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Maj Gen Peter C. Robinson

Air War College Commandant

Col Theodore C. Hailes, IV

Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs

Air War College

"Orientation to the Study"

Dr. David Webb

Director of Space Education, Research and Technology

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Mr. Bob King

Executive Director of Goal


Mr. Roger von Oech

Author, Creative Thinking Consultant to Apple, IBM,

Coca-Cola, CBS, and NASA

Mr. Joe Haldemann

Science Fiction Writer

Professor, Massachusetts Institute Technology

Mr. Charles W. Taylor

Strategic Futurist, Strategic Studies Institute

United States Army War College

Prof George J. Stein

Air War Faculty

"Forecasting the 21st Century"

Dr. Armin K. Ludwig

Air War College Faculty

"Forecasting the 21st Century"

Dr. Martin van Creveld

Oppenheimer Chair for Warfighting Strategy

Marine Corps University, Author

Col John Boyd (USAF, Ret.)

Controversial/Maverick Thinker

"Destruction and Creation Thinking"

Mr. Wesley Brockway

Deputy Chief, Collection Planning, National Security Agency

Principal Director Office of Research and Program Support, Aerospace Corporation

Mr. William N. Drake (GG-15)

Senior Intelligence Officer

Defense Intelligence Agency

Dr. Donald L. Berlin

Defense Intelligence Agency "2013" Study Participant

Dr. Jerry Pournelle

Science Fiction Writer

Col John A. Warden

Commandant, Air Command and Staff College

Dr. John Arquilla (teleconference)

Naval Post-Grad School

"Netwar, Cyberwar, and Futurewar"

Dr. Edward Teller

Nuclear Physicist

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Col Kenneth V. Walsh

Deputy Director Comm-Computer Systems

Air Force Space Command

Lt Col Robert Work

Defense Support Program Office

Dr. Joan Johnson-Freese

Air War College Faculty

Dr. Burton Edelson

Professor, George Washington University

Mr. Nate Boyer

Earth Observation Satellite Company

Dr. Dana Johnson

Researcher/Policy Analyst

Defense Planning and Analysis Department

RAND Corporation

Lt Col Mike Wolfert

Air Force Space Command/XPX

Col Fred Engleman

Air Force Space Command/INX

Drs. Alvin and Heidi Toffler

Authors, Future Shock and The Third Wave

Col Rich Davis

Phillips Laboratory Commander

Col Pete Worden

Ballistic Missile Defense Office

Dr. Alok Das

Technical Advisor for the Structure Controls Division

Phillips Laboratory

Mr. Carl Builder

Senior Researcher, RAND Corporation

Dr. Wendell Mendell

Johnson Space Center

Chief Scientist Lunar Based Studies

RADM Leonard Oden (USN)

Office of Chief of Naval Operations

Col Ted Wierzbanowski

HYFLITE, Program Manager

Dr. Francis X. (Duke) Kane

Consultant to Rockwell Corporation

Ms. Rita Sagalyn

Director of the Space Physics Division

Air Force Geophysics Directorate

Phillips Laboratory

Dr. William Baker

Deputy Director, Advanced Weapons and Survivability Directorate High Power Microwave Program Manager, Phillips Laboratory

Col Lanny Larson

Director of Lasers and Imaging, Phillips Laboratory

Lt Gen Jay W. Kelley

Air University Commander/SPACECAST Chairman


Sir Arthur C. Clarke

Science Fiction Writer

Col Gerald Hasen

Air Force Institute of Technology

"Data Call Process"

Dr. Lowell Wood

Senior Staff Scientist,

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Mr. Stan Bedlington

Central Intelligence Agency

Dr. Carl Sagan

Professor, Cornell University

Dr. Gregory Canavan

Los Alamos National Lab

"Future Technology"

Mr. Lewis Abernathy

Screenwriter, Deep Star Six

Mr. Bob Justman

Producer, Late Harvest Productions

Mr. Ed Neumeier

Screenwriter, Robocop

Mr. Bill Wisher

Screenwriter, Terminator 2


CAPT Thomas Weaver (USN)

Long-Range Plans, Naval Special Warfare Command

CAPT Stephen T. Wesselhoff (USN)

Alan B. Shepherd Military Space Chair, Naval War College

Col Kenneth V. Walsh

Deputy Director Comm-Computer Systems

Air Force Space Command

Col Richard D. Ward, II

Advanced Programs Deputy Director for Operations

Space Warfare Center

Air Force Space Command

LTC James A. Cerniglia (USA)

Special Operations Aviation Force Planner

United States Special Operations Command

LTC John F. Johnson (USA)

Director, National Security Agency Fellow

Lt Col Bruce A. Conway

Chief, Advanced Imaging Systems

Phillips Lab/LIM

Lt Col Norm Michael

Chief, Operations and Intelligence Branch, Plans Division

Air Force Space Command

Lt Col Michael L. Wolfert

Chief, Strategy, Policy and Doctrine

Air Force Space Command

Lt Col Robert B. Crombie

Chief, Technology Projects Branch

Deputy Chief of Staff/Science and Technology

Air Force Materiel Command

Maj Barbara A. Duink

Demonstrations and Assessment/Combat Applications

Space Warfare Center, Air Force Space Command

Maj Timothy T. Lundin

Deputy Director Chief, Electromagnetic Applications Division

Phillips Laboratory/WST

Maj William J. Rumpel

Regional Planner, United States Special Operations Command

Dr. Robert E. Huffman (GM-15)

