions, 3routing information indicator

RIIM recoverable item inventory manager

RIIXS remote interrogation information exchange subsystem

RIK replacement-in-kind

RIL repairable item list

RILS 1resident integrated logistics suppor, 2[AR 310-50] Rapid Integrated Logistic Support Systemt

RILSA resident integrated logistic support activity

RILSA/RPT resident integrated logistic support activity/resident provisioning team

RIM 1remote installation and maintenance [Microsoft], 2ship-launched SAM, 3requirements integration manager, 4retail item manager, 5retainable instructional material, 6[AR 310-50] receipt, inspection, and maintenance

RIMC reparable item movement control

RIME RelayNet International Message Exchange

RIMOB [AR 310-50] Reserve indication of mobilization

RIMP remote input message processor

RIMS 1research and development information management system, 2Records Information Management System (USAF), 3Rescue Information Management System (MAC)

RIMSTOP retail inventory management and stockage policy

RIN 1remote intelligent network, 2regular inertial navigator, 3routing instruction note, 4[AR 310-50] report identification number

RINAL radar inertial altimeter

RINS rotorace inertial navigation system

RINT 1radar intermittent, 2radiation intelligence, 3[JP 1-02] unintentional radiation intelligence

RINU replacement inertial navagaton unit

RIO radar intercept officer

RIOMETER relative ionospheric opacity meter

RIOT 1real-time input-output transducer, 2remotely independently operable transceiver

RIP 1Register of Intelligence Publications, 2receiving inspection plan, 3remote imaging protocol, 4regulatory and information policy, 5report on individual personnel, 6raster image processor, 7routing information protocol [Novell], 8repairing in place, 9[FM 101-5-1] relief in place

RIPC remote information processing center

RIPEM Riordan's Internet Privacy Enhanced Mail

RIPL reconnaissance and interdiction planning line

RIPPL recoverable item provisioning part list

RIPS 1radioisotope power supply, 2range instrumentation planning study, 3radio isotope power system, 4Reconnaissance Information System (JCS), 5raster image processing system

RIPT requirement integrated product team

RIR 1reliability investigation request, 2reduction in requirement

RIRQ routed item repair quantity

RIS 1range instrumentation ship, 2reporting identification symbol, 3revolution indicating system, 4Range Information System (TFWC), 5[CJCSI 3410.01] Reconnaissance Information System

RISC 1reduced instruction set chip, 2reduced instruction set computer, 3reduced instruction set computing

RISCAE reduced instruction set computer Ada environment

RISD Research and Acquisition Information Systems Division (AFSC)

RISE 1readiness improvement through systems engineering (ESD), 2[AR 310-50] reliability improvement selected improvement

RISF resupply and replacement intermediate storage file

RISOP red integrated strategic offensive plan

RIST radar installed system tester

RISTA reconnaissance, intelligence, surveillance, and target acquisition (see RSTA)

RIT 1readiness initiative team, 2red interface terminal, 3radio information test, 4raw input thread [Microsoft], 5radio interface terminal, 6[JP 1-02] remote imagery transceiver, 7reclamation insurance type

RITN real-time information transfer and networking

RIU 1remote interface unit, 2radio interface unit

RIV radio influence voltage

RIW reliability improvement warranty

RIWG requirements integration working group

RIXT remote information exchange terminal

RJ ramjet

RJ III rivet joint

RJ-4 ramjet fuel

RJE remote job entry

RJET remote job entry terminal

RJITF regional joint intelligence training facility

RJO [AR 310-50] remote job output

RJTD [CJCSI 3410.01] reconstitution joint table of distribution

RKO range keeper operator

rkt [AR 310-50] rocket

RL 1research laboratory, 2resistance-inductance, 3resistor logic, 4receive location, 5rocket launcher, 6retention level, 7[FM 101-5-1] release line

