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Cuba received 40 km range Frog-4 missiles from the Soviet Union in the mid-1960s, following the revolution. Later, 65 km range Frog-7s were transferred. The Cubans are thought to have a total of 65 launchers. (1) The short range of both systems renders them useful only for combat on the island or perhaps coastal defense, unless they were transported elsewhere. Since the breakup of the Soviet Union, Cuba is no longer a chess-piece of Kremlin Cold War strategy. Consequently, Cuban missile technology remains frozen at the level of Frog-7 capabilities.

1. The Military Balance 1989-90, p. 190. Another source claims that Cuba has 20 launch platforms for the FROG-7, and 50 missiles (DMS World Missile Forecast 1985, Greenwich, Conn.: Defense Marketing Service, 1985, p. 151).

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