Supervisory Research Scientist

Phillips Laboratory/Geophysics Directorate, GPIM

Dr. Steve Knowles (GM-15)

Technical Advisor, Naval Space Command

Dr. Donald E. Snider

Chief, Battle Space Branch

Advanced Concepts Division, Army Research Laboratory

Mr. Wesley Brockway

Deputy Chief, Collection Planning, National Security Agency

Principal Director Office of Research and Program Support

Aerospace Corporation

Mr. William N. Drake (GG-15)

Senior Intelligence Officer, Defense Intelligence Agency

Mr. David J. Gorney

Principal Director, Office of Research and Program Support,

Space and Systems Center, Aerospace Corporation

Mr. Paul Hashfield

Program Manager, National Information Display Laboratory

Mr. Milo M. Hruby (SLE-3)

Communications Expert, National Security Agency

Mr. Howard D. Irick (GS-14)

Program Manager, Missile Defense Data Center

United States Army Space and Strategic Defense Command

Mr. John T. Marrs (GS-15)

Science Advisor, Army Space Command

Mr. Stephen E. Pease (GS-14)

Chief, Intelligence Programs and Systems

Air Force Space Command

Mr. Thomas W. Reader (GM-14)

Program Coordinator/EW Expert

United States Army Research Laboratory Command

Mr. P. Kenneth Seidelmann

Director, Orbital Mechanics Department

United States Naval Observatory

Mr. Darrell Spreen (GM-15)

Director, Advanced Ballistics Laboratory Technology Office

Phillips Laboratory

Dr. Eric E. Sundberg


Dr. Rebecca Grant

Member, Chief of Staff Operations Group


CAPT Richard Blumberg (USN)


CDR William Bollwerk (USN)

Precise Time and Time Interval Requirements Officer

Mr. Richard Davis (SES-4, USN)


Dr. Richard Hallion

Air Force Historian

Mr. Cargill Hall

Chief of the Contract Histories Program


Mr. David Dinwiddie

Office of Aerospace Studies/Plans and Requirements



Dr. John L. Anderson

Director, Office of Advanced Concepts and Technology


Mr. Larry D. Bise

Computer Graphics Artist


Col Douglas Kirkpatrick

Senior Military Professor of Aeronautics,

United States Air Force Academy

Col Douglas Murray

Head of Political Science

United States Air Force Academy

Col Jerry Samples

Professor and Head of Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering

United States Military Academy

Col Ray Winkel

Professor and Head of Department of Physics

United States Military Academy

CDR Andrew D. Mechling

Associate Chairman Aeronautical Engineering Department

United States Naval Academy

Lt Col Terrence Moore

Chief, Character Development and Ethics Department

United States Air Force Academy

Maj Mike White

Chief, Military Arts and Sciences

United States Air Force Academy

Capt Douglas Hard

Professor, Department of Marine Transportation

United States Merchant Marine Academy, King's Point


Mr. Rolf Smith

President, Office of Strategic Innovation

Col Jeffrey R. Barnett

Office Secretary Defense, Office of Net Assessment

Col Patrick J. Collson

Director, Air Force Wargaming Laboratory

Col Charles E. Miller

Headquarters United States Air Force Strategic Planning Division

Col Kenneth E. Rosebush

Defense Intelligence Agency/J-5 Space Policy

CDR Bruce N. Coburn (USN)

Operational Support Office Deputy Director for User Support

Naval Research Laboratory

LtCol Robert O. Work (USMC)

Operational Support Office Director for Operations and Exercise Support

Naval Research Laboratory

Lt Col Stephen G. Cullen

Office of Joint Chiefs of Staff/J-5 Future Strategy

Dr. Donald L. Berlin

Defense Intelligence Agency "2013" Study Participant

Dr. Dennis M. Drew

Professor, School of Advanced Airpower Studies

Mr. Peter McKenney

Technology Studies Manager, Future's Group

Washington DC

Mr. Charles W. Thomas

Senior Scientist, Policy, and Strategy, Futures Group

Glastonbury CT


Dr. Fred Shaw

Chief of Research Division

Historical Research Agency

Mr. Warren Jones

Chief of Television Production, AUTV

SSgt Kathy Newham

Video Production Documentation Specialist, AUTV

SrA Dave Martin

Television Equipment Journeyman, AUTV

Ms. Jane DuVal

Information Security Program Manager

502 Security Police Squadron


Col James K. Feldman

(Professor of Advanced Operations Branch)


Maj Salvatore A. Angelella Maj James M. Holmes

Maj Jon W. Armstrong Maj Michael R. Moeller

Maj Harold E. Bullock Maj Forrest E. Morgan

Maj Mason P. Carpenter Maj John I. Pray, Jr.

Maj Paul H. DiJulio Maj Steven M. Rinaldi

Maj William T. Eliason Maj Kenneth C. Schow, Jr.

Maj David S. Estep Maj Thomas D. Shearer

Maj Peter R. Faber Maj William C. Story, Jr.

Maj David Fadok Maj Mark P. Sullivan

Maj Edward J. Felker Maj Brett T. Williams

Maj Michael E. Fischer Maj Kevin E. Williams

Maj Darrell L. Herriges Maj Gail E. Wojtowicz

Maj Mark S. Hoffman Maj Stephen L. Wolborsky