RLA repair level analysis

RLB relocatable binary code

RLC 1radio launch control system, 2resistance-inductance-capacitance

RLCM remote line control module

RLD 1received line detect, 2ready-to-load date, 3reload, 4required load date

RLE 1run length encoded, 2run length encoding

RLF reusable library framework

RLG 1ring laser gyro, 2[JP 3-07.5] regional liaison group

RLGM [JP 1-02] remote loop group multiplexer

RLGM/CD [JP 1-02] remote loop group multiplexer/cable driver

RLL run length limited

RLN remote LAN node [DCA, ICC]

RLO returned letter office

RLOGIN remote login

RLP remote line printer

RLRC regional logistic readiness center

RLSD received line signal detected

RLSI ridiculously large-scale integration

RLSO [JP 3-07.4] regional logistics support office

RLSTK rolling stock summary system

RLT 1regimental landing team (USMC), 2[AR 310-50] relating to, 3[AR 310-50] rolling liquid transporter

RM 1reject message, 2reset mode, 3resource maintenance, 4resource management, 5radio monitoring, 6deputy commander for resources, 7radio maintenance, 8risk management

RM&A reliability, maintainability, and availability

RM&S reliability, maintainability, and supportability

RMA 1reliability, maintainability, and availability, 2return material authorization, 3rear maintenance area, 4return to manufacturer authorization, 5rate monatomic analysis, 6record management application, 7risk management application, 8[DoD/DSMC] revolution in military affairs, 9[AR 310-50] Rocky Mountain Arsenal

RMB 1requirements management board, 2right mouse button

RMC 1[DoD] returned to military control, 2resource management center, 3remote multiplexer combiner, 4regional maintenance center, 5[AR 310-50] regular military compensation

RMDIR remove directory

RME relay mirror experiment

RMF 1resource measurement facility, 2remote management facility, 3resource management flight, 4ROD master files

RMFC resource management flight chief

RMG 1resource management group, 3Java remote method invocation [SunSoft]

RMI 1radio magnetic indicator, 2reliability maturity index, 3returned munitions inspection

RMIS 1reprographics management information system, 2resource management information system, 3[AR 310-50] Readiness Management Information System

RMISTB Resource Management Information System Test Bed (MAC)

RMKS [JP 1-03.17] remarks

RML 1remote microwave link, 2radar microwave link

RMM 1read-mostly memory, 2remote maintenance monitor

RMMC [AR 310-50] regimental materiel management center

RMMP reliability and maintainability management plan

RMMT Rail Movements Management Team (Army)

RMO 1resource management office, 2records management official, 3radio materiel officer, 4requirements management office, 5[JP 3-07.5] regional Marine officer

RMOC [AR 310-50] recommended maintenance operation chart

RMON 1remote monitor, 2remote monitoring

RMOS refractory metal oxide semiconductor

RMP 1requirements management plan, 2Reserve Mobility Plan (HQ USAF), 3resource management plan, 4remote maintenance processor [IBM], 5reprogrammable microprocessor, 6remaining milestone pageholder, 7risk management program, 7[AR 310-50] Reentry Management Program

RMPE rapid message processing element

RMR 1resource management review, 2regional maintenance representative, 3reliability, maintainability, and recovery

RMS 1resource management system, 2requirements management system, 3regulatory manpower system, 4root mean square, 5record management services, 6reconnaissance management system, 7regional military separatism, 8remote monitoring system

RMT resource management team

RMTR [AR 310-50] redesigned missile tracking radar

RMU 1resource management update, 2remote maneuvering unit, 3[JP 1-02] receiver matrix unit

RMV [AR 310-50] reentry measurement vehicle

RMW read-modify-write

RN 1Regency Net [survivable HF radio C3 system], 2relay node, 3random number, 4read news [Internet], 5recovery net

RNA [AR 310-50] rations not available

RNAV [JP 1-02] area navigation

RNCC reference number category code

RND random

RNG 1random number generator, 2range

RNO regional nuclear options

RNP 1regional network provider, 2remote network printer, 3remote network processor

