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Dassault Aviation

Dassault Aviation designs and manufactures Mirage and Rafale jet fighters for militaries, and it leads in the business aircraft market with its Falcon jets. Dassault Aviation is 100 percent privately owned. The French government transferred its 45.7% share to Aerospatiale in 1998. Half of the company is privately owned by the Dassault family. Dassault Aviation has been on the stock market for 28 years, but only four percent is owned by the public.

Since 1945 Dassault has delivered more than 7,000 civil and military aircraft to 73 countries, logging some 15 million hours in flight to date. This vast experience has allowed Dassault Aviation to build up considerable expertise in the design, development, production, sale and support of all types of aircraft. Dassault Aviation has staked out a solid reputation as industrial architect for complex airborne systems. Several key assets underpin this global success : expertise in emerging technologies ; an in-depth understanding of the customer's technical, operational and financial requirements ; and a comprehensive systems approach to meet cost, deadline and performance goals. Dassault Aviation is organized in multidisciplinary teams, a critical advantage in the management of complex programs. From design and development, to production and testing of airborne systems, Dassault Aviation deploys the full array of resources needed,covering both methods (concurrent engineering, risk management, early perception of finished products) and systems (numerical models, hybrid electronics integration center, anechoic chambers, dedicated flight test center control room, etc…)

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