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Statement from Richard Garwin on FAS' Space Panel Report 

Statement of Richard L. Garwin
IBM Fellow Emeritus
IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Laboratory

On Ensuring America's Space Security, Report of the FAS Panel on Weapons in Space

"The FAS Panel on Weapons in Space has performed an important public service with its timely and informative report on space weapons. "

"The Panel membership includes several with important records of contribution to the national security, who are not automatically identified as arms controllers."

"The Panel's recognition that "superior space weaponry" is of no benefit to the United States so long as others can pose a significant threat to our military satellites is an essential point."

"The Panel opts for U.S. leadership in developing legal and practical rules for space operations, in order to maintain essential U.S. military (non-space-weapon) capabilities."

October 7, 2004

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