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The Northrop A-9A was a large ground-attack aircraft which was designed in competition with the A-10. Although it was not chosen for production, it was a formidable aircraft in its own right. Like the A-10, it carried many "hard points" for weaponry beneath its wings. One A-9A is currently in the March Field Museum at March Air Force Base. The other is on display at the Castle Air Museum in California.


Manufacturer: Northrop
Type: Attack Bomber (Light)
Length: 53 feet 6 inches [16.3 meters]
Height: 17 feet 10 inches [5.4 meters]
Wingspan: 57 feet [17.4 meters]
No. of Engines: 2
Powerplant: Avco/Lycoming ALF-502
Thrust (each): 6000
Speed: 837km/h
Armament: 1 30mm gun,
8,350 kg armament

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