FY98 USAF Military Space RDDS

0603432F Polar Adjunct (Space)

COST ($ In Thousands) FY 1996 Actual FY 1997 Estimate FY 1998 Estimate FY 1999 Estimate FY 2000 Estimate FY 2001 Estimate FY 2002 Estimate FY 2003 Estimate Cost to Complete Total Cost
----- Polar Satellite Communications 58,458 59,537 29,585 30,643 14,019 9,737 4,568 497 TBD TBD
Quantity of RDT&E Articles 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

(U) A. Mission Description and Budget Item Justification

The Program will provide protected communications services to U.S. forces operating in the northern polar region. In 1992, the Milstar program was restructured, and the requirement for Milstar to provide polar coverage was deleted. The Air Force was directed to find a more cost-effective solution to polar requirements. In Oct 94, the DoD identified an immediate need for protected polar communications, and in Jul 95, the Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC) validated the Polar MILSATCOM ORD which contained the interim requirements. In July 95, the Defense Acquisition Executive reviewed the Polar program and approved execution of an interim program to place a modified Extremely High Frequency (EHF) payload from the Navy's UHF Follow On (UFO) system onto a host satellite to provide limited requirements satisfaction while pursuing a long term solution. In Aug 96 the Joint Space Management Board (JSMB) addressed that long term solution by approving proposals from the DoD Space Architect to "sustain EHF Polar capability through about 2010 (24 hours)". Accordingly, in FY97 the Air Force is initiating planning and design for a second polar package to be launched in FY02. Air Force planning and costing for polar package number 3 to replenish polar number 1 is underway; funding is not yet included in this PE.

The Polar Satellite Communications Program is in Budget Activity 4, Demonstration and Validation, based on a 30 Mar 95 USD(A&T) memorandum to pursue the interim hosted solution (Interim Polar).

(U) FY 1996 ($ in Thousands):
(U) $30,458 Continued design, parts procurement, and payload integration efforts for interim payload (Polar package number 1)
(U) $13,000

(U) $15,000

(U) $58,458

Modified host satellite to accommodate the communications payload

Fund integration and test activities during launch delay of host satellite caused by addition of the communications payload


(U) FY 1997 ($ in Thousands):
(U) $20,831 Complete design, satellite modification, and payload integration and test for the interim payload.
(U) $38,706 Continue integration and test activities during launch delay of host satellite caused by addition of the communications payload and initiate planning for Polar package number 2.
(U) $59,537 Total

(U) FY 1998 ($ in Thousands):
(U) $29,585 Continue Polar package 2 planning and design, procure parts, and develop payload
(U) $29,585 Total

(U) FY 1999 ($ in Thousands):
(U) $30,643 Continue Polar package 2 payload development and integration with host vehicle
(U)$ 30,643 Total

(U) B. Program Change Summary ($ in Thousands) FY 1996 FY 1997 FY 1998 FY 1999
(U) Previous President's Budget 55,615 62,387 0 0
(U) Appropriated Value 62,387
(U) Adjustments to Appropriated Value
(U) a. Congressional General Reductions -1,306
(U) b. SBIR -1,544
(U) c. Omnibus & other Above Threshold Reprogramming +23
(U) d. Below Threshold Reprogramming +2,820
(U) Adjustments to Budget Years Since FY97 PB +29,585 +30,643
(U) Current Budget Submit/President's Budget 58,458 59,537 29,585 30,643

(U) Change summary explanation: FY 98/99 increases add second Polar package.

(U) C. Other Program Funding Summary ($ in Thousands)

PE0302109N Navy SATCOM Ship Terminals.

(U) D. Schedule Profile
FY 1996 FY 1997 FY 1998 FY 1999
1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
Launch Hosted Interim Payload (Polar Package 1) X
Polar Package 2 to be launched in FY02

(U) A. Project Cost Breakdown ($ in Thousands)
FY 1996 FY 1997 FY 1998 FY 1999
(U) Interim (Polar 1) Payload and Integration 30,458 20,831
(U) Host Modifications for Interim (Polar 1) 13,000
(U) Polar Package 1 Integration/Test During Launch Delay 15,000 38,706
(U) Polar Package 2 Development and Integration 29,585 30,643
(U) Total 58,458 59,537 29,585 30,643

(U) B. Budget Acquisition History and Planning Information ($ in Thousands)

Performing Organizations:
Contractor or Government Performing


Contract Method/Type or Funding Vehicle

Award or Obligation Date

Performing Activity EAC

Project Office



Prior to

FY 1996


FY 1996


FY 1997


FY 1998


FY 1999

Budget to Complete

Total Program
Product Development Organizations
Classified Classified June 95 Continuing Continuing 14,999 58,458 59,537 29,585 30,643 TBD TBD
Support and Management Organizations N/A
Test and Evaluation Organizations N/A

Government Furnished Property:

Product Development Property - N/A

Support and Management Property - N/A
Test and Evaluation Property - N/A

Subtotal Product Development 14,999 58,458 59,537 29,585 30,643 TBD TBD
Subtotal Support and Management
Subtotal Test and Evaluation
Total Project 14,999 58,458 59,537 29,585 30,643 TBD TBD