RNR receive not ready

RNS [AR 310-50] radar netting station

RNSP residual nuclear strike plan

RNU [AR 310-50] radar netting unit

RNVC reference number variation code

Ro [JP 1-02] search radius rounded to next highest whole number

RO 1radar operator, 2range operations, 3readout, 4reportable occurrence, 5receive only, 6research objective, 7reverse osmosis, 8routine order, 9requirement objective, 10requisition objective, 11route order, 12[FM 101-5-1] Romania, 13[AR 310-50] reporting officer, 14[AR 310-50] requisitioning objective

RO/RO roll-on roll-off

ROA 1return on asset, 2[JP 1-02] restricted operations area

ROAD 1rapid object application development, 2[AR 310-50] Reorganization Objective Army Divisions

ROAR [AR 310-50] return of Army repairable

ROAT radio operator’s aptitude test

ROB 1radar order of battle, 2reorder buffer [Intel]

ROBCO readiness objective code (UNITREP)

ROBY results, output, benefits, or yield

ROC 1required operational capability [obsolete, see ORD, sense 1], 2rate of coverage, 3rate of climb, 4receiver operating characteristics, 5Reserve officer candidate, 6regional operations center, 7reconnaissance operations center

ROC-V Robotic Countermine Vehicle

ROCC regional operations control centers (NORAD)

ROCCM [AR 310-50] controlled devices countermeasures and deception

ROCID [AR 310-50] Reorganization of Combat Infantry Division

ROCLANT Regional Operations Center Atlantic (Norfolk)

ROCP radar out of commission for parts

ROCPUC [AR 310-50] Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation Badge

ROCR remote optical character recognition

ROCU [JP 1-02] remote orderwire control unit

ROD 1required operational dates, 2release order directive [obsolete, see ERO, sense 3], 3record of decision, 4report of discrepancy

RODAC [AR 310-50] Reorganization Objective Army Division, Army, and Corps

RODP roll-off discharge platform

ROE 1rules of engagement, 2[AR 310-50] roster of exception

ROEREQ rules of engagement request

ROEX [JP 1-02] rules of engagement exercise

ROG receipt of goods

ROH 1regular overhaul, 2restricted overhaul

ROI 1report of investigation, 2return on investment, 3range operational instructions, 4region of interest, 5[FM 101-5-1] rules of interaction

ROIC [AR 310-50] resident officer in charge

ROICC resident officer in charge of construction

ROID report of item discrepancy

ROIPB rear operations intelligence preparation of the battlefield

ROIS radio operational intercom system

ROK Republic of Korea

ROKA [AR 310-50] Republic of Korea Army

ROL 1rotate left, 2reorder level

ROLAP relational on-line analytical processing

ROLD reorder level deficit

ROLR receiving objective loudness rating

ROM 1rough order of magnitude, 2read-only memory, 3[FM 101-5-1] refuel on the move

ROMAD radio operator, maintenance and driver

RON remain over night

ROOM real-time object-oriented modeling

ROP 1remote operator position, 2record of purchase, 3recovery operating plan, 4RISC operation [AMD], 5raster operation, 6receive only printer, 7[AR 310-50] Republic of Panama, 8[AR 310-50] reorder point

ROPA [AR 310-50] Reserve Officer Personnel Act

ROPES route and penetration evaluation

ROPL reorder point level

ROPP receive-only page printer

ROPS readiness, operations and planning systems division (J-3)

ROQ return on qualification

ROR 1range only radar, 2rotate right, 3repair of repairables, 4reparables

RORG regional organization code

RORO roll on, roll off

ROS 1reduced operational status, 2read-only storage [IBM], 3[AR 310-50] return from overseas

ROSE 1retrieval by on-line search, 2remotely operated special equipment, 3remote operation service element

ROSS RAND Object Simulation System

ROT running object table

ROTA [FM 101-5-1] releases other than attack (related nuclear, biological, and chemical)

ROTC Reserve Officer Training Corps

ROTCM Reserve Officers Training Corps manuals

ROTCR [AR 310-50] Reserve Officer Training Corps region

ROTERM receive only terminal

ROTHR [JP 3-07.4] relocatable over-the-horizon backscatter radar (USN)

