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Cat House Dunay-3U

Stremilovo        PPL   5508'43"N   3709'10"E  [NIMA]
Stremilovo        PPL   5510'   N   3711'   E  [Zaloga]

The Moscow A-35 anti-ballistic missile system includes the Dunay-3 (chief designer V.P. Sosulnikov) and the improved Dunay-3U (chief designer A.N. Musatov) sector radars, known in the west as DOG HOUSE and CAT HOUSE. A total of eight Dunay sector radars were originally planned, but by 1971 only four of the Dunay sector radars had been built. At that time a decision was made to finish building the facilities already started at the second Dunay-3U radar, and to halt the rest of the work.

In 1979 the United States began planning to station 108 new Pershing-2 medium-range ballistic missiles in Germany. The Pershing-2's flight time to Moscow was only 10-12 minutes, posing a possibility of surprise destruction of hardened command and control facilities. the Dunay-3U long-range detection radar, oriented to the west, was capable of detect the launch of Pershing-2 missiles no later than 2-3 minutes after launch from the northern and central part of Germany [the southern part of German territory was not monitored by the radar at extremely low angles]. Modification of the radar transceivers, increasing their power, made it possible to expand the search sector and reliably cover the entire territory of Germany. It was decided to modify the transceivers and combat program of the radar, taking additional steps for fire safety, and the radar was modified in a short time with minimal costs.

Zaloga reports that the Cat House radar is located at Stremilovo, but provides coordinates [5510'N 3711'E] that are somewhat different from those provided for this placename by NIMA [5508'43"N 3709'10"E].

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