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Surveyor General of Pakistan

Survey of Pakistan
The Surveyor General of Pakistan
Murree Road, P.O. Box No. 1068
Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Tel: +92-51-455229 
Fax: +92-51-453960

The responsibility for topographic mapping and aerial photography lies with the Surveyor General of Pakistan [SGP]. Established in 1947, the Survey of Pakistan (SOP) is based in Rawalpindi with a number of regional offices distributed at urban centers throughout Pakistan. SGP is a civil organization which, for security reasons, is headed by a Surveyor General and works under the strict control of Army General Headquarters (GHQ). Colonel C.A.K. Innes-Wilson, a Royal Engineers officer who joined the Survey of India which mapped the subcontinent, was the first Surveyor General of Pakistan.

All departments which require topographic maps make their request to SGP and many are permanently registered with it for mapping and aerial photographs procurement. The SOP performs these functions under the auspices of the Ministry of Defence (MOD). Organisationally, the SOP is overseen by the Surveyor General (SG) who is a direct military appointee and a senior uniformed officer. The SG reports directly to the Secretary of Defence. Under the SG are two Deputy SGs (I and II) who manage the operational departments of the agency and a Senior Technical Advisor. These departments are divided into Regional Directorates for Topographic Mapping including the Northern region centred in Peshawar, Eastern region (Lahore), Western region (Quetta) and finally, the Southern region in Karachi. Responsibility for fields surveys and the maintenance/update of topographic maps are sub-divided according to these geographic areas.

Three other operational directorates exist within the SOP which include the Directorate of Photogrammetry (Rawalpindi), Directorate of Printing and Map Publications (Rawalpindi) and the Directorate of the Survey Training Institute (Islamabad). The Photogrammetry Directorate is responsible for the commissioning and flying of aerial photography, followed by map interpretation and production from these source data.

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