ROTI recording optical tracking instrument

ROTR receive-only tape perforator

ROTS 1remote operating terminals, 2ruggedized off the shelf

ROW 1right-of-way, 2rest of the world

ROWPU reverse osmosis water purification unit

ROYGBIV red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet

ROZ [FM 101-5-1] restricted operations zone

RP 1relative performance, 2reporting post, 3response planning, 4restoration priority, 5recovery phase, 6rocket propelled, 7route package, 8refit period, 9recommended practice, 10record position, 11recurring periodical, 12recommended price adjustment, 13Reserve Personnel, Army, 14rotorcraft pilot associate, 15[FM 101-5-1] Republic of Philippines, 16[AR 310-50] release point (ground traffic), 17[JP 1-02] reconstitution priority,18 [JP 1-02] retained personnel

RP&E receive, process, and exploitation

RPA 1remote passphrase authorization, 2route planning aid, 3Reserve pay and allowances, 4[AR 310-50] Reserve personnel, Army

RPAM recruiting policy analysis model

RPB 1range prioritization board, 2[FM 101-5-1] regional PSYOP battalion, 3[AR 310-50] regional preparedness board

RPBG [AR 310-50] revised program and budget guidance

RPC 1remote procedure call, 2row parity check, 3reparable processing center, 4root path cost, 5[AR 310-50] regional preparedness committee, 6[AR 310-50] reporting to commander

RPCA remotely programmable conference arranger

RPCO reclamation program control officer

RPD 1radar planning device, 2retarding potential difference, 3rapid prototyping development

RPDH reserve shutdown planned derated hours

RPE 1radial probable error, 2registered professional engineer, 3remote peripheral equipment, 4resource planning and evaluation

RPEC resource protection executive committee

RPEP [AR 310-50] Register of Planned Emergency Procedures

RPF 1remote processor function, 2report format, 3report program facility, 4raster product format, 5rotatable pool factor, 6[AR 310-50] real property facilities

RPFO resupply planning factors office

RPG 1rocket propelled grenade, 2Report Program Generator (programming language), 3research planning guide, 4receiver processing group, 5receiver processor group, 6role playing game, 7rounds per gun

RPI 1rated position identifier, 2restoration priority indication, 3radar precipitation integrator, 4reduced price incentive, 5reduced price initiative, 6[AR 310-50] real property inventory

RPIE 1real property installed equipment, 2real property inventory account system

RPIO [AR 310-50] registered publication issuing office

RPL 1radar processing language, 2running program language, 3requested privilege level, 4resident programming language, 5[AR 310-50] repair parts list

RPM 1rate per minute, 2reliability performance measure, 3revolutions per minute, 5radio packet modem [Motorola], 6reprogrammable memory, 7real property maintenance

RPMA real property maintenance activity

RPMA/MIS real property maintenance activities/MIS (USN)

RPMB [Army] remotely piloted mini-blimp [a small airship for surveillance purposes]

RPMF 1real property maintenance floor, 2[AR 310-50] Reserve Personnel Master File

RPMIO [AR 310-50] registered publication mobile issuing office

RPN 1real page number, 2reverse Polish notation

RPO 1responsible property officer, 2radiation protection officer, 3responsible program office, 4responsible project office

RPOADS Remotely Piloted Observation Aircraft Designator System (Army)

RPOM real property operation and maintenance

RPOMA real property operation and maintenance activity

RPP 1red patch panel, 2resource protection program, 3[AR 310-50] regional priority program, 4[AR 310-50] requisition processing point

RPPO regional printing and procurement office

RPPROM reprogrammable PROM

RPQ request for price quotation

RPR 1rapid power reduction, 2repair product menu

RPRA remotely piloted research aircraft [a teleguided aircraft to test the oblique wing concept]

RPRINTER remote printer [NetWare]

