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The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) works to reduce the spread and risk of nuclear weapons, to stop the global illicit trade in conventional weapons, and to promote the safe and responsible use of biotechnology. FAS also strives to harness new information technologies to improve how people teach, learn, and conduct research. Additionally, FAS is advancing innovation in design and construction that can improve quality, affordability, and energy efficiency in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings, which consume 40 percent of all energy produced.

When you join FAS, you become connected to one of the oldest and most respected science policy think tanks in America. Moreover, you will join over two thousand individuals that recognize science as central to many key public policy questions.

Join FAS today, and help us continue to be the leader in providing nonpartisan technical analysis on international security, science, and technology issues to policy makers, the press, and the general public.

Announcements and Special Member Events: 

FAS is excited to release the FAS Search page, a search engine powered by Google, Bing, and Yahoo. FAS Search provides the same search results you are used to, but now every search raises a few cents for FAS at no cost to you. To learn more about the FAS Search page, click here. Go to the FAS Search page today.

Are you an undergraduate or graduate student interested in shaping the international debate on security, science, and technology issues? If yes, then you may be interested in starting Students for International Security (SIS). Learn more.

FAS is excited to launch the SIShub, the one stop shop for everything SIS. Check it out today.

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If you have any questions about FAS membership, please contact James Wright, Manager of Development and Membership Services, at