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ARS-38 Bolster  

Rescue and salvage ships such as the ARS-38 Bolster Class save battle damaged combat ships from further damage and tow them to safety. Rescue, salvage and towing ships provide rapid fire fighting, pumping, battle damage repair and rescue towing to warships in combat and tow them to repair ships or bases in safe areas. The Navy has responsibility for salvaging US government owned ships and, when it is in the best interests of the United States, privately owned vessels as well.



Power Plant Diesel-electric, two shafts, 3,060 shaft horsepower
Length 213 feet
Beam 44 feet
Draft feet
Displacement 2,045 tons full load
Speed 14.8 knots
Crew 106
Aircraft none
Armament Two 20mm guns


Name Number Builder Homeport Ordered Commissioned Decommissioned
Bolster ARS 38 Basalt Rock Inc. Long Beach   01 May 1945 24 Sep 1994
Conserver ARS 39 Basalt Rock Inc. Pearl Harbor   09 Jun 1945 01 Apr 1994
Hoist ARS 40 Basalt Rock Inc. Little Creek   21 Jul 1945 30 Sep 1994
Opportune ARS 41 Basalt Rock Inc. Little Creek   05 Oct 1945 30 Apr 1993
Reclaim ARS 42 Basalt Rock Inc. Pearl Harbor   20 Dec 1945 16 Sep 1994
Recovery ARS 43 Basalt Rock Inc. Little Creek   15 May 1946 30 Sep 1994

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