RPROP [AR 310-50] receiving proficiency pay

RPRV remotely piloted research vehicle

RPS 1realtime programming system, 2regulatory performance summary report, 3revolutions per second, 4remote processing station, 5remote procedure services, 6Reactor Protective System

RPSCTDY [AR 310-50] return to proper station upon completion of TDY (temporary duty)

RPSE real property similar equipment

RPSM resources planning and scheduling method

RPSTC repair parts and special tools list

RPSTL repair parts special tools list

RPT 1repeat, 2resident provisioning team, 3[JP 1-03.17] report

RPTF red patch and test facility

RPSTL repair parts special tools list

RPTOR reporting organization

RPU 1radio propagation unit, 2radio phone unit, 3receiver processor unit

RPV remotely piloted vehicle

RQ 1relational query, 2requirement precision, 3[FM 101-5-1] Puerto Rico

RQBE relational query by example [Fox Pro]

RQF rescue flight

RQG rescue group

RQL reference quality level

RQMT [JP 1-02] requirement

rqmts requirements

rqn [AR 310-50] requisition

RQN SEC requisition sector

rqr required

RQS 1rate quoting system, 2rescue squadron

RQT 1reliability qualification test, 2reliability qualification testing, 3[AR 310-50] ready qualified for standby


RQW rescue wing

RR 1race relations, 2receive ready, 3receiving report, 4register to register instruction, 5rondezvous radar, 6repitition rate, 7return rate, 8round robin, 9readiness reports, 10requirements review,11real reality, 12radio relay, 13recoilless rifle, 14[AR 310-50] retro-rocket

RR/EO [AR 310-50] race relations/equal opportunity

RRA regular reports of audit

RRAC [AR 310-50] regional resources advisory committee

RRAD Red River Army Depot

RRB 1requirement review board, 2[AR 310-50] regular reenlistment bonus

RRC 1requirements review committee, 2[NATO] rapid reaction corps, 3radio remote control, 4Requirements Review Council [HQDA], 5regional repair center

RRD reclamation receiving document

RRDF [JP 1-02] RO/RO (roll-on/roll-off) discharge facility

RRF 1Ready Reserve Force, 2[NATO] rapid reaction force, 3ready reserve fleet, 4regional radio facility, 5regional relay facility, 6reconnaissance reporting facility

RRG Requirements Review Group (USAF)

RRI 1response for request for intelligence information, 2reimbursement and refund indicator

RRIS remote radar integration station

RRITA rapid response intra-theater airlifter

RRM red resource monitoring

RRMRP [AR 310-50] Ready Reserve mobilization reinforcement pool

RRNS redundant residue number system

RRP 1reconnaissance reference point, 2rapid response process

RRPC [AR 310-50] reserve reinforcement processing center

RRR 1remove, repair and replace, 2RAM rationale report, 3rapid runway repair, 4rework removal rate

RRRA radar reflector resolution array

RRRP resource recovery recycling program

RRRQ routing repair replacement quantity

RRRV rate of rise of restriking voltage

RRRWG RAM rationale report working group

RRS 1radio research station, 2required response spectrum, 3restraint release system, 4radio relay site, 5radiobiological research unit, 6Ready Reserve status, 7Resupply Requirement System (HQ USAF), 8remote relay station

RRSF repair and return status file

RRSTRAF [AR 310-50] Ready Reserve Strategic Army Forces

RRT radio receiver/transmitter

RRU 1remote read-out unit, 2[AR 310-50] radio research unit

RRV residual risk value

RRW relative risk weighting

RRWG RFPSO/SS reengineering working group

RS 1radiated susceptibility, 2range safety, 3remote station, 4resident school, 5recovery system, 6recommended standard (as in RS-232) [EIA], 7record separator, 8request to send, 9radio shack, 10reconnaissance squadron, 11radio set, 12receive segment, 13receiver segment, 14red switch, 15remoting subsystem, 16revised status, 17right side, 18resume sheet, 19requirements statement, 20rail surveillance service, 21reentry system, 22[FM 101-5-1] Russia, 23[FM 101-5-1] radiation status, 24[JP 1-02] requirement submission, 25[JP 1-02] rate synthesizer, 26[AR 310-50] regulating station, 27[AR 310-50] report of survey, 28[AR 310-50] road space, 29[AR 310-50] roll stabilization

