June 9, 2000


                              THE WHITE HOUSE

                       Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release                    June 9, 2000

                             PRESS BRIEFING BY
                               JOE LOCKHART

                             Presidential Hall

11:15 A.M. EDT


          Q    Speaking of missile defense, what does the President think
about the fact that -- this story in the New York Times today -- that decoy
missiles --

          MR. LOCKHART:  The story in The New York Times this morning is
very similar to a story that ran some weeks ago, about a gentleman who has
different ideas about missile defense than what the Pentagon is currently
pursuing.  The Pentagon -- he had written some two weeks ago or so to the
President's Chief of Staff.  The Pentagon is looking at the questions that
he raised and will be reporting over here on that report.  I don't have
anything more detailed than that other than they're looking at this.

          Q    But does the President think that this raises serious
questions, or invalidates the test?

          MR. LOCKHART:  I think the President looks forward to letting the
Pentagon look at the questions that they've raised, answer them in a
process by which he plans to make some decisions on missile defense.

          Q    Has he discussed it with anybody?

          MR. LOCKHART:  Not in any great detail.  I think, again, we're
looking forward to what the Pentagon works up on this and sends over.  And
we'll have more to say once they've done that.

          Q    But is he aware of the concerns that some reputable
scientists have that this has not been conducted in a way that --

          MR. LOCKHART:  He's certainly aware of the several stories that
have been written in the New York Times.

          Q    So he hasn't dug any deeper, I guess?

          MR. LOCKHART:  I think I said that the Pentagon was looking at
this and would be providing some analysis, and when that's done, I'll be
glad to talk about it.  I think that defines digging deeper.


                        END              11:39 A.M. EDT