RS-IM residual support item manager

RSA 1Range Standardization and Automation program, 2[JP 4-01.7] retrograde storage area, 3[AR 310-50] Redstone Arsenal

RSA129 129 digit cryptographic security number named for inventors: Drs. Rivest, Shamir, and Adelman

RSAC 1Recreational Software Advisory Council, 2Rand Strategy Assessment Center

RSAG [AR 310-50] Reserve Storage Activity, Germersheim

RSAK [AR 310-50] Reserve Storage Activity, Kaiserslautern

RSAL [AR 310-50] Reserve Storage Activity, Luxenbourg

RSAS Rand Strategic Assessment System

RSC 1regional support center, 2runway surface condition, 3regional support command, 4[JP 1-02] rescue sub-center, 5[JP 1-02] red station clock, 6[AR 310-50] record status code

RSCIE remote station communication interface equipment

RSCS remote spooling communications system

RSD 1responsible system designer, 2route server daemon, 3repairable support division, 4reparable spare division

RSDP remote site data processing

RSEA responsible system engineering authority

RSEM RF signal environment monitor

RSFFP [AR 310-50] Retired Serviceman's Family Protection Plan

RSFP rivet switch follow-on program

RSG 1readiness support group, 2[JP 1-02] reference signal generator

RSH remote shell

RSI 1rationalization, standardization, and interoperability (NATO), 2receipt, storage, and issue, 3[AR 310-50] record status indicator, 4[AR 310-50] replacement stream input

RSIC Radiation Shielding Information Database (DoE)

RSIP radar system improvement program

RSIU radio set interface unit

RSIUFL [AR 310-50] release suspension for issue and use of following lots

RSL 1received signal level, 2request-and-status link, 3[AR 310-50] remote sprint launch

RSLF Royal Saudi Land Forces

RSLP rocket system launch program

RSM 1resource management system, 2response surface methodology

RSMO regional storage management office

RSN record serial number

RSNP [AR 310-50] Registered Student Nurse Program

RSO 1reconnaissance system operator, 2runway supervisory officer, 3regional security officer, 4retirement services officer, 5radiation safety officer, 6regional security office, 7[AR 310-50] range safety officer, 8[AR 310-50] reconnaissance and safety officer

RSO&I [FM 101-5-1] reception. staging, onward movement, and integration

RSOC regional SIGINT operations center

RSOF required special optional features

RSOI [TTPIO-ABCS] reception, staging, onward movement, and integration

RSOM [TTPIO-ABCS] reception. staging, onward movement

RSOP [AR 310-50] reconnaissance, selection, and occupation of position

RSP 1reconnaissance and security positions, 2render safe procedure, 3record select program, 4required space character, 5red switch program, 6readiness spare packages, 7[JP 1-02] Department of Defense Red Switch Project

RSPA [JP 4-01.7] Research and Special Programs Administration

RSPL recommended spare parts list

RSR 1radar service request, 2required supply rate, 3resource status report

RSRC resource system review committee

RSS 1remote shutdown system, 2root sum square, 3remote slave station, 4reliability, supportability, and survivability, 5relaxed static stability, 6remote slave set, 7remote surveillance system, 8rosette scanning seeker, 9runway supervisory sets, 10[JP 1-02] radio subsystem

RSSC 1[JP 1-02] regional space support center, 2[JP 1-02] regional satellite support cell, 3[JP 1-02] Regional Signals Intelligence Support Center (NSA)

RST 1remote switching terminal, 2reset-set trigger, 3reset, 4restart

RSTA reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition

RSTER radar surveillance technology experimental radar

RSTN radio solar telescopic network

RSTS resource sharing time sharing [Digital]

RSTS/E resource sharing time-sharing system/extended

RSTV [JP 1-02] real-time synthetic video

RSU 1remote switching units, 2runway supervisory unit, 3RCAS supported unit, 4[JP 1-02] rapid support unit

RSV 1resupply vehicle, 2revised standard edition

RSWC right side up with care

RSX real time resource sharing executive

RT 1receiver-transmitter, 2rough terrain, 3radio telephony, 4radiographic test, 5rated time, 6reduction table, 7regression testing, 8remote terminal, 9real time, 10RISC technology, 11run time, 12radio telephone, 13radio transceiver, 14reaction time, 15relocatable target, 16report test, 17rough terrain, 18radiographic testing, 19record technician

RT/IOC real-time input/output controller

RT/NRT real time/near real time

RTA 1residual threat assessment, 2receiver/transmitter antenna, 3responsible test activity, 4[AR 310-50] Royal Thai Army

RTAC real-time adaptive control

RTACS real-time adaptive control system

RTAF [AR 310-50] Royal Thai Armed Forces

RTAM remote terminal access method

RTAS real-time advisory system

RTASS Remote Tactical Airborne SIGINT System (ESC)

RTB 1return to base, 2read tape binary

RTC 1reader tape contact, 2real-time command, 3real-time computer, 4removeable top closure, 5[USN] Recruit Training Command, 6real-time channel, 7remote terminal concentrator, 8real-time clock, 9real-time control, 10requirement type contract, 11Resolution Trust Corporation

RTCA real time casualty assessment

RTCC 1real-time computer complex, 2[JP 4-01.7] rough terrain container crane

RTCF real-time computer facility

RTCH [JP 1-02] rough terrain container handler

RTCON real-time connect

RTCS real-time computer system

RTCU real-time control unit

RTD 1read tape decimal, 2real-time display, 3resistence-temperature detector [probe], 4return to duty, 5replacement task distribution

RTDC real-time data channel

RTDHS real-time data handling system

RTDM real-time data migration

RTDS reutilization, transfer, donation, or sale

RTE 1remote terminal emulator, 2run-time environment, 3real-time executive, 4resident training equipment

RTEL reverse TELNET [Internet]

RTF 1radiotelephone, 2reconnaissance technical flight (USAF), 3remote task force, 4rich text format, 5remote test facility, 6radar test facility, 7[JP 1-02] return to force

RTFL [JP 1-02] rough terrain forklift

RTG reconnaissance technical group

RTG-CD routing codes

RTI 1routing indicator, 2referred to input, 3run time infrastructure, 4[TR 350-70] regional training institute

RTIC real time information in the cockpit

RTIF RAMP test and integration facility

RTIP real time interactive processor

RTIRS real-time information retrieval system

RTL 1real-time language, 2resistor-transistor logic, 3register transfer language, 4run time library, 5register transfer level, 6right-to-left, 7resistor transfer logic, 8[AR 310-50] Research and Technology Laboratories (AVRADCOM)

RTLP [JP 1-02] receiver test level point

RTM 1read the manual, 2recording tachometer, 3real-time monitor, 4register-transfer module, 5response time monitor, 6ready to move, 7requirements traceability matrix, 8runtime manager [Borland], 9resin transfer molding, 10[JP 1-02] real time mode

RTMOS real-time multiprogramming operating system

RTMP routing table maintenance protocol

RTN 1related TCTO number, 2routing and transit number

RTO 1radioteletypewriter operator, 2radiotelephone operator, 3referred to output, 4radio-telephone officer, 5responsible test organization, 6[AR 310-50] rail transportation officer, 7[AR 310-50] railway traffic officer

RTOC 1rear area tactical operations center, 2real time

RTOK retest OK

RTOS Real-Time Operating System (MAC)

RTP 1real-time peripheral, 2requirement and test procedures, 3rapid transport protocol, 4real-time protocol, 5research and technology projects

RTPH round trips per hour

rtps remote tape processing system

RTR 1return and restore status, 2real-time reconnaissance

RTS 1regional training site(s), 2radar tracking station, 3request to send, 4ready to send, 5remote takeover system, 6reliable transfer service, 7reconnaissance technical squadron, 8remote terminal system, 9remote tracking station, 10repaired this station, 11reparable this station, 12[JP 1-02] remote transfer switch

RTS-M regional training site(s) – maintenance

RTS-Med regional training site(s) – medical

RTS-S regional training site(s) – supply

RTSD range targets and STRAC directorate

RTSMP real time symmetric mullet processing

RTSP real-time streaming protocol

RTSS 1real-time scientific system, 2Reserve Training Support System (USN)

RTST radio technician selection test

RTT radio teletypewriter

RTTDS real-time telemetry data system

RTTI runtime type information

RTTV real-time television

RTTY radio teletypewriter (communications)

RTU 1replacement training unit, 2remote terminal unit, 3retransmission unit, 4real-time UNIX, 5reinforcement training unit

RTV real time video

RTWS raw tape write submodule

RU 1reporting unit (TACS/TADS), 2reproducing unit, 3replaceable unit, 4[JP 1-02\ rescue unit, 5[JP 4-01.7] release unit

RUC 1reporting unit code, 2[AR 310-50] rifle unqualified

RUDIST request for unit distribution system

RUIC 1reporting unit identification code, 2routing identifier (communications)

RUM resource and unit monitoring

RUP remote user's package (JDS)

RUR resource utilization report (DSDO)

RUR-5A antisubmarine rocket

RURPOP rural population file

RUSH 1remote use of shared hardware, 2responsive urgent service handling

RV 1rendezvous, 2reentry vehicle, 3[FM 101-5-1] radius of vulnerability, 4[JP 1-02] long-range seagoing rescue vessel, 5[JP 1-02] rekeying variable; reentry vehicle

RVA 1reactive volt-ampere meter, 2reliability variation analysis, 3relative virtual address

RVAAP [AR 310-50] Ravenna Army Ammunition Plant

RVEC regional value engineering coordinator

RVI reverse interrupt

rvlr [AR 310-50] revolver

RVM reactive voltmeter

RVN regional voice network (USSOUTHCOM)

RVNAFHMFC [AR 310-50] Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces Honor Medal, First Class

RVNAFHMSC [AR 310-50] Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces Honor Medal, Second Class

RVNCAMFC [AR 310-50] Republic of Vietnam Civil Actions Medal, First Class

RVNCAMSC [AR 310-50] Republic of Vietnam Civil Actions Medal, Second Class

RVNCAMUC [AR 310-50] Republic of Vietnam Civil Actions Medal, Unit Citation

RVNGCUC [AR 310-50] Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation

RVR runway visual range

rvse [AR 310-50] reverse

RVT 1remote video terminal, 2reliability verification test

RVTM requirement verification traceability matrix

RW 1reconnaissance wing, 2resistance welding, 3radioactive waste, 4rivet workforce, 5[FM 101-5-1] Rwanda, 6[AR 310-50] rotary wing

RWBH [AR 310-50] records will be handcarried

RWCEP real world crisis evaluation plan

RWCM [JP 1-02] regional wartime construction manager

RWDB II Relational World Data Bank II

RWI radio-wire integration

RWM 1rectangular wave modulation, 2rod worth minimizer, 3read-write memory

RWNBH [AR 310-50] records will not be handcarried

RWO Ramstein Warning Office

RWP recurring work program

RWR 1radar warning receiver, 2rear warning radar

RWRW rescue and weather reconnaissance wing

RWS 1remote workstation, 2rigid-wall shelter

RX 1reactor, 2receiver, 3receive, 4requisition express

RXD receive data

ry [AR 310-50] railway

RYE [AR 310-50] retirement year ending

RYG red/yellow/green

RYM [AR 310-50] reference your message

RZ 1recovery zone, 2return to zero

RZL return to zero level

RZM return to zero mark